Goa-Indians not welcome

Goa, the name instantly creates an image of fun and enjoyment among everyone. Ahh..the holidays, the sun and the sands. The casual laying under the sun for hours relaxing like a turtle. That’s the outlook Goa has. Needless to say, I too was really excited when a plan was hatched to visit Goa this February. And Goa was as it has promised to be, awesome. But often it happens, all the fun, enjoyment are spoilt due to some ugly event. The same happened with us too.

Let me give some background. Goa is in INDIA. If you are wondering why I wrote that, you will know next. There are 2 events which I will narrate to you.

So, it happened that me and my friend were out on the roads on a 2 wheeler and in hurry had forgotten the helmet. And as it happens by the laws of Murphy, we were stopped by police. We were challaned for 100 rupees and we gave it right away as mistake was ours. Now, just then a foreigner passed us on a 2 wheeler with no helmet on. And he was not even asked to stop, forget about paying a fine. I pointed it out to the policeman who had fined us and his response was “We don’t stop foreigners”. I argued why and he said “Atithi Devo Bhavah”. I responded that that saying was of times when no money was charged from the athithi i.e. the guest. I had gotten really really worked up by this time seeing such blatant racism in my own damn country. I said to him, that when we go to other countries, we are always treated a par below their own citizens and out here they are treated like Gods. I said “mera khoon khaulta hai ye sab dekh kar” (my blood boils when i see such things). The policeman said that his boss had told him not to catch foreigners. Stuck with disbelief, we left.

The second incident was at Majorda beach. Its a really very beautiful beach and the crowd there is minimal which makes for fantastic experience. So, we took a shack and ordered the food and drinks. In between, we went and kept on taking a dip in the sea now and then. The food was really tasty and we ate like kings. At evening, when we were in the water, we heard a nepali looking guy shouting at us to move left. We presumed him to be a life-guard and did do, but his manner of communication did bother us. Now, after an hour or two, when we were about to leave, we again saw that guy and asked him why was he shouting like that. Then he said “Tum log foreigners ke saamne tha, isiliye'(“You guys were near the foreigners, that’s why”). Stunned, we asked him what the hell he meant. He said that we 3 friends were swimming nearby a group of foreigners and one of those foreigners had complained to him to drive us away. I was burning with anger when I heard this and said “tera dimag kharaab hai kya be?”(“Are you crazy or what?”). He even said that we might have touched those foreigners. By now, i was fuming with anger and shouting. We asked the guy that who the fuck is he and does he own the bloody place. Then the guy gets all pumped up and says to me that he will hit me if i keep talking like that. He even threatened that he is a local and can do anything to me. All this nonsense had driven me crazy and I too was ready to exchange blows with him. I couldn’t imagine this was happening in India, my own country. By this time, another guy had come who tried to pacify and our group too wanted to leave. Then we left thereafter.

Both these incidents point out a clear case of racism done to Indians in India. And the shittiest part is that it’s majorly done by Indians themselves. I have always felt that the colonial hangover is still upon a very large portion of populace. They just know to bow when they see a westerner. 250 years of slavery is still deeply rooted and I feel extremely disgusted to see so. Some pathetic apologists will throw the fact that those foreigners spend more so they get this treatment. So, take this, in all the 10 beach shacks I went, we billed the highest. While they ordered a lone sandwich in 3 hours, we had ordered close to 10 dishes during that time. Our bills were not less than 5 times the closest of them. Still, the Indians are treated like second class citizens. I mean, this pains and angers me so much that words fail me to describe it. In some shops also where we went, if foreigners were there, no one bothered to cater to us. It was like we were invisible. Upon searching the net, you can find scores of writings relating to the same issue. Its not an isolated event we had. It’s a continuous and intentional racism. Done by shack owners, waiters, shop owners, hotel staff etc. They don’t even spare fellow Goans too. Otherwise how can a foreigner have the balls to complaint a local guy to clear a part of a public beach stretch of Indians so that he can have it all for himself and others having his skin color. They know that any such disgusting demands of theirs will be catered by the ever so obedient-foreigner-obsessed Indians. On a late night. some restaurants we went said that they could not serve us as they are closing but as soon a white guest arrived, they gladly opened up. As though, we were there to eat for free from those buggers. Now too, when those events crop in mind, disgust is what I feel. I mean, how such things could happen to our own countrymen in their own country. Show me 1 western country where this happens, and I will drop this thing. Why do we Indians have so pathetically low sense of self respect for ourselves and for rest of our countrymen? Also, below is a snap of one of the shacks. Check out all the flags there. Could you see our tri-colour there?

