My poems are going to get my own voice-first radio recording!!

There are times where unexpectedly destiny bestows you with great surprises. last Thursday, on 9th September , we had an event in Ahmedabad , where we had to present planning for the year 2010-11 ‘s activities for our BURD program (Bal Urja Rakshak Dal) ,yes the same program for which I am contributing in website development. ( ) , still lot more to do in this , but so far 1820 schools have registered through on-line registration portal.

On that day I had my presentation for the same web site and about the guidelines for registration. As my presentation was last, as and when I got time , I wrote certain lines and then in the break time, I was ready with 2 poems –short poems related to energy conservation and global warming.

I used those poems at the start and at the end of my presentation. All my office heads liked them very much. And then after the program got over, I got to know from our mass communication officer that my poems will be broadcast through our radio campaign for spreading awareness about energy conservation. And luckily all 5 radio channels ‘ Gujarat representatives were right there at the program , so they also liked the work and our Mass com head told me that If I can record them in my voice.

I was pleasantly shocked… I said yes I will !!!..

So,today I am going to the radio station ..for the first time..

I am pretty excited and also anxious a li’l bit…It’s the same feeling which I had when I first went on stage for my debate competition ..or for anchoring…or when I  post my blog for the first time..

I will write about my experience once the recording is done..Hopefully all should go well…

Need your wishes..


16 Responses

  1. Gr8 going.. all the very best.. 🙂 Cheers Afs

  2. Al the best, kid!

    The best lines are yet to be written…keep walking and conquering greater heights! 🙂

  3. Whoa… thats cool !!!! …

  4. That’s fantastic… hey let me know the station number… will catch u there 🙂

    And all the best… this is something new i came to know that you use poems at start n end of presentation 🙂 very nice…

    • yes I will tell u the station number but di it’s for Guj state will do one thing..I will send u my recordings as soon as I get them 😀
      and yeah that’s my habit to start and end any tech or non-tech presentation with something in hindi/gujarati ..depending on audience .. 🙂
      strange na…??? 😉

  5. Great ..!! 🙂 All the best ..

  6. Congrats!! Wish you get everything you deserve at the right time and the right spirit ! 🙂

  7. Congratulation….. Nothing like being recognised for things you are and you like most 🙂

    Congratulations once again.

  8. Humari mota ki ladki star ban gyi !! ::)) kaisi hai start humari 😀

  9. Sanket… jyada khinchai mat kar tu…
    wo bhi purani purani posts nikal k….


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