Tata Aria Drive and photoshoot

What will you do if you get an 18 lakh 4×4 vehicle for 10 days? I got one for review from Tata Motors and set out on a long long drive.

Drove for about 2888 kms burning diesel worth about 11k and covered places around Shimoga, Sagara and coastal karnataka. Took lot of photos of the vehicle in scenic places and sharing a few with you.

Aria was fully loaded with 4×4, cruise control, traction control and so on, just to mention a few out of a huge list…Deepavali holidays well spent with aria.. Photos for you to have a look

Tata Aria reflection in water

Aria with a beach background (Ottinene beach)

Tata Aria with rainbow

Aria in front of Nagara Fort… more about Nagara fort here

Aria in a road near Hebri…

Tata Aria on top of a dam

Aria with boats in back ground… Arabian Sea

Aria on a railway track…

Aria with a ship in background

another aria pic

Tough car with a tough notebook- Aria with Panasonic Toughbook


Aria in front of Shiva statue, Murudeshwara

View photos of first set here


2 Responses

  1. Very Nice pics. Anything about the drive. Tata Aria’s pricing is its Archilles Heel. Thats the reason its not a hit. And with the arrival of XUV 500 things have gotten worse for the Aria.

  2. 4×2 is now available at much cheaper price…

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