MotA Micro Blogging contest – Announcement

Competition is easier to accept if you realize it is not an act of oppression or abrasion – I’ve worked with my best friends in direct competition

–          By someone who already died making this quote an orphan.

I like the quote above. Not just because it eased my work of finding a relevant quote for the post (with which I can write the first paragraph), but for I adore competition [Disclaimer: as long as participants are few], although I turned the worst friend for my best ones when in direct competition.

Fellas, what is a love without competitions, what are movies without a hero and a villain, what are matches with equal scores, what are appraisals with constant salaries, and what are men with equal length of…Ahem… (Coughing)… with equal length of… (Again, coughing)… of life. [I know what you would have concluded by this time ;-)] Of course, competitions keep our life a life.

Having showered my words of wisdom all over you, Let me come to the point. So, here is something that can sting your egos. All ye out there, we get into a Micro-blogging contest in MotA.

I believe you know what micro-blogging is. Well, I’m not going to explain, because my explanation may get you end up writing several macro-blogs asking what I actually meant. Below are the rules that I put forth. We can discuss and freeze them before tomorrow [saturday] EOD.

–          Don’t be scared. It is not yet another series. In fact, it is parallel. 😉

–          You may continue to post as usual. But only requirement is – it has to be tiny.

–          Post may not grow beyond 150 words. [Not recommended to negotiate to increase this limit. Since that may get the challenge diluted, and posts may not be really micro]

–          Post can be based on any of the three (only) themes – that’ll be decided during our discussion today. [Ex: Short story, Culture, Humanity, etc.]

–          Post may contain only one picture. [Recommendation would be to use pictures taken by self that supports or relates to the theme and your post.]. If you have a picture, I may recommend the number of words to be at 100 instead of 150. That would yield more carefulness in us to choose a picture that is more relevant and that talks more than words do.

–          The contest may have a start date & end date, and span up to a week or so. [The dates can be discussed and decided.]

–          You may continue to post as usual apart from this. [Of course, you are not going to stop from doing so]

–          Any number of posts is accepted. Content language shall be English. [Any other opinions?]

–          Be sure to have a title starting with “MBC:” to identify it. [Negotiable]

–          Content ought to be original. [Of course no one copies here!]

–          No compromise on Grammar and spelling mistakes. [When we choose writing as a medium, careful choice of words, clear sentences, and flawless writing are necessary. Mistakes should not be barriers for the propagation of your thoughts. You may be a great warrior, but a blunt sword does not do any good for you]

–          Every motaite should participate. [Keeping some exceptional cases aside – such as sick-for-the-whole-period / absconding / kidnapped / etc.]. Setting such comfortable start/end dates that everyone is able to participate is our responsibility.

–          Every post can be rated and evaluated. Top two bloggers may be identified after the end of micro-blogging.

–          You are expected to reply this post and confirm your participation with in next two days. [Please!]

–          Defaulters, those who fail to bring a write up in the period after confirming their participation, shall be fined at will. The fund may be used for MotA-development activities.

–          Bringing such strict conditions is aimed only at integrating and uniting all beloved motaites and keeping this a happening place again. No harm intended. [It definitely disturbs to see it run by very few people even after having an author count of 22+. Seeing it, I’m attempting to adopt post-once-a-week-at-least policy for myself. 😉 ]

–          Make this an enjoyable experience by your writing skills which are less utilized and less seen these days.

Please share your thoughts.

Ultimately, we’re all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how but, what we can decide is how we meet that end, in order that we are remembered, as men.
–        Proximo character in Gladiator.

Does it make any relevance here? Forget it; I am not any good at it!



82 Responses

  1. I m in … can the topics or themes have to be discussed and finalized…. i m in wat ever … its a competition….

  2. BJ i just wonder from where u get such nice thoughts all the time to keep MoTA active…
    Few points –
    1. Who is going to judge/ rate the pots? Anybody is coming from outside MoTA? If MoTaites only then are they going to be part of contest?
    2. Is there prize decided for top two bloggers?

    Good conditions are accepted boss. I am in 🙂

    Are we going to discuss date, timing here?

    • Thanks.

