Hello Roger(s) !! back to the base …

Roger … the first name which comes to your mind is roger federer … !! and why not , he is an icon as well.. I always wanted to be like him.but I know I can’t be.but just 3 days back , one thing happened that made  me common to this master player , it was a situation to go back to their motherland !! yes you guessed it right … !! I will be returning to the mother land India soon .. !! I have  mixed feelings as of now  🙂 😕 , 😦  !!

Its Jan End and the australian open  is going on .. Just 3 days back Roger federer lost the match in the semi finals of Austrlalian open ..( who on earth would have thought of that !! ) tickets for  finals  were bought by the people who wanted to see roger federer match… alas they would have been disappointed now .. !! his reign ended and he is back to his home… And coming to 2nd roger  that is me .!!

3 days back … i.e. the same day when roger was palying his semis , I was told by my manager reg the relocation movement of mine Back to India the reason explained to me was simple 3 liners ”
– we have seen a high attrition in past , and are lack of knowledgable  resources @ offshore
– you need to build a team @ offshore now
-hence we are planning to Make resource movement of yours to india for few months , And you will be back may be in near future. !!!

I was Shocked , stumbled , stunned and also happily surprised . shocked and Stumbled not because i was going back .. but the committment given to me was for around another 6 – 8 months , so wrapping up 6 months in next 2 months is a bit tricky task,

Happiliy surprised as : had my manager NOt spoken to me for another couple of months , I would have asked for a leave some where in April ( now no more money expenditures for international tickets 😉 , its compan’s responsibiliy to send me back           😀 )

However controlling all my emotions , I discussed my future plans and managment plans for me .Nodded yes , As I too wanted a break for some personal reasons  + a lot of family responsibilites which require to be finished , and My parents need me @ that point of moment !! I nodded yes , manager said that he is very much impressed by my positive attitude and blah blah etc etc.. also I need to improvise few thigns before I come back etc etc… which left my right ear as good as they entered from my left ear   😛

SO the moral of the Story is that this ROGER Is returning to the base .. I repeat ROGER RETUN TO THE BASE , Alpha command over.. the movment may take couple of months to few more days..I am having a mixed feeling at this moment , AS I wanted to pursue some more objectives and this assigment at onsite was reeally helping me to grow and enhance,however this will now be at a halt , so I am a bit sad !  😦  .. I met so lvoely people here and few really good friends… I learnt the importance of time and work culture, how to utilize your 9 hours extremly efficiently !!

But at the same time , I am happy that i will meet my family after a long time , friends after a long time .. All my friends are getting married this feb ( atleast 5 of them ) and I will miss their wedding ceremony by a couple of months !! Also I wanted to meet all my blogger friends , but only few are left in hyd now .. any ways we can always have a re-union ( like me , hashir , savita & shafat  had in last feb ) …. also I will be able to finish some family matters this time , my parents also need my support !!

Have told my friends and they are already ready with their demands ( of coins , currency etc , funniest one are my  old hyd  roomies : they have demanded  1  i – phone each ( otherwise they won’t allow me to enter in their home 😉 , also they will give me an invalid address , so no chance to attack on them once i land back from air port )

Currently I am just enjoying the full melbourne tour !! to 100 % extent …

So sigining off at this moment .. but will write the latest update soon 🙂 😕 😦


Roger… err .. Sanky 😉




2 Responses

  1. Welcome Home 🙂

    There was a typo :lovely you misspelt :D:D

    Else, very nice..Btw, you coming to hyd?

  2. yes divenita ji !! thank for the warmmmmm welcome !! :)) … yeah I wil be coming to hyd , m not ure but believe u too are in hyd only .. rit …?? if that is the case .., would ssurely like to meet you ….. 🙂
    C ya 🙂

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