However with all these events, I still say Goa rocks like no other place in India. You will have such fun which you shall remember surely. The places are really beautiful and lovely. My solution to the above mentioned problems will not to say to you to stop going there. I say, go there every year. In big groups. Go there in 1000s and lacs. Let the Indian tourist percentage become a multiple of the foreign tourists and then none would dare to say anything or ignore us. They would have to treat us like equals if not as kings. That’s how things change in this nation.


22 Responses

  1. Man this is horrible !! even i too got a surge of anger in me . when i read it !!! this is absolutely crazy.. Indians not entertained even in their home lands ??

    This is not the only place in India ..even in pondicherry also o of the beaches ( not sure of the name ) has a board.. it seperates the foreigners swimming from indians .. ans the board says… ” NO INDIANS BEYOND THIS POINT “…

    These things are really small and often ignored by the crowd who comes to enjoy their vacation there .. but still an anger -provoking issue.. that bloody ( sorry to use the word on mota ) ..Nepali guy .. who the hell is he to stop us .. I see no diffrence in this TIP TAKING guy from foreigner and a dog licking his master’s hand ..

    The corrupt officer who ttook te fine,,, if he Is seriouslyan honest person ,there shd’t be any diffrence or law for an INDIAN and an ” Athithi ” …

    morever why thr is no action atleast from local GOa governmet reg that Tri-color flag ????
    these incidentsd are really Anger provoking !!!

    • Sanket, the beach is Paradise Beach or may be auroville beach … because even I have faced the same response there. Indians are not allowed on auroville before 7 or 8 a.m. because ATHITHIs are having sun bath or they want to swim and enjoy the sunrise there. Even at paradise beach, the beach guards start whistling and moving indians from the group of foreigners.

      but i will agree with shafat about the issues regarding the mentality. There have been incidents which bring shame to us too. Security should be there for foreign visitor but not at the cost of integrity and respect of fellow countrymen.

  2. @ sanket…Ues, man it is horrible and one of the things which drive me so angry that my blood boils. No kidding. And i had even heard about such things in Pondicherry also. But how the hell can they have the balls to put up a sign board saying “No indians allowed”. Man, this is so so f**king disgusting. Damn pathetic slave bastards they are.

    About the goa govt doing something about those flags…he he he….Do you think all this goes on without the silent approval of the administration?

  3. The point raised by you is genuine but I would not say shocking. What is really shocking is how we treat our ‘guests’ in India. No need to explain we all know ground realities. I’ll mention an event which I noticed with my own eyes in year 1999 when I and my friends decided to usher into year 2000 in Goa. So off we went to Goa and during the midnight of 1999-2000, there were fireworks all around. Our group of friends were also on beach witnessing the same. A group of young foreign females were roaming on beach when suddenly a youth from a group of drunk Indians grabbed one foreign lady (grabbed her bosom) , and smoothed her for 10 or more seconds while others were shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR….. I was really ashamed to see this behavior. We have heard numerous news reports of rape and molestation of foreigners in tourist places. Currently in news is the rape of Japanese tourist in Bodhgaya..birthplace of Buddhism.
    To large extent it is people issue, our mentality has to be changed. And to some extent it is administration issue who have to handle such issues with iron hand so that such issues are not repeated. Then they’ll also feel secure here and our local tourists would also not face any issues.

  4. @ shafat bhai….sorry sir, but I cannot agree with you for even a single percent. I knew this point of foreigners getting harassed would come at some point or another.

