The Girl with plait…

(This post was written in last week of July. But have been too lazy to post. Now I am at DLF)

From last 3 weeks I have been operating out of Cyber Space which has been my base location. Coming to Cyber Space back from Ohri Towers brought many sweet memories with full colors.

The first one among them was this Girl with plait. Though I was tracking many at that time, she was the one I admire the most. It was in 2007-08 June to Feb.

I was commuting by MMTS and at the Hi-tech station we used to catch a shuttle. There would be at least 15 min of waiting for the shuttle every day. This girl also travels by the same shuttle. I was awestruck by seeing her plait as it was the longest and thickest one I had ever seen.

After that, waiting for her plait became a daily routine for me. I really wondered how much difficult it would have been for her to maintain such a masterpiece.

How she was weaving (Is this the correct word??) it daily, taking care of it was a big puzzle. Watching it (Her Plait) became an irresistible addiction. This led to continuous monitoring of her at the cafeteria, coffee point, and in the evening shuttle again. I was not even seeing her face most of the times, just looking at her plait. Though I tried my best to know her name, I couldn’t do that.

Then the day came and with heavy heart, I had to move to Ohri Towers leaving my most valuable thing at Cyber Space. Now again the search has started but it has been in vain till now… :(.

P.S: Reading this post again and again makes me realize how stupid I am…..!!!!


20 Responses

  1. ah ah.. i ve read so many of my posts after a yr or two and felt terribly embarrased for posting it in public !!!!

    And abt the plait.. after going home may be she hangs it on the wall … he he he ….. u know …. ready made… just kidding !!!

    • That is true. It took me a month to post this.

      Even I got the same doubt it might be ready made.. But it seems to be genuine…At least hope so..:)

  2. You can’t be stupid there….!!!!

    Even sometimes…I can’t resist looking at girls plait…especially if it long and strong! He he he!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Hahahaha… what is this dude?? Only Plait???? hahaha…

    The thought which is in your mind is coming to my mind when I am reading your post again and again 😀

    Happy Blogging!!!

    • ha ha .. 😉 ..

      Hope u feel happy now Vatsal. At last I posted something.. 🙂

      • Happy.. had the walkin been empty, I would have been dancing around!!! Now next target is to see you commenting on somebody’s post 😛

        Happy Blogging!!!

  4. It is not something maddy… it is worth a read for sure macha…. a different perspective!!!

  5. U reminded me hindi movie “Choti si baat”. Could not stop myself from laughing… yes you look stupid in the post but innocent also 🙂

  6. Look who is talking about innocence… !!!!!

  7. @Maddy! : Kehthe hai ki “baal sar ka taaj hotha hai”, beshak chehre ki khoobsurathi balo se hi nikhar thi hai”!! 🙂

    • Can someone Please translate this to English..

      @Afs.. Sorry that I know only half Hindi… 😦

  8. Afs, meant to say…

    Hair is the crowing glory of the head!!! and from it only the the face value increases….!!! 🙂

    Wah! Wah!! What a translation….Engeyo Poyita Kavitha!!! 🙂 😉

  9. 🙂 hahaha …Sweeetttt

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