Results – Contest 55!

Hi Friends

I am happy to announce the results for the contest 55.

It looks like the judge had a tough time to analyze all the 29 entries and judge the good on among them, and in his own words he says – “After all nerve-scratching and hair-pulling, here are my final views.”

Will publish in the descending order :

#3. Latha Das (Masterpiece) – Well scripted story…Nice usage of word-patterns…conversational yet curiosity driven!

The entry of Latha Das, which won her the place!


He blindfolded her.

Embracing, led her through a trail.

She could sense the fragrance of pine, the insect’s buzz.

Her mind was questioning?

Then, gently he let her off…

Her eye caught an elegant house in a summer’s twilight, situated besides a tranquil lake, she had never seen …..

The award-winning artist’s wife exclaimed…Wow…. !!!!!

– Latha Das (Guest Writer)


#2. KK (Fleeting moment of Joy) – Creates drama in the setup and ending the story with a masterstroke. Brings out the best of emotions.

The entry of KK, which won her the place!

Fleeting moment of Joy…!

She wasn’t like this…but

When she could not and there was no way left.

She said, ‘Yes’ all arrangements done, she went there

She could not answer whom or what or why…?!

She said, “Sorry” and walked away, with a heavier mind

Than with what she came in…

She heard a small voice, “Ma..m…m…”



#1. Pankaj (Adieu) and Sanky (Colors) – Similar & relatively known yet good concept, nice setup and imbibed suspense…simple language and good flow to wrap up. More like Jeffrey Archers and O’ Henry!

The entry of Pankaj, which won him the place!


Tears rolled down his eyes as he sat

Watching his beloved end in ashes…

He questioned to himself

“Why was it destined to end this way?”

But like everything this too has to come to an end…..

Taking his last puff, he slowly bid adieu and said with a laugh…..

“Today I quit smoking …..”



The entry of Sanket, which won him the place!


‘I didn’t like the colour’, the newlywed wife said. ‘It doesn’t match with my bedroom.’
‘Quite darling, It’s a park ….. ‘
‘Shut up! , didn’t I tell you for magenta? ‘
‘All colours are equally beautiful! ‘a voice emerged.
They both looked in that direction.
A man with black glasses & red and white stick had just passed across.

– Sanky


A heart whelming thank you to all the participants…for the entries and their efforts. Please do keep visiting this Website for more exciting things as such these and keep writing for us…!

The other recommendable ones, which inspired the judge are :

-> Smruti (Link)

-> Lakshmi (Flame Extinguished)

-> Pankaj (Crazy)

-> Sanky (A Letter)

-> KK (Light)

Look forward for more conversations from the Judge…! 🙂


15 Responses

  1. Congratulations to the writers and the winners…….! 🙂

  2. Wow, My final entry did earn me a place in the Results….

    Felt elevated. Pass my regards to the Judge(s)

    • Congrates Pankaj 🙂 do write small fictions… i started loving them… if you find on one reading your tiny winy fiction… i will be the one who will not be tired of reading it.. hehehe i dislike fiction but loved 55fiction 🙂

      Thanks KK for taking this initiative… you are marvelous 🙂

      And congrates to all writers… and the winners 🙂

  3. ah.. Congrats winners…

  4. Congr888ssssss :D:D:D

  5. hey , I wasn’t even aware of this !!! 🙂 smruti told me about it !! many 10x !! for every body and my regards for judges !! 🙂

    felt happy when I saw it 😀 ….

    conrats to every one Though , this contest it self was so much thriilin that rather than takin part I was more intrested to read the stories !! 🙂 .. I still had 1 -2 more stories but .. due to time factor couldn’t post them, will post them as normal one now 🙂

    many 10q to every body !! 🙂

    • No Problem, Sanket…!
      You can post them as regular posts….! 🙂

    • Congrats to all…!! 😀

      A special congrats to sanket! I was watching out for his entry ‘colors’ – I had an intuition that it would do it.. 🙂

      • Many thanks Mr BJ !! 🙂 .. well actually this was the 1st story i had written for 55 fiction prior to my tribute to KK ji wali story !! .. but sm hw the limit exceeded 55 + , so I dropped it and planned for 1st time earlier .. 😀 …

        thanks to every body infact eho made my day better , I will say its was a POST birthday gift to me 😉

  6. Thank you Mota family, for accepting and acknowledging my posts!
    I felt elated after winning a place in this contest!
    Congratulations to all the winners and regards to the judge!

  7. Congrats to all !
    55…that was easy..wasnt it? ‘Ex-flame’ by me did it again after…15 years!!!!
    The story line won a II prize at Indian Express, Pune… 🙂

  8. Congratulations to all the participants!!!

  9. Congratulations to all the writers!!!

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