Done with my radio recording and just came back to office with lots of great memories and one goodie –bag by 94.3 My FM-‘Jiyo Dil Se’ …
Now this recording will be given to all the 5 radio channels and they will broadcast it during their slots, everyday for almost one year.
Tomorrow I will be getting CD of the same with some music addition.
Now coming to my experience about the whole day..
Hmmm..What to say..I was pretty excited..Reached to the “Bhaskar House” (Divya Bhaskar publications’ office) with my two ma’ams ,where the person who is handling all sales and PR department came to receive us..
When you enter the building , first you see is the Indian map where the entire Divya Bhaskar network was marked. Then we headed towards the 3rd floor at My FM office, as expected the entry was having various posters and tag line ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ was written on all very nice colorful ambience.
We met the regional head and he explained us about various new things in Radio and how FM is having high impact in today’s world.
Then we were taken on quick tour of the whole radio station and they explained all technical stuff about radio broadcast. We saw the ‘on-air’ room , from where the RJ was doing the Live show. Then we went to the recording studio , where we met the head of that studio.
Woooooooohh!! Then the real show begun , I started recording the poem with that big mike and putting headphone ..

First 2-3 takes were not so good as I think I got li’l conscious and also to talk with all the emotions and that too in front of instruments and not people were li’l strange for me..but with lots of patience the sir over there helped me and then after 5-6 takes was done with my first poem which was on a serious note.
The second poem was on a lighter side , so I managed to do it well soon. It was a really funny situation to hear your own voice after recording is done.
After the recordings , they gave all of us one gift-hamper kinda bag with DVDs and key-chain and most importantly Ganeshji-idol of SidhhiVinayak .
When I am writing this constantly I am smiling…It’s the same feeling which I had when I first time met sachin tendulkar or I got admission into Nirma …
I may sound over-enthu or over –excited in this post ..the
reason may be is that I got this opportunity totally unexpectedly ..
Whatever it is..I am happy…and I am enjoying every moment !!!!
Waiting for tomorrow, when I will be getting my poems with music 😀


23 Responses

  1. Awesome… Congrats… Do upload so we can also listen to it please

  2. Thank you 🙂 🙂
    Ya i will upload it..but it’s in I am associated with Govt. of Gujarat ..

  3. uplooaaadddddddddddddddddd 😀

  4. Hey, i have been on rainbow fm too.. so much mazaa :).. proudest moment.. i told about my ngo and all then !!

  5. :).. Not now.. It is your moment.. Enjoy it!! 🙂

    • hey..It was sadly just ‘my’ moment untill I celebrated my happiness with all of you and trust me the happniess multiplid after MoTA parivar’s support and motivation….now its our moment .. 😀
      soo…chalo chalo…write soon…and upload the link soon 😀

  6. Great good luck……! 🙂

  7. Hehe..Sure 😀

  8. Whoa.. that must have been one helluva experience !!!

    Cool .. and congrats !!!

  9. Thats coool……… 🙂 I wish they should sign more than a year contract from u 😉 hehehe
    why dont u share ur poems with us… just to get that feel 🙂

    • hehehe…if our department likes then yeah contract can be extended.. 🙂
      and my 4 liner poems are in Gujju..
      so what I was thinking is to translate in hindi and as many MoTA ppl cant read hindi ..I will write it in english-hindi..
      i dont knw how my poems will sound after so many lingo transitions ..ehhehehe

  10. Congrats 🙂 …

  11. Hey Smruti
    Congrats for the new happening in life…and great to be associated with you…
    Do well.

  12. FAntasticccccc !!! 🙂

    congrats on your new look and pic 😛

    keep progressing !! 🙂 .. BTW.. do u have any link or paper cutting / ofc article ?? please share it with me If psbl 🙂

    feeling happy for you.. If I am so exicted .. how mch u would be 🙂

  13. hey thank u sanket 😀
    yupp…me too happy..
    as my parents are really very happy..and so unkko dekh k aur achha lag raha hai… 🙂
    and as these poems are in Gujju..mene mere blog me post kiyah ai..and tuje link bhi bheji hai yarr kabse…do check it 🙂

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