The Haunted Manor – II

I was always like a curious kid who would ask for all kinds of dreadful real stories in day times, and ‘wet the bed’ shivering in night times.

–  Boopalan Jayaraman, in his post – The Haunted Manor, July 2009

Sorry folks, I decided to quote myself, since I did not get (or try to get) a quote that I could relate to this post. And who knows? This quote may become a remarkable, historic statement made by one of the intelligent minds of the country.

You sit at your home lonely, watching television past midnight – may be you are searching some channels which could add up to your dirty thoughts, or you are interested in an IPL match and more interested in its cheerleaders, or you keep on pressing the remote control mindlessly as you always have been. At one point of time, your remote control no longer controls. It turns deaf. Your television buries the scenes into it and gets switched off. Your dog at doorstep goes berserk and starts howling. You feel a sudden drop of temperature inside your room. The room sinks into complete darkness as the power too fails. Almost everything in the room starts to look or sound scary. You not giving up on your courage [which you never had in front of your wife] are trying to locate a candle and a match box. To your luck, you get hold of them soon, and try to light the candle. Candle gets torched, but is blown off in seconds. You give a second attempt. It is blown off again. You feel the existence of kinda another-living-thing in the room. Your breathe rate increases exponentially, and there you hear a sudden clang. You turn rapidly to see what caused it, but you see some indescribable object moves towards your face…

Man, if it was me, definitely some good amount of ‘Dettol’ will be needed to wash my clothes. Almost everyone has a scary tale to tell us. Many of them who report of ghosts – either they have heard from one, or they have heard from one who heard from another. Not all of them would have faced with this interesting thing called ghost / apparition. These have always been a great piece of research and experiment in the world of science. Let us see few incidences from the past.

One of the families that visited Dr. William Wilmer, an ophthalmologist, had brought in a strange case. Visitors, ‘Mr. and Mrs. H’ as described by Wilmer, had just moved into a new house, since when they started to encounter frequent headaches and listlessness. Sometimes they heard of sounds of bells, and footsteps during night. Additionally, they even faced with strange physical sensations and mysterious figures. When they started exploring about these happenings, they came to know that the previous residents had experienced similar things within that house. Since Wilmer was not a doctor depicted in Indian movies [– who will come out of Operation theatre with shrunk face, taking off the spectacles and say ‘We can comment on patient’s condition only after 24 hours!’ even for normal flu], He started some real investigation about the matter.

In another incident, a girl aged about 23 years, who was found to be breathing uncontrollably and having excitement of shock, reportedly saw a ghost, while she was in shower. [Lucky ghost… 😉 Man, this is the advantage of being a ghost. You can go anywhere, do anything, and on top of it people are freaked out]

Apart from common men who report to be victims of ghost incidents, there were some famous and well-educated personalities who claimed to have experienced apparitions. Hamilton Blackwood was the-then-British ambassador to France. This incident happened in 1896 [as said by him], when he was in Paris. Years before coming to France, when staying in a manor in Ireland one late night, he saw a man walking down carrying something. Blackwood got down, and followed the man. The man was carrying a coffin. After sometime, the man turned to face Blackwood, and they both stared at each other. The man shook his face as if warning Blackwood not to follow him, and continued to walk. After some time, he disappeared into shadows. Blackwood had thought it was just a dream.

Years later, as an Ambassador to France, he attended a function at Grand Hotel, Paris. After the function was over, he was about to enter the lift, but then he recognized the lift operator – as the man who was carrying a coffin and walking in Ireland years back. The lift operator shook his face in the similar manner, as if warning not to enter the lift. Blackwood refused to enter the lift. A few moments later, Lift crashed, killing all of them inside it, including the operator. When Ambassador wanted to see the operator’s body, the face was completely ruined. This incident caused widespread interest among people then.

Quite chilling, eh? All these incidents may indicate existence of some forces apart from us. Indeed, something existed. But not forces, but some facts.

The first two incidents – that of Mr. & Mrs. H and the girl in shower – were caused by something called – carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide being colourless, odourless, tasteless and faithless is difficult to be detected, and causes poisoning in human if inhaled. [Yes, this is the same stuff we are filling this atmosphere with, through factories, vehicles, and burning dead-bodies]. The symptoms of this poisoning include strange visions, sounds, and feelings of dread, confusions, hallucinations, and delirium.

In case of ‘Mr. and Mrs. H’, their house’s furnace was found to be completely damaged, leading to incomplete combustion, and thus directing all carbon monoxide into the house rather than up the chimney. In case of the girl in shower, a new water heater had just been improperly installed in her home, which filled the house with Carbon monoxide when she closed all windows and doors and took a shower.

In the case of British Ambassador Hamilton Blackwood, a French journalist demonstrated that the events took place years before Blackwood came down to Paris as ambassador [1891-1896]. And that only one person died in the lift accident in 1878 – the only lift accident involving a fatality in Grand Hotel. A more recent investigation by a BBC researcher reveals that this event is nothing but an urban legend which Blackwood improved as a personal experience.  [Additional note: Blackwood had served as a Viceroy of India too]

Didn’t they tell ‘Epporul YaarYaarVaai Ketpinum, Apporul Meipporul Kaanbathu arivu’? [‘Believe not, whatever you hear. It is wise to investigate, analyze and then get clear by oneself’]

~ BJ ~


12 Responses

  1. Nice post … My latest horror movie was 13B and Paranormal activity…. And I dnt get normal for 1 or 2 days aftr i watch horror movies…. i keep thnkg n imagining awful faces in darkness n whn in sleeptime….. And smthng of this sort u hear in reality seems so curious & shuddering…intrstng to be discussed among frnds.. rmmbr ?… sply the… whn we cal th spirit on th card board sort of thing and it keeps mvng one alphabet/numbrs one after another indicating smthng… 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      Even I liked 13B.
      Ya, it is always interesting to discuss with friends, and that is about what I quoted in the beginning 🙂

  2. hey spine chilling one man.. and what explanations in the end!! it was simply remarkable! Even I do not believe in ghosts or any kind of spirits but I do enjoy watching horror movies and shows on ghostly experiences.. I’d recommend you to watch Haunted Houses on Discovery if you fumble upon it sometimes.. its quite interesting!!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  3. it is past midnight…first time that i am scared to continue working. Thanks to your post up here 😦 🙂

  4. 40% people like horror movies. And they like to talk about ghost tories.
    I watched few with and without friends.Unfortunately I never enjoyed horror films.

    • What is the source for justifying “only 40%” like horror movies? Please share if you have any.
      Of course, you enjoy watching your own photos!! 😉 JK..!

  5. howaaaa.. man .. Scary to the core !! I read it a bit late but it is quite chilling experience.. !! 😦

    The horror most movie which i have scene til now is SHUTTER ( the thai version ) its been reamde in english and in hindi it has been Remake as
    “CLICK ” with my fav actress sneha ullal as the ghost.. :).. what an irony…


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