Man proposes, God disposes !!!

When in water nothing comes to my mind except for the sound of my hand hitting it and the pain in your tirelessly pedaling legs. Yes I came out from my house, took my bike and my swimming gear and jumped in it to mark the ending of all that I was going through!

Some 2 months back.

                   Yes I was sitting warming the benches at a concern where every minute seemed an eternity. I was not waiting endlessly for one golden opportunity, rather a one that’s made of the cheapest metal on earth to get out of there.

                    Well I landed in an offer albeit in another city which I seriously wanted to do since I was bullied at home for marriage.

                                                                                         In the meanwhile, I being a spendthrift on depreciating stuff (well the term spendthrift applies only to depreciating assets) my parents were on a look out to lock me down on the same. So they wanted me to get an apartment on my own to which I’ll be the last person on earth to abide by. Nevertheless I loved the idea of owning a land for myself to have it molded in whatever way I want it to be. MOU signed between me and my parents. So went ahead and booked a piece of land on earth. Boy this side of the earth is terribly expensive. Gave them a cheque of one lump some amount which accounted to all my savings. And the rest was loan. I was broke.

                                                I put down my papers on November 1st.  Hopefully was dreaming of getting released by Jan 1st or before December 30th and was eagerly expecting the November salary. And since I was broke I had to borrow some dough and I had a terrible time hunting for the same.

My sister was pregnant and she decided to have the baby delivered in Madras at our home. She was due on December 28th.

My future employer agreed to Jan 16th 2012 as the joining date. I was so happy back then.

The plan was:

  1. To serve notice till December end.
  2. Assist my sister and her 3 year old kid till the baby gets delivered.
  3. Travel to Kerala alone for 15 days which I’ve been longing to do.
  4. Join my new employer.

My predicaments:

  1. My car insurance was due.
  2. Christmas was coming. And Christmas means shopping.
  3. I had to return the dough that I borrowed using my November salary.

And here I am sitting in Bangalore at a friend’s place rambling already. The rest is yet to be drafted.

                                                                                                                                — to be continued


3 Responses

  1. Everywhere, it is the same…You said or rather wrote it….Nobody else did! 🙂

  2. Itha sonna nambala paiythiyakaran nu solranga.. EKAI 🙂

  3. Hmmm… Nice way of narrating..

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