a life of luxury !! , a life of enjoyment , of ease , of entertainment .. this is what every one wants …so did I . Nothing wrong in that ..until it costs u getting seperated from your near and dear ones !! and also with some one not from your family but an important part of your life !! .. :-(.. is this why we run behind money ?? Or Fame ??

last 1 week had been drastic changes in my life..( by god’s grace ts happy u -turns only ) .. just 1 weekend back I was enjoying at @ dev GArh beaches with Savita , hashir and shafat sire..!! and had a hell lot of mast there..! when i returned back from holidays .. a new surprise was waiting for me “sanket plz make your arangmentss to move to onsite ASAP  prefarably by this weekend ..” a chance I was waiting for since longgg.. , An opportunity i was asking from my manager since ages .. a dream which was going to full fill in few days…with Immeidate Effect and like a current flow , every thg activated.My work speed got doubled up , my efficienncy got tiple multiplied and fnished all my work prior mvng , my home settlement , running for travel plan approvals from comapny , HR etc every thg got done within a day or 2 .. I couldn’t even tell my blogger friends reg that.and finally the day came when i had to fly ,take  an 18 hours of flight , go stragiht to hotel and report from My arrival Day 1 !!! all happened..

I had got my dream cherished.i Was very ahpy inside.. its my day 2 also at work. but the missing FACT  which i had not told o anyone is that.. I did not want to leave my friends , family and few spl ppl ( don’t think too much 😉 ) ..

here ever thing is there.. flashy Cars , Sky Scrapers , the elements to the so called FUN & ADVENTURE..and the ways Of ENJoYING LIFE !!.. but there is some thing which makes you feel that u don’t belong to here.. its the FACTOR that here every thg is very PERSONAL .. asking some one about is GIRL FRIEND is PERSONal , a question which i often ask my frinds just in order to tease them , even though knwoing that he is single ..pulling some one ‘s leg on his/ her  talking to oppostite gendere is CULTURAL OFFENCE !! an activity which we always perform with some one with ” HMM ” and OYE HOYe ” kinda leg pulling… !! 😀 ..

I have friends here…but no one asks me ” HAD YOUR LUNCH ?? ” instead there are , I will take MY LUNCH and come back.. & I take my lunch alone.. as they get busy and they don’t have time to come down stairs at a client location and to eat in street benches..whereas i am so much accustomed to satyam cafeteria that until and unless i have 4 -5 friends around me ..and until we pull some on’s leg., we won’t digest our food and will be ready for next coffee or tea by evening..
We have a coffee machine .. but the coffe drinkers will use it only for sole purpose & sip it on their WST  only..

I come to home saying a gud bye to all my friends. & collegue and they too greet me gud night… but no one says” C U tomorrow ”  Or  ” WHEN we will meet tomorrow , then we will do this or that “.. I keep  staring at my cell phone , in the the wish that a call wouls come from a distant frind whom i had never had a cotact since last 2-3 years.. but some how he manged to get my number and called me.. m waiting and dying to hear his GAALI and foul words..!! 

there are no more GD nght msgs from a spl person ( again plz , don’t think too much :P, he /she are my SMS friends only, they have to unload their FEE SMS quota and i have to load my EMPTY INBOX that ‘s it !!   ).. which will make me awake from  TIGHT SLEEP and make me annoying  and saying gud night !! ..

these are the things which we don’t realize until we truly miss them.. !! for us it maybe a daily  routine. But when it will turn int a habit . u never know !! same has happened  with me.. now all my friends / u all are a part of my life !! and I miss u all a lot !!

Probably this is a missing FACT(OR) in my life !!

That’s it !!

Sanket Rajawat


13 Responses

  1. Ahhaaa…nice one asalwayz…
    but li’l sento…nd made me think about my frndz whom i miss everyday..aftr leaving HYD ..
    i miss my office Dosa brekfast..and long discusns on ‘what we will have for lunch/dinner’..and masti at pg room..celebrationg B’days..nd making new plans for weekends..
    I seriously miss everything…It was a dream phase I lived at HYD..nd now..M awak..!!!…
    your post will be mind-trigger for many of us..or can say..memory-trigger..and people will remember their friends thru ths write up…
    keep writing ..nd njoy at Ausii…:)

  2. Is this open confession for missing someone….few spl ppl !!!

    Anyways, nice way of missing those special people in life…come back soon…and don’t miss tooooooo much!!! 🙂

  3. What the hell man??????????? where have you gone and when???? and how dare you not tell us before leaving.. at least you cud have dropped a bomb on our mailboxes.. yaar.. you promised me you’ll visit my office at least once 😦 .. anyhow I am glad that you got the opportunity you were looking for.. is it long term or short term?? I know people over there are too formal and India will always remain Indyeah!!! take good care of yourself bro.. and dont worry about your friends (the special ones also 😉 ).. we are all lucky enough to be hanging around you (if not physically then obviously in your dreams.. oops.. nightmares!! Hahahah)…

    Happy Blogging!!!

    • hahahaha .sorry bro.. !! couldn’t inform you .. probably u were not @ hyd when i left.. morever couldn’t got a chance to speak also to eveery one.. lucky i was that i went into a trip !! and met atleast Hasir , shafat and Savita ..

      BTW .. no probs.. I WILL TAKE CARE .. OF THE SPL PPL !! :D.. fter all U ARE HAPPILY SINGLE..

      but on serious thoughts.. its not that i am missing ay one spl type se.. m missing u all , and thr masti maza ~~

  4. Hmmm senti… very senti… dear i think this is second time u r @ onsite right?
    While reading only one movies was cming in my mind ‘Swades”
    we miss ppl when we go away…

    • yeah .. that is true !! m 2nd time @ onsite… well aapko yaad aa rhi thi Swades and I was thinking about POORAB AUR PASCHIM .. :D.. while writing this..
      correct when we are far away , we really miss ppl a lot !!

      • BTW Borroplus leke gaye ya Hash ko rakha hain … 😉 hehehe
        yaar maine video lena tha tum dono ka…

        • hahahah.. boro plus le ke gya hun,.. 😀 😀 😀 .. its with me .. and a co -incidence that i was appying it on my lips the time a read this comment !! 😉

          • Wah re wah… boro plus chale hazaro saal… hahha…i still remember u guys offering me and i rejecting it… hahaha maza aaya yaar 🙂

            But i will never forget Boro plus…hehehe

  5. While reading this, even I thought about Swades movie… 😀
    But bro, enjoy there.

  6. Missing someone???? that is the fake word…. 🙂

    enjoy the cultural shock.. ::) lets c whether u comeback as an Indian or Australian 🙂

    • hey buddy.. gud to see u Alive !! :).. well its not like some one… ! it is the friends and family and the un u have with ur friends !! that one..

  7. This is my first time visit at here and i am genuinely pleassant to read everthing at alone place.

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