Pyaar Ka Panchnama – A Review

Remember the relief of watching a really great movie after wasting money on a series of disastrously bad movies? I felt the same when I watched ‘Pyaar Ka Panchnama’!! It all started may be 3-4 weeks ago when I saw the trailer of this movie and felt that this might resonate with my thoughts about relationships. Though I had this doubt in my mind about the impotence of Indian directors for not being brave enough to stick to their promise when it comes to criticize love & relationship when it becomes illogical, and making the protagonists fall in love in the climax, no matter how much they’d have criticized it in the whole movie (e.g. I Hate Love Stories), but Pyaar Ka Panchnama is an unbelievably pleasant surprise in this case because the director is not only bold enough to show almost all the drawbacks of being in a relationship, but also has a climax which resembles a hell lot with reality. Not everything needs to be rosey and ‘Happily Ever-after’, some relationships do end up in disaster, and Luv Ranjan has the balls to show it boldly and convincingly enough.

Without wasting any time on the storyline of the movie, (which you can read on any other review or I’ll suggest you to find out on your own by watching it in a hall!!) I’d straightly get to the point of how I liked the movie, or more simply, adored it! It basically shows how three totally Santa guys (bachelors – this is 301 Sita Towers lingo) become almost pet-dogs in a relationship and do all the things they’d have never done otherwise and then go through a loads and loads of suffering because of it. I’d give a standing ovation to Luv Ranjan to be able to capture all the things which can possibly go wrong in a relationship by just taking in example of three couples, and getting such marvelous job done from 6 new-comers. All of them have made their characters alive on the screen, and totally justified the segment of population they are representing. Many times I was reminded of my days in Hyderabad how we used to chillout together, have tea at 2AM and pull eachothers’ legs indefinitely, how we used to get frustrated of job and swear to quit it every Friday evening, just to find ourselves dragging our asses out of the bed every Monday morning at 7AM!!

Many people might say this movie is anti-woman and it portrays women in a purely negative, or rather, inappropriate way, but I totally disagree. This movie is not at all about women, it’s about loser guys who just give up their self-respect when they enter a relationship and do WHATEVER their female partners ask them to do, just to ‘make it work’. Women just accept it as their normal behavior, but get flabbergasted when the guy retaliates suddenly after the sufferings become unbearable. There are many moments where the committed pool of guys will be able to correlate themselves for making some or the other sacrifice (mostly related to their friends) and then their friends frowning upon them for giving up! This movie is like a red signal to all guys who are stuck in a suffocating relationship, who are not being themselves, who are not sure if what they are doing is right or not and the outcome of it. It not only brilliantly (and obviously most humorously) brings out the possible repercussions of such immature commitments, but also poses a very valid question: ‘Is it totally necessary for all relationships to just WORK??’ or rather ‘Why are we so afraid of admitting that our relationships CAN fail??’ None of us are superman (even he had a screwed up relationship.. you see!) and being realistic & practical is the least favor we can do to our dignity and self-esteem. It’s for all guys who have locked their self-esteem in a distant safe just to satisfy their girlfriend/wife’s ego and make their relationship work. It never works out in a longer time my friend.. choose a companion who respects your individuality, your priorities and all those people whom you respect. Until you get this straightened out, no amount of sacrifice will suffice.

Take this movie with a pinch of salt, enjoy all the comedy, slangs and funny sequences; but don’t forget to get the lesson out of it as well. I liked the whole movie, but the best parts were the 5 minutes monologue by Rajat (Kartikeya Tiwari) and excellently delivered punch-lines by Liquid (Divyendu Sharma) in a rarely seen fluent Hindi accent in Bollywood nowadays. The movie does make a lot of sense at the end of the day than just being a time-pass comedy. Waiting eagerly for the next flick of Luv Ranjan. Hats off to you dude!!!

PS: Such a wonderful feeling of coming back to Blogosphere after such a loooooong time.. I know you didn’t miss me at all.. but I missed your criticism and backlash a lot!! So here I am.. let it flow!! 😉

Happy Blogging!!!


5 Responses

  1. buddy who said that we didn’t miss u at all :))) , we DID missu .. and u knwo infact whiloe watching the movie , some how it reminded me of yours , as it was a kinda relationship type movie and i was expecting you will definately watch it .. !! some how didn’t give me a hint that u will write a blog on it ! but it is a happy and co-incidental surprise !! :)))))

    Glad to have u back… it shows that MBA colleges me padai nhi hoti 😀 😀

    Over all i liked your description.. and liked the movie too .. this is greatt , wonderfull , keep blogging and take care ! enjoy ! 🙂

  2. Wow!!!Thats such a cool review…
    I dont like movies like these but your review makes me change my decision.

    Well… and so true about the relationships part… Break ups are good for both (guy and girl) if you feel suffocated…

    And yes, Welcome Back!!! :):)

  3. i also watched the movie. awesome movie. it reflected my past relationship. it showed everything I had experienced. Now i am out of that relationship since past 8 months. i am happier than ever before.

  4. it’s good that you touched on this point. I have seen scores of such incidents all around me. Women are most likely and almost always portrayed as the paragon of virtue, while in reality – its even stevens. Hardly any movies show women in the light this one has.

  5. Very nice movie I am waiting for its sequel…

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