      I have thought about the points you made while bringing this up.

      > We can have motaites judging other motaites, while they freely participate. Only thing is – I should not be judging my own work.
      > May be, as suggested by Shafat, we can formulate an evaluation system.
      > Reg. Prize, discuss further and decide.

  3. Nice question Savi…. It like “Who’ll guard the guards” situation here… but we cannot deny anyone from participation just because they are going to judge our work…. Just an idea… Why don’t we use a secret ballot system where no one will know who rated whom…. I guess we have a poll system already linked to our blog….. we can just vote there or we can use any other polling website….. But the catch is we cannot vote for our own work… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Honesty factor comes into play here…….. Other suggestions are welcome…..

    • May be, we formulate certain parameters for every post.

      It is not just a single number based rating. But may vary for different parameters. For example, – a post may be rated for its originality, creativity, language, way of telling, reader satisfactions, etc. say out of 5. For each theme, “weight” of the parameters may vary. But If I write N number of posts, rating should not get added up, rather it should be an average of something of that kind.

      For each post, we’ll put on our remarks and votes, and send it to a person (such as shrinidhi) who can keep records. Finally we can take a look at it and decide.

      • Yup sounds good ….. Lets limit it to one post then. Maybe we can have another round later on. Initially we can test with one entry per motaite?

  4. Nice question Savi… Its like “Who’ll guard the guards situation”…… But I guess we Motaities should only rate the micro blogs… we cannot deny permission to any member just because they are going to rate our posts…. I guess we can use some secret ballot system where nobody will come to know who rated whom…. we already have polling system linked or we can create a poll on any other polling site… there are numerous out there…. but the catch is that we cannot rate our own stuff….. honesty factor comes into play here…. other suggestions are welcome…..

  5. I have another question here….maybe I might sound obnoxious and not a game….but I strongly believe in it…!

    What is the meter for an work of artistic nature?

    Creative writing can vary upon several things and it is mainly subjective….it purely depends on the reader – be it just a reader or a judge – to interpret the right things in the right way?

  6. Let there be no topic constrain….!

  7. Let there be no topic constaint

  8. 😀 !!!

  9. Alrighty!! This is super cool!! I am in…and I do agree with Kavitha Ji…on the ‘no constraint’ on topics thing…rest of the rules are super… 😉 Boo Sire!! 🙂 I bow! (I do not know how that bowing down smiley is made….so just this )

  10. me thinks…first the topic- We at MoTA write on topics of our choice. This time round it should be common; like they have a saree round in the contests and things like that : )

    Next is the judging-it would be great if a non-motaite does it. We can do ours by way of our ‘comments’ and replies.

    Creativity cannot be measured; laying down the parameters for judging may turn to be a gory one…

    And then what about poems? Are they in a separate category?
    As always, excited to be a participant than a ‘contestant’……Count me in!

    • Thanks Lakshmi,

      What I thought was – our motaites are talented and honest enough to judge any good work in a way it has to be done. That was seen in many instances so far.

      Even knowledge cannot be measured. But it is being done in a predominant form of exams and scores. Even greatness of a human being cannot be measured. But it is being done in terms of his/her achievements done. The point is to bring up quantities with what we can identify two great people. Not to diminish the capabilities of others.

      But, you just let out a word, Let’s cancel this entire evaluation system, and celebrate it as a mere micro-blog week without ratings etc. I’ll do it for you 😉

  11. 😦 Why Thanks Sire? I get your point…also…I have created a sample poll to try out the MBC polling…we can keep a check on who’s voting and who’s not by blocking IP addresses and also by keeping a count of number of votes…I guess,then it should work fine.

    • @KD…… I voted using Google Chrome and it counted my vote..then tried again but it did not count it….then I used IE and voted again and took my vote again…….someone please check again…….

  12. Please try now…hope it should work 🙂

  13. hey..though I have nevr publish/post any articls so far (yeah!! I do write but just like that but mainly I write poems only..)…but I would like to be part of this..let me try somthing diffrnt than poems 🙂 me about it..and its like my nursry admissn in class of article writng 😉
    but it’s a nice idea to wake up all MOTAits 😀

    • You know, smruti,

      Once happened a survey [that concentrated on creativity], where a question asked was – “what are the benefits a snake , that has heads on both the ends, can enjoy?”

