Insensitivity at its best…

 Temples are one of those places where you just want to maintain silence of the mind especially… That was not to be! Leave alone the mind few people don’t want to keep silent! I suppose, if they don’t speak for fifteen minutes they are scared they will forget their speech! …Sukshma and I went to the Sri Balaji temple here the other evening. I thought only we ladies jabber; but there was this trio old men… constantly guffawing like they were on a picnic, while the prayer was on. In spite of Sukshma requesting them to keep it low at least, there was no respite from it!

… There is this old Hindi song which goes …“ sukh mey sab saathi; dukh mey na koi..” The other day I got a call from one of my ex-colleague about the sudden demise of our ex-boss’s brother.. it was an immediate thought that I will go and visit our ex-boss.. She said she would accompany me…when I texted my other ex-colleagues of my plan, it was an immediate yes … In a matter of few minutes, I received a text from her that she couldn’t make it. The next minute, another colleague who had decided the point of joining us, called that he is down with very high fever and the doc has told him not to risk it…???!!!… Plans were given up! Why? …I accept the allegation that my ex-colleagues quit our boss with a bitter spirit… to an extent I too experienced the same as them. There is a limit where I say, ” Ok benefit of doubt; they may be genuinely busy…”. Some where a corner of my mind jerked me to think… – why stoop so low to an extent that folks hold a grudge against you….. why stoop so low that you hold grudges against people even during death in their family… Dearie! even the Lord reaches out to you despite all your misdeeds-whatsoever!

The worst is yet to come… As planned, Savita and I attended the Prayer Meeting the next day. Due respect to the elders, the learned and all the attendees who were present there. But I must say, there was so much insensitivity among them. It was a brash way of conducting oneself. … there was a hurried ‘namaste’ or a brush of fingers; a quick hug- no time to hold the hand of those in grief…

 As soon as they declared the close of the Meeting, there was a rush to offer flowers to the departed soul.. no dignified queue was formed!!! While Silence had to be maintained there was one of them yaaaawning aloud! Not once he went on and on and on… The less said about Cell-phones ringing, the better! The worst is when we stood for a Minute-Silence, one of them was so insensitive to burp aloud and audibly let out gas…..!!!

 Tch-tch-tch!… We call them educated?!…..…whatever!

Peace be with the family  in grief and the departed soul.



11 Responses

  1. Holding grudges means ‘isn’t it not letting go the past & bitter experiences?’
    I feel one should make peace with his/her past 🙂

  2. Insensitivity is a part of our lives from the evolution times…only the difference is in today’s world, where one wants to run over another….it is so evident…! 🙂

  3. Losing or making adjustments with some one without in our lives has become our own tragedies that is not to aware of unless we lose one of our closest….!

    That’s how people are…otherwise they discuss over it!

  4. need n’t go thru pain to undrstand it…there’s something called empathy and that’s not taught, is it? It’s a personal value of its own…

    • Empathy…what’s that…? People don’t do that with their own kith and kin…. how about asking them to show it people they move and work with…!?


  6. We all notice such things on daily basis and the list can beat even the biggest of the encyclopedias on earth.. the inhumanities of humans are simply an awesome paradox…

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