Veronika Decides to Die – Book Review


Recently I read this book “Veronika Decides to Die” It was written (lived) by Paulo Coelho. It talks about a young vibrant woman, whom attains success in her career and have everything what a woman (in her twenties) want out of her life. Charming look, handsome boyfriends and loveable parents. Yet she isn’t satisfied with something and she felt something vacuum in her life and she feel the life is worthless, so she tried to finish her life. But that mission wasn’t successful and she by accidently admitted in to a mental hospital (asylum). There she is learning a lot of stuffs and wanted to live life full. But the doctor said she won’t be last long more than a week. The people in asylum understands the value of life out of veronika’s disaster. People in the asylum wanted to starting live again and they wanted to making the mistakes what they always wanted to make out of life again. Veronika too wanted to run the risk of being alive but whether she could? Or Not?

So the story is all about her days in the asylum and their residents and their interesting stories.

The one whom always thinking about the worthiness of life or running a mere boring life must read this book, and I believe at least one among these characters would resemble you, Nice to read and get charged up your mind and soul. It will definitely leave a rain on your face !!!


3 Responses

  1. I really liked this book!:)

    And good review.. Esp the last line: leaves a rain on your face. Btw, have written a poem too on the same. if you want il share it wit you.

  2. Pls share the poem. Thanks

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