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0. Kumar D –

Deepak Kumar – ThePack – KD – Kumar D – perhaps many other names which I do not know are in existence for this Author, but nothing could be so short and sweet as KD. Known Depredator – which is the actual expansion for the abbreviation KD – surely fits for this man – Deepak. As he steals your mind, as he steals your ability to speak, as he takes away your concentration on anything else, while reading his posts.

The Pack

Deepak kumar – First among equals. One of the founders of MotA and was the man behind mission, who was instrumental in setting up and managing  MotA site. Had it not been for his spirit in BCP (Not Business Continuity Plan, but Blogging Continuity Programme) while the enterprise blog was down, this blog would not have been up to what it is today. When the idea of starting a group internet blog emerged in one of our chain mail conversations, it was KD who immediately got into swift actions, and brought this piece within the next 8 hours. (Thus, becoming “Father of MotA” 😉 )

He is widely known in this space, first, for his witty style of narration – A writing style that does not come even by practice to many others but comes naturally for him. Be it, his getting bashed up by some goons at midnight, his adventures of Driving via Koderma or bathing at a railway station, a tiresome day of repeated failures, getting to know by the doctor that he’s half ‘deaf’ as of then, about any tough moment he had, our man can describe in a very unique, interesting way and simply say “Thank you My Lord, Keep ’em coming, and Keep me cumming! ;-)” that entertains readers a lot, lot and lot.

He is also a good poet. Being a good motivator like many in this space, his comments and arguments induces one to participate more and write further. He does quite an adequate amount of research before writing on any general topic. He also has the ability to write paragraphs after paragraphs, without coming to the matter directly, yet keeping the interest level up. He does not hesitate to laugh at himself before any one does it which, I believe, keeps him away from worrying about others’ opinions. He loves appreciations yet looks humble in replies.

I am an admirer of KD, and his style of writing influences my style of writing often. I feel it appropriate to write about KD, since I am one among the few who know a secret – what happened to Kumar D ultimately in the incident of bathing at the railway station – which he did not want to share through that post.

Boopalan Jayaraman [a guy who has innocently posted above, all whatever KD has himself written and given 😉 ]

1. Shafat Qadri : A very humble man, with a stupendous flow in his writings. Movie reviews is his forte, so is Kashmir –


the Heaven on Earth-the beautiful lands he hails from. His thoughts, his ideas and his writings are as beautiful and flawless as his homelands. His knowledge about movies is unmatched. His politically correct statements is tough to argue. And above all…You seldom come across such humility and nobleness…which is reflected superbly in all his works.

— The Pack

2. Hashir Tufail :

Hashir [n] : The arabic meaning of the word is The Gatherer or Collector. It is one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and it is believed that the Prophet will Gather the believers on Judgment Day and so he is Hashir.

Tufail [n]: Mediator (Arabic)


I know Hashir by means of internet interactions only and thus may not be able to do full justice to what I am going to write about him. We have had frequent interactions online, the medium being the Xpert Blogs but never got a chance to meet face-to-face. But whatever our discussions have been i have found him a very nice and decent chap. Reading Hashir’s blogs and going by the conversations in the form of comments I find him a very intense person who is dedicated to his work, is an avid reader, worries about the polluting the environment which prompted him to buy a cycle.

If I am right has a passion for bikes. Writes about random stuff, about each and every topic but whatever the central idea of his writings are he expresses it well. Over all a friendly person by nature. I like his way of ending his blogs…This is Hashir, signing off…:-)

— shafling

3. Vatsal Rathod :

Vatsal Rathod – the name brings to mind the Rathods of Ranjhaurs of Jane tu ya jane na fame – and going by the three rules, I used to think that he would be ready to pick up fights at the drop of a hat. Believe me, for I know by experience, nothing can be far from the truth.

We had had a few discussions on xPert blogs via the comment sections, and I came to admire his spirit and his views, and specially his way of signing off with “Happy Blogging”.

And when I got a chance to meet him, I found him to have a totally unassuming personality.



He has an opinion on every thing, and even has the audacity 😉 to publish on some of the more controversial topics :D. Also, this guy has a great sense of humour, and knows how to make fun of himself – which I believe is a great thing to have.

He also has a thing for cycles and the lady who teaches English in his MBA coaching classes. 😉

Happy Blogging 😀

– Hashir

5. Nafeesahamed Basheermohamed [Nafs,Nafees or Nafees Sire] –

A blogger who appreciates, admires, praise and give respect other fellow bloggers. He can write on any topic from Business to recommendation of movies. He will speak his mind in his writing rather than making others happy. Most important thing he holds high regards for his reader. He has maximum number of followers and comments on his posts.



