Summer Nostalgia!!!


I see myself walking in a big jungle along with other people . The jungle looks very serene.  Everyone is walking towards a big white house in the jungle and then we get into it. The house has big white pillars and is very spacious. I keep wondering at those huge white pillars. We start  flying and spinning in the air all of a sudden.  Then i see few apparels flying in air,  I have option of selecting a 3/4th trousers. I go for picking it up and I hear some noise stopping me from taking it. I ignore and try choosing it. Again some noise keeps pricking my ears, and I go for stopping that noise and I reach out to my cell and stop my alarm. All of a sudden, all of that wind in which we were flying, that jungle, that apparels were gone…

I look at the time… its 8 in the morning.

Still on bed don’t feel like getting up…..Half slept eyes…

Cold breeze from the window panes feathers up on my cheeks…I feel glee…..

I could hear the birds chirping… on and on….

I get up and feel the summer warmth….the fragrance in the air….

The birds chirping, the cold breeze in summer warmth, suddenly tickles my heart, thumps my heart and pushes me to remind me of something past.

My mind rushes to the past makes me think what is it reminding me of?  It reminisces me of :

  • My terrible xam time preparations…. All that tension in my mind… all books around…..
  • My childhood days –  where we went to aamrai(mango garden) to steal raw mangoes and maali yelled at us and we ran as fast as we could and escaped from aamrai….yeah could get some raw mangoes. Or the Summer holidays where I used to go to my aunts home and have lot of fun….
  • My Adolescent age days …A day flashes… where I was heading to my new school in 10th std. Had left my good old friends there…!!!…  I Was riding a bicycle to my new school and hear someone calling my name…I saw him for my surprise and it was one of the most happiest day of my life
  • Or my first reaction on the song sent in a mail in engg: “Everything I Do, I do it for you”
  • Or first time our eyes met and stayed in contact for a while and then departed; (background song: aapki ankhon mein kuch behke hue se khwab hai aapse bhi khoobsurat aapke andaaz hai ….)(when an ELTP- trainee at satyam … hahahah)…. 🙂

Back to present hmmmm Gosh!! I feel glee and a bit wistful too… :). Its summer time here again; I have shared my summer nostalgia…wts urs???? 🙂 (pls share if u wish to:) )


11 Responses

  1. …………………………………………………….

  2. Hey perfect…..!

    Absolutely mind blowing writing…and I know the inspiration for such a write-up… 🙂 😉


  3. thx 4 sch a wondrful response.KK. I felt vry glad.

  4. thx 4 sch a wondrful response.KK. I felt vry glad.

  5. woooow.. straight from the heart!! It seems you’re back with a bang haan!! Now dont disappeaer again.. really nicely written post.. reminded me of some of my summer experiences as well!!! keep writing yaar.. way to go!!!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  6. thnx vatsy. I was nt sure 2 gv ths 1 a post, u gv me tht confidence..:-)

  7. long time that I have come across your writing….good one

  8. Hey Lakshmi…. thnx … I hp i write up often 🙂

  9. All i could remember is my summer vacation which i spent in my village and few vacations at my mama’s place. Those were awesome at same time boring afternoons but over all i would like to spend again and again same kind of summer vacation 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing this Savi,… Hp u r dng fine… in pune… hws summer in pune cmparativ to Hyd…

  11. Good. Great writing….

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