Shweta – Grammar Unchecked


“Do you need a boy or girl?”
“What!!” -Yes, two exclamation marks, one each for the curiosity of her pair of eyes – “usually mom needs a boy and dad prefers a girl child. Why it is different here?”
“Do you really need an answer?”
“Of course yes, you idiot”
“Ok. I don’t want to love any other female in this world other than you not even in the form of my own daughter. Got it”
After a long pause and pierced through her eyes into each and every cell of my body, she replied – “I love you”.
Raj is sitting in silence now. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He stares at the wall and keep thinking the above conversation again and again. He is looking into the picture now where Shweta is sitting behind the steering wheel of the car and look at him so dearly. He can’t resist anymore and he starts crying.
“Where are we going now?”
“Shwe, I have an appointment with my customer today. I need to be back ASAP”
“I know. But today is your birthday and you promised me”
“Yep. I do know that. But please keep it in mind that i must go to my customer meeting at 5 PM”
“Ok busy boy. I know you love money. I will release you soon. You nasty rich boys”
Her body arrived. The walls echoed the weep of a few. Shweta – no – her body smiles though the life said good-bye to it. At the church, the relatives are running alongside to see her in the coffin. Raj stand behind the coffin and nobody ask him to move and respect the deepest sorrow in him. The funeral begins.
“What, are we in whitefield?”
“Yes. Get down my prince”
“Is this some kind of orphanage “ – a young woman carrying a blind child out of the building named ‘Vidyashram School for Homeless people’
“Yes. Here i know you don’t get the money but peace. I need the kids wish on your birthday to make them happy and you as well”
“Wow. I got the surprise now. I found the new age Mother Teresa now”
“Never mind about your sarcastic complement.  I know you are good at heart”
“Ok. What can i do now?”
“We are having our lunch here and cut the cake amidst of all the children here”
“Deal. I am doing this for you”
“I know”

After the Christian doctrine of Trinity, her body is buried. The cemetery is made of rocks and there is boulder on graves. Everything looks like a dream now. The day Raj meets Shweta, the day he proposed, the day she agreed, the three whole years of happiness together, everything seems to be over. Raj never liked anyone as Shweta.
“Raj, this place is wonderful”
“I know. This is my turn to surprise you”
“I haven’t seen Leela Palace from inside”
“Yep. I made it for you. I and my friends ordered this dining room and lit the candles everywhere to make it more romantic. The cuisine here is prepared by the specialized Italian chef with utmost caution”
“Hmmm.. why you fond of the expensive things all the time?”
“Shwe, this is me. I never ask you anything in that orphanage. So don’t ask me anything here. Isn’t it wonderful to have birthday on the same day and celebrating it in a different way?”
“Yes. I ask you only this year to come to the orphanage. I strongly feel that i have to bring you here. I don’t know why.”
“Love is everywhere Shwe”
“May be, but i think the kids like you so much and don’t you look at their joy when you distribute the chocolates?”
“Yes. But i don’t feel any. Ok. Change the topic. How is the food?”

Raj noticed many people that he is not aware of in the ceremony. Most of them are weeping like a child and it clearly suggests that demise of Shweta’s departure to the eternal world. Raj certainly knows her relatives and quite surprised to see many people here than her relatives. He seems to understand that Shweta earned a lot of respect and love in all over Banglore.

“Raj, i need to go”
“Ok. I am sad. But this is necessary. I am glad you make it”
“Yes. I am happy either. Journalism course in New York seems awesome”
“True. I will certainly come and see you quite often in NYC”
“You must idiot. We will celebrate our birthday together in NYC”
“I don’t think NYC has any orphanages”
“Argh.. enough, you will realise it one day”

Shweta is dead. All left is memories. The quite carelessness of hers cost her life while crossing the street in NYC. The erstwhile Journalist of india is erstwhile human being now. Sometimes love is not everyone wanted.

Raj drives his Audi to whitefield on December 19. He reached the orphanage and wants to celebrate (!) his birthday here in the memory of Shweta. He distributed the chocolates and his eyes are filled with tears. A girl approached him and she slices her chocolate into two and gave one to him. Raj is stunned. Who taught her these manners – she does not tolerate his tears and she offers him the share of her chocolate. Raj asked her,
“What is your name?”


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