Abode of Love – Concluding Part!!!


It’s an old habit of hers, she had let go of it and had even been successful in conquering it. But today she seemed to be not bothered about it. Her instinct was to hug him, but something came in between and she just could only held his hand in such tight grip that almost the blood flow in his veins seemed to seize and the hand going numb.

She held on to it till the lighting completed the cycle and it roared somewhere rear again and only the light could be seen.

In that stream of light the place looked heavenly and she looked heavenly and the closeness of her gave him a heady state of happiness that he wanted to delve and swallow the pleasures of the moment. He knew she would not be there tomorrow morning and there will no other chance like this and he was almost tempted to swallow her alive and be in that state of bliss.

But his ethics did not allow him to do anything beyond the numbness of the hand that was beginning to pain…slowly.

She seemed to relax a little and then lighten the grip…the blood flowed into the veins and the tickling sensation started to engulf the arm. He gave a mild sigh of relief and was trying to ease out the tickling sensation, when she heard his sigh and spurted a sorry to him.

She even rubbed her hand against his arm to ease the flow of blood and unknowing she was moving it up and down the whole length of the arm. The arm she could have held and had been more than safe in them. Alas, now it is not hers and there have been so many years that have passed and things have changed. She is no more the pleasing beauty of twenties or him the handsome guy.

Age has played its galore and the beauty that was once rendering is now reduced to some visible wrinkles and rather drying skin.

She playfully rests her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes and takes in a fresh breath of air from the cold and chilling wind.

He slowly puts an arm around her and tries to warm her up in his embrace…they slowly get up and walk into the house and he closes the door behind and they reach the room on the top floor.

The silence is too much to bear…the beating of the hearts that beat as one, the croaking noises of the frogs outdoor, the rain slashing against the windows, the swaying trees, the howling sound of the wind, the lashing water, the relentless night, the chillness, the warmth inside, the terrible smell of dampness, the shimmering fireplace, the dancing candles, the captured smiles, the absolute darkness, the racing mind and the desire of it being the single and long lasting night.

“I love you” he whispered in her ear and she melted in the thought, he turned around and kissed her on her lips…and the magic seemed to flow.

There is no stopping today, whatsoever…there is no one who can hold on to the pleasure of life…and there is no one to say if it was right or wrong.

There is no right and wrong action, till it is done even if it done, can it be proved from what point it was wrong or right.

What about the things that did not happen? Does it mean they are righteous actions? The actions that have occurred, does it mean they are wrong?

Who is it that decides if an occurrence is right or wrong? It is the people who are involved in the action or the people outside the action.

What is natural, can the action be stopped from occurring or is it fair to stop the occurrence and resume the same at some other time or some other place?

What is the course of an action, unless is it spent and done?

The night seemed to roll into one big endless night of roaring and merciless pouring matching with the restlessness and the eagerness inside the house.

There was sullenness everywhere and there was pain, pleasure and happiness rolled into one big package and she lay rested and spent in his arms and all the years of separation melted into this one night.

There was no past or future…there was that one moment of bliss and nothing much. There was perfect harmony and life seemed to flow in relentless ebb of emotions and it was considered to be the longest and biggest nights of all the years to come.

She turns over and hugs a pillow and says, “I am dead tired and I don’t know why. At this age, when I am supposed to be counting my days, I am romancing. She giggles and dozes off into a very peaceful sleep, like there is no tomorrow.

He looks at her and is reminded of her act of hugging a pillow and sleeping while she is sleeping, smiles at that action of hers, pulls the rug over her and tugs it at the sides of her and allows her to sleep, as he sits watching her from a chair beside the bed…with the candles burning along with him.

He wakes up with the call of the birds and the morning sounds of life…he had dozed off sitting against in the chair, looking at her.

He looks at her still blissfully sleeping and decides to go the kitchen to make a warm cup of coffee, and pulling the blinds to make the sun rays fall into the house. The sun had started shining in as if the rain from yesterday’s night did not hinder it.

The sun shone between the leaves of the trees and made a heavenly look to the whole garden that was spread across. He started humming a famous song of the 80’s and he used to sing it to her when they were in college. He goes to kitchen pulls out a packet of milk and sets it to boil.

He puts on the player, a small player in the kitchen to listen to his favorite song as he goes about the mundane job of preparing a meal for himself all alone in that house of his.

He is all excited about the night as it had unfolded and the day as it is going to unfold. He was excited at the fact that she is at last with him and it was exciting to have her with him forever, that is what at lease he expects her to do, now.

The thought brings a smile and laughter, he gets the coffee done, and he walks with the tray, laden with cups of freshly brewed coffee, he walks up to her, with the song from the kitchen echoing in the house and in her heart adding a bounce to his walk.

The song, “Kabhie Kabhie Mere Dil Mein….” reverberates through the house with a wonderful memory attached to it.

He walks up to her, places the tray on the table next to the bed and puts a hand to her shoulder and tries to wake her up.

He finds her body extremely chill and dead cold. He wonders what’s wrong and slowly turns her over from the side to face him up right. Her face is pale, her lips turned into a smile and a wonderful face that is quite.

He can’t believe what he saw and what his mind is telling him, he reluctantly puts his hand against her forehead and finds it dead cold.

No, his mind screams…her moves his hand across to the nostrils to find the breath moving in and out, no trace of it, he puts his ear against her heart and finds it not beating, he lifts her and it falls lifeless….!!!

No…No…No…this can’t be true…he is shattered. He kneels down and holds her palm and looks into that face, which does not seem to have been hindered by anything at all. It is so peaceful in the sleep that waking up is impossibility.

He slowly, looks away and wonders what does he do now? He gathers himself and slowly accepting the reality gets on to do what he has to do? He hears a knock at the door and knows who it will be.

He walks to the phone and dials a number…for the second time.

“Hello, Balu here. Who is it?”

“I am not sure if you know me. I am Chris, calling from Kodaikanal.”

“Is she alright? I was worried; she did not return h…o…m…e…!! I hope everything is fine.”

“I guess, we have lost her forever…”


A dead silence prevails over and none of them talk, either side of the phone, you can hear a lonely wall clock ticking away to tell man about the future that is nearing and the sounds of the outside world….!

“I will be there in an hour’s time. Please, take care of her.”

He does not know what to do or what to not do. He just sits in the corner of the house; with tears rolling down his cheek uncontrollably…it was a silent whimper.

He heard a knock long back, had completely forgotten about it. He opens the door to find the driver there, he sends him off saying he needs to be back in at his employers house and the madam will return in the latter half of the day. His wait does not seem to end; he is waiting for the owner to reclaim his possession.

“Oh! God, why did I get such a fate?” Thinking and crying had made him vulnerable and tired he dozes off in the sofa waiting for him to arrive.

There is a knock on the door and he gets up to open it to find the owner there, standing tall and bold reclaiming his possession.

They quietly, move into the bedroom…he looks at her and then him.

He walks out and gives them a moment of private.

He gathers her from the neck and shoulders by the right hand and with the left he holds her legs and starts walking down the steps. It is not easy, she has never been so heavy…it is difficult. The uneasiness in the descent, he halts on the way.

He comes forward to help him, but is being ignored. He walks past him and puts her on to the car seat next to him as always, only today she is lifeless.

He walks back to him, puts his hand forward for a shake.

“I am taking my wife with me. She was my life and will always be mine. Goodbye, I hope things will return to normal for us.”

Chris is standing on the porch and the car just leaves the house, in a silence that was heard even after miles down the lane.

The End………..!


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  1. Now i can say: Lovely end :D!
    Really a wonderful effort!

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