New York: 2009 (a review)

I had been waiting to watch this movie ever since it was released in 2009.
The reason? One of my favourite actors, Neil Nitin Mukesh, was in it 🙂
I have to say, my expectations did not leave me disappointed.
Take a theme as common as Terrorism, and weave it into a saga of love, friendship, dignity, revenge, integrity, patriotism and justice and you are left with tears in your eyes.
This heart-warming yet slap-in-your-face realistic movie hits all the right notes in Bollywood style and gives you so much to think about.
You begin to ask yourself some hard-hitting questions. You start questioning what you believed was right. And then, you begin to make way for an open mind and an open heart.

I rate this as a must-watch for all Indians.


4 Responses

  1. New York was really a nice movie. And Neil Nitin Mukesh has always given his best performance, even I like his Johnny Gaddar.
    If you liked New York, you must watch a movie named “Khuda ke Liye” (Pakistani Movie), it is a must watch movie for both Indians and Pakistanis. New York is remake of this movie. The best part of this movie is 15 min cameo of Nasheerudin Shah.

  2. New york i watched it but did not like. I was not convinced with the story itself and more over the screen play.

  3. Out of the three protagonists……….I guess – Neil Nitin Mukesh did a better show!!!

    I could not stand that Katrina Kaif………. what an accented dialogue delivery! My goodness!

  4. New York is a thousand times better than recent Kurbaan

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