‘J’ for…

It is an on-going festive season becoming bigger in many ways with the passing of every month… So much to be done in so less time… Spring cleaning brings us to our dear old spiders…

Coincidentally, browsing through the Times Business section, I came across this quote, ‘Like a spider’s web, be flexible and future-ready’ by Mr Anand Mahindra, V-C and M.D. Mahindra Group; one of my favorites among ‘Personalities’. It was to do with the business and the need to be future-ready for new challenges… It was a good piece to read and adapt wherever, however! How could I adapt? Let me see…

A spider to start with is a loner. It doesn’t wait to be told. A spider works start to finish. There is no tomorrow or later for it. It makes its web from the only source it has- its saliva. It understands the need to survive…. Once the web is done it waits for the prey. There is no last moment rush and hitch. And the best of all, it has loads of patience and perseverance … Heard of King Bruce?

 We know there is spring-cleaning to be done; we wait till the day before the festival. We know we are going out for a holiday, we chant the typical ho jayega…karlenge; kal sochte hai; or worse is to say kal pucca… We note the bills to be paid; but there is quite sometime; and the fine accompanies the actual amount due. We know we have a huge sports event coming up; 4 years was equal to four days in getting things done…… the list is endless and more severe!

Many of us don’t want to learn from our lessons. Be it personal or professional, most of the time our work-style depicts one more characteristic of Indian-ness… doing the Jugaad !

 There ought to be another way; a better one…is there?



6 Responses

  1. Planning! That’s another way! Not giving up in our endeavours. If you read Malcolm, you will learn more. Make work your passion. 🙂

  2. Setting Realistic Goals…is the foremost step.

    We all know, we need to be trim and fit not physically but mentally to keep the years ticking…but when it gets really unrealistic we want to turn the hands of the clock quicker than it could or can…!

    That’s where we slip in…and procrastinate…! 🙂

  3. J for Jugaad … Jalsa… Jo hoga dekha jayega….
    and we missed out J for Jimmedari/Zimmedari 🙂

    I guess I understood ur post correctly ma’am 🙂

  4. Thank you ladies…but we really need a quick-fix solution to start with….

  5. i guess we indians always look for short cuts in life rather then following a process and getting things done as law abiding citizens…

    the other day, my colleague asked a cab driver to give bill for 20 Euros instead of making it for 5 (to claim from his employer) but the guy refused openly and said, will split up the bill for 2.5 each but will not cheat with his profession….irrespective of the extra 5 Euro bribe offered by my JUGAADU friend….

    so i guess its the honesty of the people that keeps them 1 step ahead of us always….so i believe no matter from where v start…it must be an honest attempt…kind of non jugaadu…only then v guys can avoid shortcuts…

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