      Most educated, experienced adults’ replies were of the form – “How a snake can have heads on both the ends? That is illogical. And against the nature. Wrong question.!!” The same question was asked in a class of nursery kids – The replies were innumerable such as – “1. If it goes into a hole, it can come out without needing to turn back, 2. It can finish a meal faster, etc etc “.

      “Fresh”-newcomer-minds think creatively, while most experienced minds think binding to existing rules. Don’t worry, if you are just a nursery admission, we’ll be happy, for you have bright chances to present us something new.

      It is another intention to see ourselves (who mostly attached a style to us in writing knowingly / unknowingly), writing on different grounds – through this. 🙂

  14. I need the respected members below to reply and confirm. [Hashir and Abhi had done through mail]

    > Vatsal dude
    > Nafees sire
    > Sanket kid
    > Madhav buddy [Madhav, even a mail account will expire if you dont visit for months!]
    > Pankaj
    > Anto
    > Afs
    > divenita
    > Ronak dude
    > Prateek [An editor with 0 posts 😉 ]
    > Anne
    > Shrinidhi [Sir, will you join us?]

  15. thanks for counting me !! I Say that i will be in…but not sure , hw will i take it competivelly..let us just say i will keep posting.. !! let us see if i am eligible for prizes…:D 😉 🙂

    • Sanket,
      Keep posting 🙂 I’ll announce a prize for that spirit itself, especially for you..!!

      Thanks 🙂

  16. he..he…
    let us take it light prateek ji 😉 [thanks for your information anyhow 😉 ]
    Let it go on 🙂

    Let’s not invade others personal spaces in the name of friendship 😀

    But, starting the contest brings out lot of matters;-)
    [Savi & Hash, Just kidding 🙂 ]

    • Yennakkum sollunga pa…! 😉

      • Yeah, I know…! 🙂

        Ithu naan mundiye yethir parthathuthan….!

        Serithan Antha Kuzhandaithan yengeyavathu uboyagam agumthana…! 🙂

        Itho varugiren oru kathai oda…! Viraivil MoTA thirai yil Kannuga…! 🙂

        Yaarvuthu translate panninga…Avaluthan Solliten…!

      • he he he ok ok 🙂

        where are the other bloggers!!!! what is going on here, and what are they doing there?!?!?!

        chey chey… they dont know the importance of things 😉

    • “Let’s not invade others personal spaces in the name of friendship ” – but u can make fun of someone’s personal space just for making fun without knowing anything.

      • ha ha ha.
        What I meant is – actually for the words told by prateek – “cheating”.

        We can’t expect any friend of us to inform every wish of theirs / every incident they come across / every thing they want. Expecting so and considering it as cheating otherwise, is invading personal space.

        Fun – “we can make fun of anything under the sun” 😉

  17. all ye blogger friends,

    Let’s start a MotA micro gossiping contest 😉

    Prateek ji has a special prize in it !!!! 😀

  18. Prateek i know you are using fake identity and putting those things to trouble me but don’t worry it won’t trouble me. I don’t care who talks about me except my family and whom i “consider” friends.
    If u want to call dating i don’t mind but it was the best date i ever had in my life. Thanks Hash for being such a lovely person in my life. I hold high regards for u being my friend and my buddy. Luv u Hash:-)

  19. Sorry fellas for a very late reply…

    I am in .. game for anything !!!

  20. enna nadakarthu inga..l. wats happening???????? wen we are in the game….

  21. really nice suggestions, vatsal.. Thanks for having been straightforward about your participation.. But just a thought, announcing the topic daily wont make it look like a debate or essay competition from school / college levels? Anyone else has other ideas?


    • I think if we give topics daily then it will help in taking people out of their confort zone and travel the unsurfed terrain. It will be a win-win situation for all of us because not only the author of the blog, but all the readers will get the knowledge about that particular subject. As far as the matter of the competition looking like a school/college level one, I dont think it could be hardly a problem. In the recent opportunity for Freelance writing at Coffee breaklabs, we were given 4 topics out of which we had to write on 2 topics within 500 words (the project got cancelled later on 😉 ), so I think this is a pretty useful method of bringing out the hidden talents and also exploring some innovative topics. 🙂 What say???