    So now, tell me how many indian females are eve teased, molested or harassed in the whole of india? Must be lacs of cases each month. in miultiples of 1000s of how many foreigner females have been harassed. But do we then start stopping males from going to malls, cinema halls, parties, discos, buses, trams, trains? No na. Then why does it happen that when a foreigner is harassed, you and I feel ashamed but when an indian is harassed, we never care to say anything. Why such selective sense of guilt? My point is clear. Any person coming from another country should be treated exactly as equal as indians are treated. And anyone coming to india is not my guest, they are touriest and thats it. They come here to tour and I will help him/her if I wish but I will die before handing them some special privilage over other indians and treating them as my ‘guests’. They should be treated as good or as bad as Indians are treated. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Lets see australia. So many people have been killed, beaten to pulp, mind you. But still do you see any law or administration prohibiting aussies going into indian neighbourhoods? They dont treat us above their own citizens so why should we behave like this.

    And the most important is the issue of fundamental right. Thats why they are called “fundamental”. It comes before all other rights. And that grants me the right to go any public place in india. And no-one, even the PM cannot ask me to not go there. That is democracy.

  5. I Do get the point Shafat sire !! , and I do knwo that there are a lot cases of molestation of foreigners in India ..spl there were cases in Goa itself … nd even i felt ashamed of it !! …

    for any person , some amount of comments will b passed often in a foreign land ( even i do here myself getting called with ” CURRY ! ( a Phrase aussies use for south asian , Indian , paki , bngladeshi ) , … so It is not uneasy for Indians also molesting the foregner ( yess.. saying that way Of new year / any other thg is a shameful act )…
    but doono why.. i am getting angry on those indian morons.. why the hell do these Indians are becoming a slave for these ppl ??? I won’t get a BENIfiT or BEING a GUEST in AUSTRALIA / any other country , for me the law will be same and even i do abide the law.., pay taxx , etc…. and at th same time I get Equal respect among my peers in Office also !! .

    but who the hell are these nepali guy and police officer to give them a treatment like a King ??and morevrr why that bloddy nepali has the right to say..” I am a local and will see u “..never in myblog history hv i felt so enraged..!!!

    ( the below section is after 1 minute when I finished my last line ..and drank a glass of water ) ..

    may be its the power of abhi bhai’s writing that made my SLEEPING VOLCANO awake like RDB 😀 ;)..:P..:)

  6. @ guys…..One thing I want to request to all of you is not to feel ashamed a bit when some foreigner is harassed in India. Please guys, please, get out of this feel-gulity attitude. If an indian behaves badly, why should you feel ashamed. You dont reprsent those criminals na. Those guys are completely responsible for their own acts and noone else should feel any guilt due to them. And also, none of those tourists coming to India are my guests. I repeat, none. They are as visible or in-visible to me as any other Indian. When we go to any other nation, we too are not treated as though we are their guests.

    @ sanket….good that you feel enraged man. Things only change when someone feels against it strongly.

  7. really terrible expernce..
    can v post this to any good news paper or any Govt website ??
    I knw media wil earn out ths issue rathr thn making real efforts to eliminate such kind of behavior in our own land ..soo it;s out of option..
    so If any real proof v have..v can reach to Govt…as “Atulya Bharat” series is on (ya..ads in which Amir khan comes ) ..
    we can fight frour right ..isnt it??
    Abhi sir..I will ty to search for d site aswel..I request all MoTa family to find d right mean to convey our message which really can bring change..

  8. Where is MNS………

    The guys crying don’t they bother India is for Indians….

  9. the beach incident made me furious…and at that point of time i was only wondering if somebody could take very strict action againt the guy who was behaving so stupid, i felt like punching him down to the ground.

    i have no judgements to pass…no “my thoughts” to share …only questions to ask..

    When will we stop our fascination for the white skin?

    When will we consider ourselves at par with the “firangs” and not keep throwing ourselves around?

    When will we become proud of our nationality and our country ?

    When will we stop playing second fiddle to evrything they do …be it television, science, movie awards…living style…etc etc…??

    When will we call ourselves Indians first before refering to ourselves as Gujarati, Bihari, Bengali, Keralites…etc etc…and shit ?

