Do you want to be remembered??

Immortality. If God promised to fulfil just one wish to mankind, I guess this will be the demand of majority of us. People have died fighting for glory, just to make sure they are remembered after they are dead. I guess this is the only way one can gain immortality with dignity. Even the mighty Achilles was lured to join a war against Troy (and eventually lose his life) for the same reason. But I always wonder does it really matter ‘in the end’? I mean, once a person is dead, no matter how many people on earth remember him, no matter how many statues, buildings, memorials are built on his name; how much will it really matter to him if he is dead? And even if, for once if we accept the theory of rebirth, isn’t there are a huge possibility that his reincarnated self also doesn’t know how great sacrifices he made in his past life in order to be remembered? Cant it be possible that he himself becomes one who hates the ideologies represented by his past-life character?

Chinese Symbol for Immortality

I have been pondering on this issue ever since I saw Zinagi Na Milegi Dobara. I remembered while watching the movie that once I had received an SMS by one of my friends asking me ‘If I was allowed one wish to be fulfilled, what it will be?’ My response was: ‘I want to do such great deeds that the whole world cries when I am dead.’ This again, in other words, is asking for immortality. But lately I’ve been wondering, even if the whole world mourns my death, how exactly is it going to benefit me? Why should one waste his life doing great deeds for people who may not even remember how many sacrifices he had to make? The golden time which we could have spent with our friends or family, we spend doing things which would benefit the society. The opportunities you let go, which could have gotten you all the comforts of the whole world, just to make sure you make the world ‘a better place’, are never recognized. In turn, they build your statues, name some streets or buildings on your name and then simply forget about everything. Why should one be concerned about something after his existence? I mean, fine if one wants to secure a good life for his children and his dynasty, but the great race to get your name in the books of history just so that some people might read it and remember you (positively, if you are lucky, or make fun of your bald head, skinny body and less clothing even if you happen to be Mahatma) is something I am not able to digest. Or if not by the way of nobleness, people try gaining immortality by acquiring as much of wealth as possible, toiling hard their entire life for building an empire which others can worship after they are gone. Won’t they be thinking on their deathbed why the hell I wasted my life gaining something I was never able to relish?
I’m not sure if I’ll be holding the same opinion in a longer run, but right now if I am asked how I want to live my life, I’d just say that I want to make the maximum of today, make sure I have ceased the day and didn’t repent why I wasted it behind silly things which don’t matter or behind senseless arguments, ego-clashes, quarrels with people who are not going to matter to me anyways. I would want to spend time with my friends & family whom I care about a lot, whom I miss every second of my awake life and dream about when I am asleep. I would want to see as much of world as possible, have as many varied experiences, meet as many diverse people, see the wonders of the world and enjoy the beauty the nature beholds. I firmly believe that we have got only one life, I’m fortunate enough for surviving 26 years and want to survive for at least equal number of more years to satisfy this ambition of mine. I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow, whether even the world will exist or will a meteor strike the earth and no one will be left behind to remember me by the ‘great deeds’ I was planning to bestow on mankind! But if the worst is to happen, I surely want to die thinking: ‘Whoa.. now that’s a life I want to relive!’
Happy Blogging!!!

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  1. 🙂 read this after ur comment on my status..

    Do someth in ur own capacity and make every day worth living for ppl around and most importantly “you”
    Ghut Ghut ke math jeeo 🙂

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