Being a traveler he has shown his reader Himalaya, Ladakh and other beautiful places of India through his travelogue series. He is passionate about travelling. Every year he decides trip to Himalaya because it is his second native place. According to him Ladakh is the most beautiful place in India.

Whenever I see his post on ’50 movies not to be miss’ I used to ask one question ‘ Nafees, how do you get time to watch films?’ and he has unique answer ‘I have passion to watch films.’ All his film series and recommendations inspires his reader to watch good movies. And his passion is not only for films but also documentaries and books. He likes Kamal Hsasan and Amir khan.

He is a good friend and has many friends all over the globe. He likes to make new friends. According to him love is funny. He loves money rather I would say he is obsessed with money. I remember my posts which inspired him to write his own thoughts about money and it was an eye opener. He enjoys being alone. As per my experience he won’t get angry. He likes sports except cricket. You won’t get bored with this lovely person because he himself enjoy every moment of life. He cares his SLR Sony camera lenses a lot because he says lenses is like heroine of the movie 😉 He is health conscious and does regular exercise.

He holds dream to be Indian politician to make this country as devloped country. He has conviction that first we need to change the attitudes of Indians.

– By Savi

6. Abhishek Pathak a.k.a Abhipathak –

These are the few things I understood about an open book (Abhishek)


He is long sighted: I am not sure of his eye power in this context and if it matches with my context then that’s a simple coincidence.

When given a piece of work,

1. He will complete the work in the required time. Average guy.

2. He will find problems in it. Above average guy.

3. He will also come up with a solution. Extraordinary guy and that’s our guy.

By reading his blogs I could see that he is not a person who is not only annoyed by the irregularities of our current ambiance but also has the self inspiring soul that has aspirations to change the world whatever time and how many ever tries it would take.

He is the Ajay Rathod of Mota-blogs:

The moment I read his blogs (Sorry dude.. that is the only source of information about you for me) the scene of Rang De Basanthi flashed across my mind. He reminded me of the bar scene where Madhavan briefs Siddharth about the difference between whining about a country and doing something about the same. Rest is for you to ponder!!!


This is on the basis of your love story. Falling in love in the teens is very normal. But pursuing her and marrying the same woman is something that needs dedication and commitment. That is the best metaphor to explain your dedication.

Note :And your eyesight.. do tell me in person. And I tried my level best to bring up this. Pls do pardon me if there is any stuff that you feel is bull shit!!!!

– Ant

7. Madhava Reddy Donpati A.K.A Maddy –

On Maddy!!!!


Maddy !!! the way we all call madhavreddy_donapati…. My good friend in blogging world and college mate of my team lead…. Nice down to earth kinda cool guy … lazy to the core in blogging world but reads all the posts even before the author publishes it… fast in reading and commenting but seldom writes posts as he is busy with other works… a person whom I envy by seeing his reading collections… my kinda guru in choosing books to be read… just a shout away from my cubicle … cool calm composed decent gentleman unlike most of us here , decent blogger who chooses topics to write from day to day life. All the best Maddy for all your future endeavors and I m sure I will always be there with you on your journey.

– Vaithee

8. Angayarkanni –

Though popularly known as Kavitha Kumaresan or KK, I would like to introduce her as Angayarkanni because that was the first identification she received in her childhood. Very rarely you’ll find so many interesting and talented personalities gathering inside only one person and that is Angayarkanni for you. It doesn’t mean that she has a split personality disorder, by the way :P.


I came in touch with her by the way of xPert Blog since mostly her name used to be in the top three places in prolific users column. Frankly speaking, I also wanted my name to be displayed at least once over there but couldn’t gather sooo much of genius to even come closer, so now you can estimate how talented person she would have been. The areas of her interest range from minus infinite to infinite. Being the one of the best writer on this blogging space, she has already proved her capability as a professional writer by writing marvellous short stories and the masterpiece known as A Medical Romance (AMR). I was unfortunate enough not to read it since I started blogging at a very late time and had missed most of the episodes of her novel, but will surely buy a copy and get it autographed by the Author if it gets published!! All the very best for that Kavitha!!!

