Trip to Kolkata

I had captured a few pics last month that i wanted to share with my MOTA-ites…on my trip to kolkata!!  Wanted  to capture few more but my i lost my digicam’s charger and yet to buy it… 🙂 :

Sisters – Missionaries of charity

 Sisters of missionary

@ Bada Bazaar- Hardly had any space to walk

 Bada Bazaar 

Panshop @ New Market: Seems huge fan of Mohd Rafi and Dilip Kumar.

A panshop @ NewMarket

 Rickshaw puller:


Person cooking Roti out of  a closed office on sunday. Sply the Choolah (stove) that he is using to cook it.


Monkey dancing( on tune of Ek pal ka jeena .. 🙂 )


  • I could see the oldest Indian tradition alive in Kolkata.
  • I enjoyed Tea served in small clay pots, 1 rupee poori served wid aloo sabji (2-5 rupees i guess)
  • I really felt glad when people offered free gol-gappas, amlas (jst to munch) out of affection towards my kid
  • We got chance to sit on rickshaw (not the one pulled by a person but the actual paddling rickshaw), it was fun. And roamed the market near to Mitia bruz.

We attended one marraige there, where we could not even guess who the dullah (groom) was, as he himself got bizi in serving the guests for reception dinner  :).


8 Responses

  1. Real India!!!

    Your photos bring back the memories of the childhood Calcutta that I know!!! 🙂

    I used to dread this monkey show business on the roads…you never know when the monkey will jump on you….!!! 😉

    Nice to know it still runs there…!!!

  2. hey really gr8888 pics yaar.. especially the Paan Waala and the Rickshaw Puller.. I lived them!! And did you get a chance to sit in the Tram?? Its a dream for me yaar.. especially after watching Yuva!!!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  3. @Kavi…Yep monkey show was fun… i din upload the tanga ride pic… shal do it…

  4. @Vatsal: Pan waala is my one of my favs too… i so wanted go n talk to tht pan waala abt his collection bt.. in vain… 🙂 …tram i din try… it was a local tram n ppl told me tht its very slow… u wld get bored up and so…:)

  5. good photos 🙂

  6. @ Savi.. thnx…

  7. g8 pics dear.nice 2 see n gud 2 read

  8. I love the monkey..

    Actually everything

    They used to come to our apartments..hehehe


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