Loosing Balance is Good?

“I couldn’t keep my balance  so I am moving out myself”– This is what the word one of my friend has said to some body else whom she knew for quite some period.

I just think about this in my mind from thereafter…In order to stay happy and peace we need to be balance? I agree.

But sometimes we need to loose balance to understand the US, life and balance itself. Being lonely and balancing yourself isn’t great, being mingled and balancing yourself is what great. Because in the first case you no need to balance since you already shut your doors to others.

 Balance is some thing like learned to look at the world through heart some times and through mind sometimes.

When you are looking at something through heart when you supposed to look at that through mind, you are loosing your balance.

So don’t feel hard about loosing balance, because sometime loosing balance is part of life too 🙂






2 Responses

  1. Balance is very complicated to maintain, including bank balance…

  2. Right 🙂 you need to loose some times that too 🙂

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