When Chetan met Chetan ! :-)

Prior to make an assumption , just wanted to clarify that ths is no sequel to the movie Kartik calling kartik ! 😉 , Its just an old post which I picked up from xpert blog ( in satyam which I had written long back , say around sept 08 ) , while reading all those blogs  today It just reminded me of the nick name Mota family has given to me !! J Chetan J , thank you all !!   

 Here it goes — >


It is not very often you meet a celebrity. but when you meet one…. you never forget that incident for a long life … same happened with my case when I met one of the most talented and connect-to-reader kind of author present in our country… Mr Chetan bhagat. .. yes the same Person whose first book ” 5 point someone ” changed The writing skills of contemporary writers and 2nd book ” 1 Night @ call centre ” is already going to get presented in the form of A film Recently his 3rd book is also out…. but I when met him ,his 3rd book was not yet published… let me go back few months back.. say in March 2008 …

I Was waiting for my flight to Take off somewhere near 1P.m. on the same day ,as I Was on a leave for the next week onwards.. unavailability of train tkts had made me look for a cheaper flight rate option via chn à mumbaI à indore …… busy with all the formalities and check  and luggage check I took a cup of cold coffee and sat on the sofa in the airport lounge…. sipping the coffee….. and flipping The pages of my FAVOURITE Author “ Dan brown ‘s ” DIGITAL FORTRESS ‘ ..

I turned my head for Some better view and for a change in the monotonous Reading .. I saw one calm headed person…siting in 3 front rows ahead of me .. looking at the side view of the person’s face I couldn’t find out who he was….but the crowd surrounding him and exclaimations on his neighbour’s face made me a have a look At The person again… I stood up.. started taking a casual walk ( pretending that I  am just passing by  my looking at that Person has nothing to do with my walk) . when I came close to him I glanced at the person’s face…. it looked very much familiar…in his glasses and a 2 day trimmed beard were making his look very familiar…..tried to recollect my memories.. where have I  seen this person??? ( for sure we have not met earlier.. ) .. is he a film star or a sport star… ??? nope… else he would have been surrounded by BODY GUARDS. and Lots of fans…. but why then I am Looking to a stranger… ?? who is he ??? Lots of thought prevailing in my mind…. when some one called him  ” Mr Chetan…So you have your third novel ready as well ” !!

Oh.. Chetan…. 3rd novel..is he that famous Chetan bhagat ? oh yes.. the person looks familiar to photos on his books…..I asked myself…. but how is that…. possible ?? I mean .. he is not exactly like his photos…
Now to tell you ,identifying a person whom you have just seen in photo and than in reality are 2 absolutely different phenomenon.. … in photos on the book… you find him sitting on a chair with blue t-shirt on. along with A grown beard…here he was a person with.. grey suit and matching trouser.. with a lesser trimmed beard…. any way after identifying him…I recoiled with a little joy…excitement  (as now I was going to Be a Star among my friend circle… 😀 .. it made him look at me.. he smiled in Response… and continue with his group of friends…

I kept on looking At him….when he Was lil free.., I went to him ….. I asked … ” hi!! Are you Chetan Bhagat.. ?? ” (isn’t This stupidity…. asking a celebrity as such as if he himsef is actual or his dummy…. ).. understanding my anticipation.. he replied… ” well.. no Actually I am his look alike…” and smiled…..I understood and asked politely ” Can I sit next to you ?? “,
 ” sure… plz take the seat… “was his polite Response… I robotically took the chair…
” So you going somewhere…??? ” he asked ..

“yeah me going to my home. .for a Vacation..”

” ok what do you do…” ..
” me ? I am s/w Engineer ” I Said with proud… ..

” yeah hottest work these Days… ”

 To flatter him I Said… ” I am great Fan of yours.. “… he just glanced at the book present in my hand ( oops Dan brown….. I regreted..  and he too sensed it , I suppose ) ..” Well he is also a good author…

“…yes.. but your writing style is also very unique ,I said in order to Defend my stmt.. ..” So what do u like in it..” he asked ,

“ your style of writing is very much close to young people… they can easily connect to it… “..

” oh it means.. .. you people still Consider me young ” he said and than We both laughed…

” well one thing… I want to ask you Sir.. ”

 ” call Me Chetan.. ”

yeah “; ( but in My mind I hesitated   to call him by his name ;, so I avoided any such question ).. :so where r u heading.. ”

“to chadigarh , for A Seminar ”

“ . ok… well 1 question… ( this time I didn’t said him Sir.. ) . you start your story always with you being as one of The character.. the narrator as Well in 5 Pt. , in 1 night .. are you going to continue the same spirit in your next book.. hey BTW when is your next book… ” I asked 2 questions in eager..

” well this year only.. its under publication.. yeah sorry this time also I have followed a similar concept.. but will take care in future… “…

well often you want to meet a celebrity but… when you face him…you don’t have words to speak up.. same was the Case with me..I Thought it is better to Leave now.. rather than Disturb him.. I said..” I am very happy to meet you.. .. plz continue to write The best books we have…

“ sure… . “

“time for me to Leave..” I Said… “I hope I wasn’t a bore..”..

No .. I hope I wasn’t… he said and I smiled J …. asked for autograph.. he smilingly gave it to me… and than I turned back…… after going Some 10 mtrs… I turned back… he was still watching me…. ” what mr Chetan bhagat… are you looking At some story among THis conversation ?? can I be your hero of next book ?? I thought  ,

he just waved ahead… and I replied back in the same way… and continued for my security check-in

People might be imagining why I posted this blog in september.. when I met him in March.. !! well the aqnswer is.. yesterday I finished his 3rd Book .. “  3 mistakes of my life.. ” and I found it as intresting As the previous 2 ones… well my meeting lasted with him only for 5 min..( Or even less ) .. but that 5 min were most impressionable moments Of my life… creating an imapct again And again with his books is I think quality of Chetan Bhagat…

wishing him all success in future,..i’ll close my chapter


———————————— x –x- x-x-x-x-x-x-x-xx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x——————–

Note : By this time even his fourth book has been published and I have read that as well !! and enjoyed it Thoroughly

Hats Off again



7 Responses

  1. i couldnt resist from leaving a commnet . i was a fan of his first book and then they became predictible(for me)


    n since you mentioned reading Dan Brown(of whom im still a huge fan) here goes something similar: http://www.columbia.edu/~ip71/fun/danbrown.html

  2. He he he……..I have read this on Xpert blog…! 🙂

    Nice one….if I remember you even told me about it…! 🙂

  3. Yeaaa i rem 😀 God i think i’m being redundant 😛

  4. Hello Anu, i echo the same and i have seen that link u put up here a while ago.. was fun 🙂

    Thanks Sanky for putting this up and glad you enjoy his work

  5. hey sanket….
    I rem this blog of urs on Xpert blog 🙂
    At that time also i was a bigggg fan of Chetan Bhagat and today aslo I am 🙂 so I njoyed reading it again…
    Hope someday I also get his autogrph 🙂
    and now as u r nick named as MoTA ‘s CB ..jaldi se apni novel publish kar and signed FREE copy hume de 😉
    njoyy writing… nd must say..u r lucky..u alwayz meet hi-fi people everywhere..smtimes CB ..smtimes Chiru…wah re wah !!!

    • sure madam.. 🙂 will work on that very soon !! 🙂 and definately will provide u FREE copy 😀 ..

      m thanks to all of you who gave me such sweet nick name 🙂

  6. oh.. i am reading this for the first time.. Oh lucky you !!!

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