Not only fiction, she is a superb poet and has a really good appetite to consume lotts of books, a habit she acquired in her 48 hour train journeys. Being extraordinarily observant and sharp, she can challenge anyone and everyone. I saw her for the first time when we met in our new office and I felt ashamed of myself not knowing that we were in the same project from the very start and we were meeting now. But Alas! Now she has shifted to B’lore, near to her family so dont get the interaction much other than Blogs and the chain mails.

Surely being one of the most prolific users here also, Angayarkanni has contributed a lot to make this Blogging space a striking success. I hope that she keeps hitting it at the same pace!!!

Hapy Blogging!!!

– Vatsal Rathod ‘Khulla Saandh’

9. Antony Paiva (Ant, Anto) –

“I don’t want the world to see me because I don’t think that they will understand” this is his favorite line because he thinks more than world his friend can understand him better.


I came to know this great blogger I would rather say commenter because he is the one who keeps commenting on all most all posts irrespective of author. And it is the best quality of him. I remember his comments more than his posts.

As a blogger he writes his day to day’s incidences in his post. He has wonderful ability to convey right message to reader. His posts start with some reference then he will narrate actual incident with lovely conclusion. I felt many times that he won’t write his experiences he talks with his reader and that makes more sense to me. I like his ‘A woman in a girl’ post which made me to realize that i fit into that category ;-).

As a person he likes solitude which he thinks its bliss. He is philosophical and writes on life, death and after death. What else I can say he is matured in his thoughts.

—By Savi

10. RonaK Raval –

When I started writing in our company blog, my main writing was on science, mainly physics. And naturally, I got few comments as science blogs dont bring peoples interest. However, there was this one guy whom I saw in all the coments of mine. And it was not just regular “good write-up” commment that he wrote. The quality of the comments reflected a sound knowledge of the subject. And that is how I came to know Ronak. Needless to say, I used to wait for his comments to appear in my blogs. Slowly, we started chatting and came to know about each other. And the more I talked, the more I read his blogs, the more I knew about him, the more admiration I had for him. As of now, I am a big fan of him. No kidding!!!


Take this…he is an MBA but still designed and created his own website. I mean seriously, how many techies could do that. And out here we have a guy who did all this all alone. His passion is science and music. He creates music using just his computer system and some other tools and wins a world-contest of Las Angeles. His numbers have been played on LA FM too. A small animation movie producers approached him to create music for their movie. Hats off dude, hats off, truly.

Readers !! , if that does not blow you away, I seriously dont know what will. I met him twice, and believe me, he has that aura around him of those who ‘do’ things.

Ronak buddy, you are too good to be working with things like sales figures and prices etc. Bring out that burning passion inside you in the form of the melodies. Become a pro composer. Nothings gonna stop you, my freind.

Visit him at http://rokzroom.in/

By ~ Abhi ~

11. Savita (Savi) –

A Blogger need no introduction. She blogs most of the tiny incidents happens in her life but it expands in our mind and we get a clear picture of life is made by small incidents.
I get to know about Savita once I started writing about World Movies. From then and now I always read her blogs and comment most of it. Sometimes I cannot agree with what she is saying but the way she replies matters. She has the capability to reply with ease and make sure that nobody got hurt.


She has couple of serious followers in this space. A very well example is to cross check her post and the first comment time. No blogger has this kind of reaction from their followers. Great Savita.
A hot discussion was happening one of her post regarding her generous towards auto drivers is my favorite post of her. I like the way she narrates an incident in a short and sweet manner. And she touches the part where all people are not getting into.
Finally, she is one of the very good blogger and a good friend of mine (through Satyam blogs) and I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

– By Nafees

We meet people. So many of them. Some give you memories which fade with the passage of time. Some get wiped out right then. Some leave a mark which remain for ever. Savita is one such person. I have never met someone with so much energy. With so much desire to do new things. With so much of that will to see his/her dreams realized.I am really amazed by the amount of perseverance and will power she has. How many of us could think of starting a company after right getting out of college? Well she did that. And add to that now the dance and aerobics classes. Its indeed a great feat for anyone. Her undying spirit is the soul of MoTA. With people like her, MoTA would go places. I am sure of that.

~ By Abhi ~

12. Boopalan (Boo, Boopal) –

I remember when we few bloggers were worried about the blog space which was blocked and there Boopal came with an idea of having our own blog on internet. We all were excited and today with the help of KD we have our MoTa existing.


