Glutton to Glitter Project

Glitter to Glutton to Glitter
The meter did not stay at sixty. It jumped to seventy five. I was shocked. This was a bitter truth I had been trying to avoid. Oh man! All the biryani, icecreams, just one last times and the unavoidable had boo-ed at me.
If you’ve haven’t guessed it yet, I am talking of my embarrassing weight gain. It’s quite embarrassing to talk about it but I thought I can place it in a blog where I was invited because of aerobics.
Yes! Aerobics. I am/was not an employee of Satyam, nor did I have any friends here. Savita [ma’am] invited me as I was her aerobics student.
I take a book along everywhere. Primarily, to avoid any talk [I am an ambivert] and secondly as my dad felt I read too much and might spoil my eyesight I might get spectacles et al, so reading during waiting for the class was ideal. Ma’am observed this couple of times. Once I was reading an article [an old dusty one] stuck on the window pane of the class room, she asked me what was I reading so keenly and we spoke for couple of minutes.
Later she added me here. So, here I am. Made couple of good friends here whom I will cherish for a lifetime. And, no this is no goodbye email. Life has changed a lot since then.
1. Been published in a couple of anthologies, latest one would be where Gulzar saab would be featured too. Extremely happy.
2. Have had couple of heartaches. Learnt a lot.
3. Joined mota-blogs when I just joined work. Will be completing three years soon. Woaah! That’s a long time. Haina?
4. Registered a publishing house: to encourage poetry, translations, stories with a message and children’s writing.
5. And, the reason that made me write here—aerobics is lost somewhere. Here’s a pic of how I changed physically.

And this post is to emphasize on the point that without a good health, 1, 3, and 4 points will have no value. If I am not fit then I will never be able to do the things I want to do for myself and others.

Here goes my project: I will be controlling my erroneous food habits, eat on times, eat more greens, fruits, avoid colas. I will update regularly here about my Glutton to Glitter project here. A couple of more personal projects like reading more books are in the making but I will accomplish this and maybe, write that another day.
So every Monday, I will update about my Glutton to Glitter project.


2 Responses

  1. Cool Write-up….!!! I like it! 🙂

  2. Thank you KK.
    I’ll keep updating! 😀

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