I Am a Hacker !!!! :-P

hmm…. Let me think about the world from my point of view …..People have a negative image about me and A different thinking about me !!they think That I am the person who has a bunch of Laptops and computers in my room ,I Am surrounded by lot many screens who are going to display digitally moving arbit numbers.every time , I have to do some thing .. or the other close to the coomputer systems… blah blah blahh …. well to some extent its true.. and not thier fault also

.but to tell u the truth .. I am just an ordinary person. In fact if u sit besides me .. u won’t even identify me also that what rolesI can play with your PC !! ..I will just eat a pack of sandwich….surf the internet like you do..the only difference being I will know the root of the person pinging and buzzing me !! 🙂 .. which i am sure u won’t even think about it.. People think that I am just a computer jerk and has to do nothing with the Study and literacy system of INDIA .. but to tell u the fact .. computer hacking involves a lot of Reading..have u ever thought once even chatting or mail frwding .. what is the source of this mail ?? u don’t know the source.. but that is the diffrence betwee me and  u; :).. I  will operate on some softwares and will let u know the History , ramayan and mahabharath of that PC.. that account .. and that HDD

At Present I am loggin on to a bank Site and just trying to figure it out how much money does a Particular bank account has.. OMG.. !!!! this peson who is having A clean cut image in society is having so much of BANK balance and wait .. just have a look at the sources.. money Coming from _ _ _ _ _ !..oops MAFIA and going To SWISS account no _ _ _ _ _ _ !!  …better I logg off just now.. as I am close to my time limiti have to be Extra careful else my community cousins ..( other IP experts like me ) will be going to track me down and will follow the same route which generally I use  ;)..and I will be landed up in jail !!

Now u must be thinking that my next step is that i will transfer some money in my account from its REPUTED customer !! .. but The answer is  ” NO ” …I am hacker man .. i am not A Cracker.. !! there is slight confusion which Still prevails in the mind of people regarding me and my EVIL sibling !! a hacker’s aim is just to enter any restricted area ;( may be For fun , may be for challenge , may be for any other activity ) But the ‘AIM’ is HARMLESS and CRIME LESS .. !! whereas my spoiled EVIl sibling will not only enter that area..but Also will use it for his / her own benefit.. ( it may even break the laws as Well ).. and will not just come out.. but he will also destroy the domain as well .. in order to protect himself from tracking back.. you must be thinking about a -ive image about me till now .. but u don’t knwo.. ” < are apni bhi respect hai bhai “.. u knwo. many a times call from police in order to check out the various cyber crimes which are happening every day in bunch of packets.. some one sends a mail to president just for fun.. an i  have to undergo sleep less nights.. to  know who is he… from where this mail came etc etc..and to which loc does this belong.. is he from al -qaeida .. / hizbul mujahideen etc etc.. !! and the result is a naive person .. who has just started to use internet.. and wants to check his abilities of fun.. it is just like a kid who has just seen a telephone and he calls 101 / 102 often…!!;man .. i am Fed up..!!  but the amount of money which i take home is a hefty packet which i am sure people even in IT  dept also won’t take it as a salary..

apart From it.. !! ( tring tring .. My phone is ringing ) …. hey .. just .jsut wait. I am getting a call !!

  “hello .. yeah .. it is me.. what.. yeah.. hmm ok .. ok.. fine.. so whn do u expect me to come thr ?? ”
RIGHT NOW !!!!.. uuu ;must be nuts.. i can’t come rit…!! It is  3. A.M in night…what ??? hw much ?? .eh,,ohh. ok .. ok.. If that’s the price.. i willbe thr in 15 min   “P

wait .wait.. I Am commmminggggggggggggg !!!!!! .. don’t ask some one else PLZZZZZZZ !!!!

Sorry FOLKScan’t continue my story rit now..i will be bk later..;i have to rush to micorsoft office just now.. .they have started to work on some new operating system after WINDOWS VISTA… !!and they have asked me to HACK their OS in front of them for all the Available loop holes.. !! and the amount of perk they have offered me is … aha. no no no. !! 🙂 .. can’t tell youuu.. !!:D.. after all HACKERs also have some secrets yaar ;0




7 Responses

  1. When is this dream of yours coming true?! 🙂

  2. 🙂 ..

    BTW its a re-post from xpert blog !! wwritten jsut before the xpert site was blocked !! 🙂

    Reg dream :- who knows ! 😉 wether its a dream .. or .. or .. or , or … !! 😛

  3. haan muje wohi laga ki mene ye kahi padha hai…

    🙂 nice post..and waiting for the next part of it 🙂

    and oohhh Dream or..or…or…or… !!!???? is it???

    hmmm…then gr88 we have a hacker in MoTA .. 😉

  4. hey dude didnt know my friend is sooooo talented.. I also want to learn this art man.. will surely read some stuff when i get some time!!

    one of my friends has a problem.. he saved his gmail id pw on the laptop long back and never entered them later on.. now he has forgotted the pw and also the security questions… any idea how can i get his password back?

    Happy Blocking… oops… Blogging!!! 😉

    • he can recover it if he has saved it in his browser.

      goto tools>>

      (this is in firefox.. will be similar in other browsers)

  5. you hacker hahahhahaha lol see my site and see my all hacker freindz hahahah lolz……………………..

  6. ya.. i like this,
    dude u a bindaas person.. i slute u!!!!!!!

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