I have been challenged to be off Facebook for a week. And, as frivolous as it may sound, I feel happy, funny, bored at times and like a recluse once in a while.

The more am off Facebook, the more I am thinking about the similarity. We’re dissimilar of course. But then there are few things which are common, like our writing style.
There are many eminent writers in the past who wrote so distinctively. Be it Manto and his Satire or Khushwant Singh and his adulterated yet poignant writes, Be it RK Narayan and his simplicity, Vikram Seth and his brilliant verses and now the new crop of writers are so similar.
They even use the same clichés!

Am stuck in a dilemma. Without satire or humor, how can one be different? Pepper it with unique experience?
Or add something else.

During writer’s carnival for children, I learnt about spoonerism and Portmanteau. Spoonerism is exchanging the first letter of any two words.
Instead of saying: Let’s go you say Get’s lo.
And in Portmanteau which means a travelling bag, you coin new terms, like chocholic. Chocolate + alcoholic = chocoholic. Or most recently used fantabulous = Fantastic + Fabulous. Something like sandhi samas in Hindi.
In case you know more of such variety, do let me know.
Happy Dilemma-ing to me till then!


2 Responses

  1. You have matured as a writer, I should say…! 🙂

  2. Thank you KK!
    Long way ahead 🙂

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