    @ Shafling – isnt the groping and eve teasing thing happening in the west and the east equally…??
    its our culture to blame…
    it presents to us a mangled image of a boy-girl bond and because we dont share a healthy equal relationship amongst us means we try to draw maximum amusement out a small window of opprtunity that opens up wen a girl becomes insecure and helpless in the presence of a dumb ass guy…
    yes this country is not as safe for women as is scandinavia…why…coz they are smarter and better equipped to handle gender differences and make good use of freedom…

    the prolem lies with us…

    for a little extra money and fame we can even kill another indian…here the poor chaps in Goa are jus trying to make a living…!!!

  10. hmmm… i can feel the fury…..

    agreed on all the points…. but there must be some rational reason behind each and every thing… if Indians are treated like that then the colonial genes is one of the reason but not the whole…….

    India’s population is one of the biggest in d world and most of them are uneducated… some of their behavious made the people think like that… if someone misbehave to any foreigner then we have the tendency to look all the people with the same eye..

    but what happened to you is completely unaccetable… who the f**k are they to ask us to move? its our place.. and what u did is exactly right….. Indians are obsessed with white skins…. whatever they do, its ok with Indians….

    Not only this, if u go to tourist guest houses, if u r an Indian then u dont get the room… they say either all rooms are full or they tripled the room amount so that u automatically go out… fu*kers….

    It will change abhi… but after two generations… dont angry and be cool…. its all out of our control now…

  11. @ nafs…..buddy, I know you too have faced such situations…but still you are hanging on to that same foreigner-getting-harassed reason.. I am really really at a loss of words, why is every one so much concerned about the foreigners getting harassed in India? When 1000s of farmers commit suicide in Vidarbha, noone cares to even discuss. 1000s of cases of indian women getting harassed every day. no one cares. But a foreigner getting harassed is such a big issue that every one is just ready to feel guilty and ashamed and apologise. Whats this yaar, why such a pathetically low self respect we have as a country? We still treat those people as our masters. I am disgusted to see this.

  12. Sad indeed!! Could something concrete be done?

  13. yes go there in millions dont give up but then behave as u would want others to behave with you y,would you want someone to grab yourgirl friend,sister or mother with disrespect offcourse not,another thing i haven’t been to Goa for long now i was shocked to hear from uncle recently of this Indians in Goa are trying to hard to protect these foreigners and at the same time forgetting that they are crossing the line and going to far by doing that i feel ashamed being a goan my self and being married to foreigner i ahve two kids and they both love India and i will never let them forget that,take care friend remember we need to extend our hand out first if they dont shake it then its their fault this land is ours .

  14. Dear anonymous,

    Pardon my language… But who are you to tell me how to behave and how not to? What authority you or anyone can have to forewarn me as to how I should behave? Its my country, and I can go anywhere I want. Read that again..ANYWHERE…. And if I do something illegal there, the law is there to put me behind bars. Period.

    Its so saddening and disgusting to see this tendency among indians that when they talk about their own countrymen, they have this presumption that all of us are medieval nomads who need to be taught how to behave and all the whites are very sober and mature gentlemen.

    And as for you feeling bad about fellow Goans doing those things, please get out of the guilt. Those criminals dont represent you. They stand for themselves and no one else.

  15. I can completely identify with your anger. I have been at the recieving end myself. i was with a bunch of my friends, and we were spending 5x what the foreigners were at the beach shacks and everywhere around. but the locals who serviced the foreigners treated us like shit. I hope that tourism in Goa takes a nosedive. curse the locals who act this way. you know whats worse ? foreigners thinking they have a right to drive Indians off “trouble makers” “lechers” (lechers possible), but trouble makers ? there are more israelis and russian mafia around than the local mafia!

  16. hell yeah goa is the worst.i went there and there was blatant disregard for indians.the restaurants,the shops everywhere.the shitty no good local bums think all they need is europeans to visit goa.im never gonna go back there and advise indians to stay away from goa,unless you want to get depressed.i cant wait to get my hands on a goan guy especially calingut guy in hyderabad.i will beat respect into that poor bum.

  17. Don’t worry, the “athiti devo bhava” gets balanced out at all the heritage sites like Red Fort and Taj Mahal where we “athitis” have to pay quadruple and more of what locals and other Bharatiyans pay (even NRIs).