I think I must call him English teacher because grammatically correct English you can see in his posts. He believes that any language must speak grammatically correct.
Various topics he writes but most favorite topic is technology. He eats sleeps and dreams about technology. If it is applying logic or finding bug in website or creating any application then he is the right person.
He is a good reader, read books of science, fiction, novels. And he always advises me to keep on reading so that I can improve my English writing skills 😉
One of his best qualities is that he makes fun of anything and everything. He will not see who is the person before making fun of something, and we all are witnessed of such lighter moments with him. It is not occasionally he makes fun but under stress also he maintains the quality so that situation becomes lighter.  I have not seen a person with so much potential and optimistic in life. He believes that if something troubles you so much then solution would be very simple.
He has his virtual software company, one man army. He has helped to create “Namma Chennai” website which is awesome. I am sure soon he will have his kingdom.
He gives compliments, suggestions and feedback to fellow bloggers, he gives lot of ideas to make MoTA happening, he has lot of ideas which keeps us integrated. He started introduction series which was the best and we came to know each and every one personally. He is amazing person, wonderful friend and excellent blogger.

0. KD

–By Savi

13. Laks [ Lakshmi]

Simplicity is sign, Love is nature and Prosperity, wealth, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage is her name.


It is again good opportunity to write about her on this space. ‘Miles to go before i sleep’ thats how she lives her life and inspires others. If you remember the song “maula mere Maula” from movie “Anwar” then you will get an idea how beautiful she is. I would put in this way whenever i listen to this song i could only imagine one lady which is according to the feelings expressed in the song. And i wish i would like to shoot small video of her’s with background of this song.

She is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life. I liked her in green silk Saree. Anyways i like her the way she dress up, the way she carries herself and the way she represents herself. Sometimes she will be kid, sometimes she will be teenage girl or sometime granny. There are many things to learn from her but one should learn hospitality. She will dance on “Kya Muje Pyar hain” and its wonderful to see her dancing. She is the best cook, best teacher and best mother 🙂 She also loves to sing but i never experienced.

If she would get angry then its tough to handle her. But at same time she is very kind to support her co-workers. If she is around then there is laughter, happiness and excitement.

She is celebration. I think she does not need any big occasion to celebrate. Every day is like celebration for her. She makes fun of things and make others also laugh loudly like her. I like ‘Tata’ writing at the end in her post.

Live long life with your dreams and loved ones. I am excited you joining MoTA 🙂

By your obedient student,

Savi 🙂

14. Sweetie [Nivedita] –

I would like to call her cute bunny because of her two teeth and smile. And also she jump like bunny 😉


She is very cute, all the time keep laughing and also makes me laugh whenever she appears in the class. I feel she talks like a small kid and narrate her office incidences to me. She speak so fast in excitement that i have to ask her to repeat what she said. But i always have good time with her because she is very lively.

She is very matured in her behaviour when it comes to personal things and the contributions to society, first she will give priority to the work that will add value to society and then choose her personal things. Which is something i feel that i must learn from her. She holds high regard for that matter.

By Savi—

15. Sanket Rajawat –

When what can you say about a simple guy….That is Sanket for all of us. He is the first person I met in person….simple, fun loving and good guy.


The bloggers would know him as “Chetan Bhagat of MoTA”. His simple incidents which turn into wonderful postings when he starts to narrate those incidents in his own style. He never forgets to admire AMR and keeps speaking about it to me….I sometimes wonder, ‘If AMR is all that worth’ but then his reasoning is so simple and good…that I can’t stop appreciating myself.

His writing is so simple like him and they bring a real cheer to your heart and soul. They make you walk along the thoughts and you can easily recreate the events in front of your eyes when you read them – such is his power of writing!

It is a great honour to have him among us….! His writings make us look in to the simple episodes of life that can make an lasting impression on your mind. If he can give up his lame excuses to the life and its duty, we can get to read a lot from his writings….he is a light heartened wonderful writer.

– KK

16. Smruti Gandhi –

Smruti, Smrutz, SM, Bachchi… she is known by many names around the globe by her fans and friends!! Having an immensely simple personality, she is like a chhupi rustam (hidden marvel). Apart from her talents (who can forget the hard-hitting poems she write… gosh I gotta buy a helmet sooooon!!! Just kidding.. I cant write that nice J ), you can also admire her for her clarity of thoughts and true dedication towards her friends. I could nominate her for Nobel Friendship Prize, if such a category existed, because recently her zeal to help friends earned one of her friends an admission into MBA in a good B-School.


