RED!!! – A Ficton (Last Part)

Jagmohan, accompanied by Suryamohan and RameshBabu walked to the incident spot. Jagmohan looked around to verify that no one else was there and listening to them. He slowly asked the vet, “Are we doing the right thing? Don’t you think we are really scaring them a bit more than required. You and me both know, what is this all about.”  Before the vet could answer, Suryamohan pointed someone coming towards them and all of them went silent. They all smiled at the approaching figure. Soon that person was out of sight, he did not utter a single word and sounded a bit strange. It was already very late, so the sarpanch summoned the cleaning guys and asked them to clean the carcasses and make the stage ready for the next days meeting.

They all left to their respective homes. RameshBabu was very happy as he returned to his home, the reason for being happy only known a chosen few. After some time the village returned to its serene calmness. Few did sleep, while few were eagerly waiting for the Panchayat to be held the next day. All were having a single doubt, which was going to be answered the next day “What Next?”

*** Am not getting proper time would complete this asap, would edit and republish once the story is complete. Am publishing the half story so as to keep things fresh 🙂 ***


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