    I can tell you that there has been a lot of complaints about women (desi and non) getting sexually harrassed on the beaches and other places in India and for this reason only, the guards are rude to Indian guys.

    The solution is gender segregated beaches, and then some “couples and family beaches” where mixed gendered people who know each other can go together.

  18. Dear Athithi, looking at your usage of Indian slang, i presume you are a desi or a foreigner quite accustomed with India. Anyway, it does not matter.

    Now, coming to your first point regarding where you “Atithis” have to pay quadruple than us. Now, pray tell me, whats wrong in that. Its our sites, we can charge whatever we want. Moreover, its my taxes which every year go in the well-keeping of this monuments and sites. Why shouldnt I pay less then? Who are you to complaint, my athithi? Now, as for your contention that it gets balanced out, you are just being over dismissive of a genuine grievance. But it does not matter as I dont even expect you to be concerned. Being shabbily treated in your own country by fellow citizens who suffer from colonial hangover is no small deal. It reeks of a deeper malaise which I wont touch as it would distract the flow.

    Secondly, you mention that there have been lots of harassment cases and that’s why the guards are rude to Indian guys. Now, how easily you transfer all the guilt on the Indian guys. As though, foreigners are all saints. How convenient, bravo. When the illegal activities of the white trash from Europe is known throughout Goa. Also, cases of harassment are a norm in every famous beach in the world, but nowhere is the norm where the locals are assumed guilty by default and foreigners as innocent. And surely, you have been greatly mollycoddled by my slavish countrymen as you have the gall to not only belittle my country as well charge them with perverse behavior.

    Thirdly, regarding the solution that you gave. All I can say is that solutions require a problem to be present at the first place. The problem that you present is a common phenomena at beaches throughout the world. The solution to it is not to create more walls between the sexes but to remove the existent ones. Creation of more boundaries only worsens the situation. So, thanks but no thanks for your enlightening idea.

    You have come here for your holiday, enjoy it, I am sure you would find many moron locals who would go out the way to please you if you are white. Taste the good foods and have a blast. But dont bother to lecture us on our issues and problems. That too in such condescending tone. If you haven’t noticed, colonialism is dead and the erstwhile rulers are slowly finding very difficult to play in the level field and compete with their old subjects in every arena.

    Adios my atithi!

  19. Friends, every day tourist from other part of India are beaten, by, locals, taxi drivers, bouncers in night clubs, waiters of shacks. The local people, will over take your car and bikes seeing that you are a tourist and will start trouble with you. In no time 20 Goans will gather and will start beating Indians. Police always hides in corner only to take money from you. I have seen so much blood shade in last 15 years in Goa, by locals on Indians and some time foreigners also. Trust me Goa is increasingly becoming a dangerous place for Indians. I live here since 30 years, it was all good till the Goans were poor, but money has corrupted their mind. All the smile you see is artificial, there is a deep rooted hatred against we Indians. Specially a community here, left by portugese hates India to the core. India is big and beautiful, there are wonderful beaches in Kerala and Karnataka, go there, but do not come to Goa, i mean it. These people needed to be taught a lesson that those people who bring money and jobs to Goa need to be treated with respect. Here there is a popular saying among Goans, Indian come here with pocket full of money spend it here in our h0tel, bars and shacks and get lost. Its not my hatred towards Goa or Goa, its the reality I see on daily basis. Even police do not help, though you could be right and a Goan could be wrong. There are thousands of things to make you aware about dangers in Goa, but for the moment it is enough.

  20. Great article shedding light on this issue – Goan’s and other Indians do have an extremely high subservience towards White people. White people are well aware of this subservient slave mentality which gives them a strong sense of self entitlement and makes them think they can push their weight around and behave as if it is their own country and Indians are their subjects.

    You’re right it has nothing to do with money, it’s about putting White Europeans on a demi-god like pedestal, especially when taken into account that the vast majority of foreign tourists to Goa are working class Britons and Russians. A lot of the blame does rest on the shoulders of Indians, they will always defend the racist foreign tourists tooth and nail – They will always take their side and end up blaming other Indians somehow, it really makes me wonder what was even the point of India gaining independence in 1947 when this hierarchical colonial dynamic is allowed to flourish without scrutiny.

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