False Pride of a Woman….!


She murmured…
She kept quite…
Silently cried!!!

She wanted to scream,
She’s been alone….
She drank her tears
She wanted to pour her heart

She did not say sorry,
Lest she be considered weak.
She put up a stern face,
She said, I am fine.

The hollow in her mind did not
Let her take a breath of assurance.

She knew she was not fine,
It was hard for to run, further
She wanted the soul that said
‘I am yours and lets be together.’

She had all that she could ask for
But it was own ignorance that made
Her lose the battle that she fought up.

She made faces, cried hysterically
Sneered at all opportunities, ridiculed
Called names…made a huge cry!!

All she did hoping that whatever she did
Will bring the soul mate for her closer

Now she cant bear the separation
I can hear, her cry that solitary cry.
That reaches me from all corners
It says, ‘Let me be me…I don’t care who you are?’

Give me back what was with me….
Who are you to take it anyway?

In her cry, I see the pride of winning a race
A very long time ago……!

– KK


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