There are many many more incidents like these, but the most important fact is that she never expects her friends to be obliged towards her for helping her or return her a favor. All she believes is being friends forever. Once getting out of the cursed IT industry, she has started to shine like the Sun, of course because she has started her journey towards becoming an entrepreneur in the Solar Energy field!! I hope her guitar learning classes add spice to the sweet poems she holds in her diaries. Not a very good debater, she also believes in NO FIRST IMPRESSIONS.
A really obedient daughter, a best friend, a great human being and genius poet; I don’t think many people possess soooo many qualities! I hope she keeps smiling and shining as she always does, and more importantly, gets the happiness she has spread in the lives of people around her! It’s an honor having you at MoTA Smrutz!!!

17. Rahul Aggarwal –

Well what should I say about a person who is a walking Encyclopedia !! but there are few guys in this world who have exceptional talent in every thing..be it history , be it GK , be it politics.. Or be it free flow of words..and this is clear from his word which has flown in this area.

In true words an ” ARDENT ” follower of ” MANOR ” :-)You can find hi on All the blogging sites but trust me , each site is having a diffrent matter !! :)not the same blog of copy paste.:-).. his way of writing has a simple free flow of fun and you wish ki U WERE THERE at his position and all those would have happened to you instead.that ‘s his power..No blog goes un noticed from his sharp eyes and an appreciable thing about him is commenting a NEUTRAL i.e. no baised , but true comment on a blog.

His blogs will often contain few matters of masters Sachin ,Hrithik Roshan , Michael Jackson ( lot more .. ) with some nnwon facts abut all legends..keep posting Rahul for OUR BENEFIT.

Happy Blogging!!!
~ By Sanket Rajawat
18. Shrinidhi Hande –


Frankly speaking I am really scared to write about such versatile personality. He is intellectual Business Analyst. People know him by his travelogue, Business and Reviews.

He started blogging since 2006 and he has his own kingdom on enidhi.net. If you want to know any review on world’s best or worst car then get hold of him. His travelogue articles are full of information. He speaks more of business in his posts. Giving ideas to bench people or helping entrepreneurs.

His articles come in paper and magazines. Recently he won digital camera in Mahindra club travel blog competition. There is so much to talk about his achievements so let me stop here.

He is amazing person. When it comes to helping others he simply takes time to help. I remembered he helped me when I needed some information on blogging and reviewing my resume.

I would say he taught me how not to blog



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    • Hey Manish……………….

      What a welcome it is….!!!! Do join us man!!!! 🙂

      • KK,

        Would love to be part of Mota-Blogs. Thanks for inviting me to this blogosphere.

        Being away from xpert blog helped me learn that comments matter a lot for your blog, and when there are so many frequent bloggers out here in Mota-Blogs, it will definitely help me write again.

        Do share the procedure to join Mota-Blogs.

        Hey forgot to ask, Howz your Story Writing going on … wish to see a book on my shelfari writtten by KK 🙂

        • Hey Manish………….

          Just send you a invite to your email id….accept that and join us…!!!

          Simple, ain’t it…………!! 🙂

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        • No Manish it is not like Xpert blog, as such we don’t have restrictions on writing or expressing our mind and heart 😉 hehehehhe…. but yes Xperts share this space 🙂

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      Welcome abroad…. 🙂

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          Thanks a lot Hashir … good to see you all here …!

          • hahhaa.. dude.. better I crushed your dreams than # breaking the news to you.. he himself is right now busy in making arrangements to by a new bicycle and you are expecting him to sponsor your visit to US Santa Monica or San Antonio … hahhahahha…. you are really ambititious!!

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  56. Thank you Savita ji !! 🙂

    Lovely to read about me … 🙂 😉

    shall read about others too

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    its d sweetst gift…nd a proud moment to be on author’s page..:)

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    guys u’ve shown no matter the satyam blog continues or not but u guys will keep running the discussion that v used to have during those days even now…

    • Yeah ofcourse……! Do reveal yourself?

    • name says rahul…. do i know u… Please intoduce yourself… welcome home i u are a satyam blogger… else welcome to blogging world….

      • hey Gogol,

        i am a satyamite and was an active member of satyam blog till the portal was there….m not sure whether v do have the same satyam blog portal as it was a yr bak….n then at the same time this onsite happened for me…so i kind of lost touch with every1 on satyam blog but my personal blog is till date up and running 😀

        yeah zeroscribble is me..i mean rahul aggarwal…i don know whether u guys remember me or not….but i do remember most of u 😀

        my blog page is http://www.rahul-aggarwal.blogspot.com

  67. Yeah it is Rahul…. confirmed from him 🙂

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