      • hmm.. pretty sensible explanation..


        • When are we going to start… it seems majority is not interested. No reply from Abhi, Hashir, Bana etc……

          • Lets drop it, if majority is not interested. No more attempts for uniting members. Let it take its course.


          • Hey, I am not for writing on a topic …..that does not fit my bill…I flunk in it and it sucks for me! 🙂

            Anything that I want to write…I am totally in!

          • I am reminded of an adage in Tamil – “Thookaranvanai Elupalam aana Thungaravanai polla irrupavanai elupa mudiyathu…” [ A person who is sound asleep can be woken up shaken…but a person who only pretends to sleep it is quite difficult to wake him up…!]

            I seriously don’t believe all these moralizing and uniting talk..! 🙂

          • I dint ask you to.


          • You did not ask me what?!

          • Oh! come on it was just a statement….! Nothing to be meant to you in person…!

  22. Ahh the Hampi trip?? Even I was aware….. whats the big deal??? It happened that I was admitted in hosptal otherwise I would also have joined them……… BTW who is the person who has commented using ‘prateek’ as pseudonym???

  23. Are we just going to discuss about it or really start off with it?!

  24. Just put a stop to this comments line and formulate the rules and start date end date,…..

  25. I have a suggestion..lets see if it works then..
    what I think is writing has two main funda…one is to write what you think in a strght mannar with the perception you have..and anther is to write what is demanded..[like in competitions or exams]
    so to make d game intrsting can we do like…view-counter view presented by the same author…that will make everyone to think beyond the usual perceptions..
    generally in debate or anywhere we have to write only in favor/ here to have twist we can write both..
    that will enhace the writing skills..though i know it is not good perhps where our opinion is real life changer for some1..but for game we can or can say..from creative angl we can have this…
    [It’s jst an idea..though I never wrote this way or never read..;) ]

    • Exactly what I had in mind, Smruti. Thanks. You rock.!!! Will soon come up with further rules. Those can be dealt with, as and when needed. 🙂


      • yupp…
        gr8 that u liked the idea..
        but it would be indeed a smart game if we go for it then..
        ‘word-Wars” kind of..
        lets ask other ppl then if they are ready then..
        and it should be ofcorse topicws..nd we wont got for sensitiv issues should be a fun game at the end of the day..and war between our own extream perceptions..and not with others.. 🙂


  27. Hi All, Y sudden mum… please let this show go on… i was very xcited abt this…as mch as an IPL match cmng up 🙂 …. (asusual like a silent spectactor of mota family) …

  28. sorry guys, I didn’t replied for so long on this thread, pls count me in… 🙂

    Was just waiting for the official declaration of all the rules and regulations. Found, from last few days, we are not blogging, but just debating over rules.

    I recommend boopalanj has taken the initiative, so the ownership of this event should be given to him to decide on final rules and regulations, and I hope everybody participating will abide by the rules (only post starting with MBC will be considered as part of competition, one can still post blogs on any topic or any random post which he/she doesn’t want to be part of competition, no restrictions on that part.)

    boopalanj : I hope you have got enough input from most of the blogger, please finalize the rules and agenda of this event. As far as judgement considerations are concerned, I feel we are mature enough to trust each other and not cheat on our part. …cheers, lets begin the battle, Halla Bol !!! 😀

  29. On second thoughts…is this one of those series you are up to??!! with a tag- ” how much can you hype it up?! “….or something like that 🙂

    • So, how many times have you seen me hyping anything up?

      • Boopalan, please read my comment one more time… it is not about you hyping things; I mentioned the tag as…….. and i ask you the same Q again- is it a series like the 24 truth…? This time it will be about ‘hype it up’ 😀 Wat say?

  30. On second thoughts…is this one of those series you are up to??!! with a tag- ” how much can you hype it up?! “….or something like that 🙂

  31. 🙂 Lovely Initiative

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