RED!!! – A Ficton

Red was the color. In the dark night, under the lights of lantern all could be seen was blood flowing like rivers.Chaos everywhere, the villagers were shouting to chase the thing away. They really didn’t had a faintest bit of idea what it was, they also didn’t know whether it was single or a herd. A hoarse voice shouted at the villagers to get gathered around the banyan tree where the village panchayat held its discussion. When all of them gathered around the tree, the village sarpanch climbed onto the cement pandal made around the tree and addressed the gathering. Once he started to talk all the hush hush died down and there was silence. Everyone were attentively listening to what he was speaking. All sobs and cries had died down. The village sarpanch was “Jagmohan”, father of “SuryaMohan” the village retail shop owner. Jagmohan was 70 years old wise man. He was the only man in that village who had the distinction of working in a city for a period of 5 years before settling down. Thus he was considered to be someone who has seen the world and had worldly knowledge.

Jagmohan started by greeting “Ramprakash”. Ramprakash was the villages cycle repair guy. He had suffered the maximum loss. He had lost his two buffaloes and one ox, in this raid of that mysterious being. He tried to soothe Ramprakash. Jagmohan then addressed to everyone and said

“This raid has now become quite common. It is now thrice in a row in a span of 2 weeks that this creature has created havoc. We had thought that this creature only attacked our domestic animals, but this time it has proven that it can attack any living being. We did see how Sharda could have well lost her leg if she would not have fledged that ill fated grazing ground. We are now confirmed that these attacks only happen in the mid of the night. We have to something to stop this non God fearing creature. I was discussing with the village vet “Ramesh Babu” to figure out whether these attacks resemble any of the wild animal attacks like Lion/Tiger/Wolf/Bear etc. Ramesh Babu being a kind man took time out of his busy schedule and verified all the attacks prior and said that these attacks does not resemble any of them. Thus we do not have any clue what it is and what it wants. I have spoken with Ranger Babu and he has promised to assign two constables. Now we have to schedule a concrete plan to combat this terror. I would request all of you to retreat to your homes, think of some plans and lets meet at 11.30 am tomorrow to discuss and finalize the plan”

After his speech was complete, the villagers started moving to their respective houses. Sobs and cries started as they moved to their homes. Jagmohan walked with the Vet and his son to the scene where the carcasses lied abandoned, to get the field cleared….

********* TO BE CONTINUED ************

🙂 🙂 🙂

PS : My attempt to write a fiction. Hope It’s read worthy…..



7 Responses

  1. First read it sounded as a Night Shyamalan’s movie….!

    Will wait for the concluding part to give a say on the whole work….! 🙂

    Nice attempt!

  2. Thanks KK.

  3. waiting for the next one!!! go for it pankaj…

    • Sir…This story would be nothing compared 2 the one which U guys have spawned….
      Waiting 2 hear the love saga…..
      I would certainly love it coz mine is also a love cum arrange marriage…

      • is it…pankaj then u must share it with us as well…abt ur story…is it already posted here….on MOTA?

  4. Bring it on !!!

  5. Whan is the second part coming??

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