Life is Passing By….

Quite a long time since I have visited this place. Spent almost 3-4 hrs reading all the posts. Did I feel nostalgic, you could easily bet on this. A tear slipped from my eyes reading all the posts. Was I hungry for more, Can’t be more hungry than today. Slowly but steadily at my own pace tried to grab the essentials which this site provided to me. I would term it as my virtual diary, the advantage though would be able to read others diary(s) too….

Something inside me just wanted to post something, really don’t know what. It didn’t take me much time to post this content which really does not convey much but still takes the pain of conveying to all you guys/gals that it was really painful to stay away from this mesmerizing heaven, yet as the post heading says “Life is passing by.. So does my life…”

KK and Divenita loved your posts.. Keep them coming…

Finally I end up with this Note

“Life is passing by at its own pace, I tried to speed and slow it, only to learn, how futile an exercise I was undertaking….”


2 Responses

  1. Good…!! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks.. so good to see you again.. 🙂 though we haven’t interacted much.

    Hope to see your post soon.

    Glad to know you spent 3-4

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