Tagged for the first time ever!

Me Tagged 😀

1. What is your passion?

Writing… Anything literally…

I do not want to sound like Mother Theresa becoz i’ve been told i do already but i love working for NGOs, teach small kids and help people in Old age homes…

2. Cinema and Politics?

Cinema : HOT!  Politics :  Passe! Though when we used to have only DD1 at home i used to watch those parlimentary sessions in action and enjoy it! 😉

3. One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term

Quality Living… I do not like it that its every(almost) professional’s dream to go ONsite… Been there, done that!

4. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Long term

I want to be famous, publish a book!

5. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term

Lose some weight! Ha naahh apart from that i want to get a job in writing!

6. One good thing you want to happen for this community of bloggers – Long term

I want people to meet, exchange views, help eachother out when and if one of us are in dire need!

7. A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here.

Shrinidhi is the only one i would dare comment about given that we go way back to 2006! I love his upright, straight to the face  nature…

8. Flirted?

I dont think so but i’ve been told i do it…

9. Loved?

Ohhh YES! Fallen in love literally n then rose 😀

10. A country you want to visit?

France! and the continent of Africa… All this is after i explore my own country to my hearts content!

11. Belief in God?

A strange relationship which is infused with faith and sprinkled with love…

12. One thing you would surely do to uplift this unfortunate country?

Become a polititian!

13. One secret about you.

I wrote a book when i was 13 but it never got out…

Once(2002) a monkey came to my place and when i tried to be friendly to it it came to attack me and i had to be saved by 2 friends… I’m shit scared of Monkeys ever since!

14. Adventure if any in life…
I have more of my adventures when i travel alone… I met my best boy fried when i went on a trip to Lahari resorts…
I wrote a letter to the CEO of Satyam and it got me into big time trouble
I wrote a post on lahari resorts on the Satyam blogs and it got the Satyam HR on me like hounds
I went to Pune on a whim on 30th Dec 2006 to be with ppl i had never met, got drunk for the first n last time in my life and had a fantastic time!
I bashed up 2 guys who tried to misbehave with girls.

Smruti if you havent taken the thread up already, You’re tagged 🙂


18 Responses

  1. great to read about you!!

  2. Wow, good to know about you.

  3. 🙂 wonderful.. ;).. nice.. we have a lot in common.. the social work part especially

  4. Adventurous !!!!

  5. Woooow… your adventures really gave me inferiority complex 😛 .. I must say this is one of the most frank Tagged posted on MoTA.. appreciate your spirit.. I hope your dreams of becoming a successful writer and politician come true.. keep writing!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  6. Ohho !! ur Adventures made my eyes wide !! 😀 .. what were the letters ?? and that HR bound wala case ???

    explain a bit more !! will be happy to read it :)..

  7. Oh was it yours review on Satyam outing at Lahari Resorts, I read long back….

    Ne ways you are open to comment about anyone you like…

    Nice 2 know you…

    Why is the craze of loosing weight catching up….

  8. @sanketrajawat
    is the letter i wrote to the CEO 🙂 and i got replies from him also… I got a call frm Resource pool head and the whole thing was good but nothing worked out…
    And like Pankaj said the Lahari thingie was the HR wala case…
    let me find the archive 🙂
    Yep it was me who wrote that 🙂
    And i’ve been around thin people for too long 🙂 Its not that im fat… its just that others are too thin incomparison

  9. @Vatsal
    I saw that your pic is that of Calvin – i’m a huge CnH fan… Infact my friend n i got together n got 30 T shirts printed with the Calvin and Hobbes strip – made sure it had awareness too… 🙂

    • Actually I used to read CnH from time to time in the papers but not such a huge fan 🙂 .. I kept that pic because the mischief and the sadist look on the face completely depict the way I am 😉 😀 .. dont worry.. I am good initially!

      Happy Blogging!!!

  10. Cool…… Nice to know about you……

  11. Hey..good to know a bindaas girl like you! Pune in 2006 was safer than a Pune of 2010 😛
    Politics? starting liking our ancestors 😛 and learn to swing places like them… 😀 good to know you..keep posting, girl!

  12. Hey good to know abt u. Tell me r u talking about the Citigroup outing in Lahari resort??? becuase i was also there.

  13. wow 🙂
    Direct Dil se Post ..just njoyd…
    Liked ur Bindaaas-giri 🙂

    keep writing nd rocking :)..

  14. @Savi
    Yea it was the citigroup outing in 2007 at lahari 🙂
    Waiting for your tag… 🙂

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