No IT , It is Renewable Energy Now

The other day my madam told me ‘If you are done with your presentation, Let’s go to CCD’, I smiled, okay!! Thinking about the chocolate walnut brownie, I shut down my PC.

She was shocked to see my quick reaction and told ,’ Have you taken the new document which I gave you in the morning??’ , I surprisingly asked ‘ ma’m, we are going to CCD na!! , so..’ , She laughed and told me…’ohh I forgot you are from IT ..soo CCD means Café Cofee day ..but dear now you are in Solar Energy field..soo CCD here is Climate Change Department..we are going there for our new project work!!! ‘


So.. Here I am in a totally new and different field than IT – The field of renewable energy/solar energy..

Though the corporate office layouts and designs are now approaching Government departments and agency and also IT is getting involved in all the main procedures slowly, still there exist many differences …

This field has its own charm but it’s human nature to ‘compare’ things /situations/people and environment..!! So here I go…

Everyday we get tea from ‘Kitli’ instead of the tasteless chai of wending machines , the tea everyday comes with human errors like sometimes with less sugar or lesser milk and so having discussion over the taste has become our everyday routine..

The biggest difference is here we have to deal with people most of the time instead of those 19” non-sensitive screens, and that’s something amazing about this field.

At the same time maintaining all documents on paper and filing them everyday is something tedious when we are habituated of saving data on server and using them.

Here we can directly meet our higher authorities for any problem or concerns and they treat us very well where as we still dint get any chance to meet Mr.Raju and ask him why he did such a in-human ( or can say typically human) vala act ..!!!!!

Now the very drastic difference comes at the time of pet-pooja –> when I was in IT as I was away from home, so from morning breakfast to the dinner at night ‘ what to eat?’ was the biggest question and then everyday discussions on Menu , new hotels in the area ,taking coupon , waiting in a queue , discussing a lot many bugs and website development problems on lunch table and doing a lot of fun in the sophisticated STC canteen were the fun factors whereas here we all come with lunch boxes and home made /mom made food and no tensions on foodie factors ..

The terms .NET , JAVA , SQL , links , DBA , PM and bugs are almost rare to hear now , instead Solar , wind , PPA , SPV are some of the new addition in day to day vocab.

Staring at the Solar panel or a wind mill , looking at the good graph of unit generation in the control room , smile automatically comes to my face with a little sign of pride because of the fact that I am contributing in my own way in the green-energy field , this smile of work satisfaction was somewhere missing may be because I was at the right place at wrong time previously , and the only reason to smile was that I was with the right set of people who made my each day memorable at Hyderabad.

I feel lucky as whatever little knowledge I have gained in IT during the wonderful training days is being utilized over here as I am in a team of energy-portal websites development of our organization.

Yes I miss my friends of Hyderabad everyday and my many posts are dedicated to them but as life moves on, today I am at my home and working for my field of interest with His blessings.

Before ending the post would like to mention the funny incident happened today, one visitor came and inquired about one of the staff members in the Solar Cooker department in innocent way “ arey!! Wo cookerme the wo kaha hai abhi??”

That’s all about me being out of IT and still everyday working and remembering IT along with the new work and job profile .. 🙂


12 Responses

  1. Hi! It is a such a wonderful write and experience. Well penned , I must say.

    Here is a typo error: So.. Here I am in a totally new and different filed than IT – The filed of renewable energy/solar energy..

    I guess you mistyped the word: field as filed.

    Hope you enjoy your work as much as I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Heyy must say “aapki Parkhi nazar…’ hehe 😉 just kidding… typo error corrected 🙂 thanks 🙂

    and Thanks that you liked my post…and yes as of now am njoying my work..hoping best for the future as well 😀

  3. Aur Nirma Super 😛

    in response to Aapki Parkhi Nazar 😀

  4. hahah.. similar things are happening here with me when I am on my temporary vacation away from IT world.. we have almost forgotten about the performance metrics and worklogs and they have been replaced by assignments and presentations!

    Happy Blogging!!!

    • hahah…I think you are fully busy busy with all the assignments in your CHN CLG… 😉
      and you will experience another change whn you will join another job after MBA…good luck for that too 🙂

  5. Great!! 😀 I always loved the Green Field.. 🙂 Hope I too shall join someday!

  6. Oh cool !!! … it must be a fantastic change to the mind !!! Good luck !!!

  7. Go Green without IT …

    • Nope..IT will be requred thats the deamad of the era….
      so m very happy to be associated with IT directly or indirectly 😀

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