Money matters…

Absent-minded professor…; Bulakkad… there are  many nick-names. And there are many stories about money- matters.

Rinsing or giving clothes for dry-wash with currency-notes in the pockets is the commonest anecdote in families.

My dad had kept a wad of notes under his pillow when he was on a tour. He forgot to pick it up while packing back home… a real heartening tip for the bell-boy!

While cleaning out his table, a colleague of mine tore-up the cheque he received from a client…Writing on the white space of the currency-note is a familiar characteristic of many of us. One Business Development colleague wrote the details of a ‘lead’ on a note and off it went in one of his payments elsewhere…

Last week, my ESOL student of the noon-batch paid her fees for my class. 4 super notes of One Thousand Rupees each. I held it in my hand and that was the last I remember of it…

….Next morning, after I was done with Sayali and Nilay’s ESL class, I slumped down to pick up the Newspaper…now what’s the latest buzz? Nothing very eventful, I thought. Little did I know I would be utterly-butterly wrong!!!

Shabnam my maid came in to do the washing up…Sukshma was in her room studying for the Semester Finals…  Generally a quiet and ‘to-herself-sort of’ Shabnam came up from the washing holding a wet Thousand rupee note and asked me, “Is this a fake note?”

I peered out from my ‘paper and muttered lazily, “No…what?……oye! No-No-No-No!!!”… and what followed was total chaos digging the rest 3 notes out of the garbage…….

I had dumped the fees in the garbage along with some unimportant letters I received the previous afternoon!

What was that… ‘God Proposes; Man disposes…’



10 Responses

  1. Oh my god!

    Thankfully you found the money! 🙂 !

    For the love of paper rockets, I made a rocket of hundred rupee note once. :P!!

  2. Ohhh Gosh… but how Shabnam came to know that note is fake???

  3. Money is a headache, and money is the cure. ~Everett Mámor

  4. A good iron would have helped. But not with a 1000 rs sadly….

  5. Nice casual writing style… !!!

  6. This is a parody with lots of us here……..! 🙂

    Well, I have done more than forgetting it and throwing of…I dropped a 100 rupee not in the gutter…when I was in 5th std….similarly tore a 100 rupee note into pieces when I was a kid of 3 years….when it could have brought a whole gamut of things for the household.

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