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A tradition called FIFA world cup!

It all started 4 years ago. The FIFA 2006 world cup. I had just graduated and moved to Bangalore for my first job.

And while I have never been a soccer fan, the world cup happened to bring a leap-year tradition into my life. Though I did not even know which teams were playing and which weren’t, somehow it didn’t stop me from staying up late  to follow the outcomes.

I owe my interest in the soccer world cup to 2 of my friends, hard-core soccer fans. I was staying alone that time and their efforts at getting me interested in soccer really helped kill the loneliness.

It also brought out a fierce competitive spirit in me. As I watched Materazzi provoke my favourite player who retaliated in kind, using only his head ( or not using it :)), I knew that the moment would stay with me a while.

The next day,though the newspapers showed no mercy in replaying the outcome of the most-crucial game and the repeated telecast of Zidane head-butting Materazzi, I knew something in me had awakened. A cry for justice. I felt for Zidane, I felt for his team. I felt that 2006 cup should have gone to France. And yet, I knew I had to wait for 4 long yrs to see more soccer action.

And I waited, and I unleashed myself against anyone who dared to ridicule my team. Only this time, my team was Germany. Looks like France crumbled under the pressure of fulfilling Zidane’s dream.

And it started…thanks to the now-freely-available electronic media: Facebook, Twitter, Gtalk, SMSes…and what not! I started campaigning against all other campaigns.

Things got rough here and there, and I loved every moment of it. Loved all the arguments, the bets, the big talks. In the end, Germany only finished 3rd, yet I felt proud and satisfied.

The 2010 world cup was in its prime form. All the big shots came tumbling down, and new stars were born. Critics ate all their words as the Octopus ate his mussels.

And now I feel an unexplainable void. No more looking up dates and schedules. No more planning my work so that I get to watch every match. No more practising staying up late so that I can do exactly that on match days. No more comments on teams and outcomes. No more bets. No more Octopus predictions.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup was perfect! It helped me express my angst; made me fight for a team; made me interested in a sport I had always ignored.

I hope I can say more about the 2014 world cup.

My life was different in 2006, is different now and will be different 4 years later. What is exciting is that there is something you can hold on to through all these changes.

Cheers to FIFA!

New York: 2009 (a review)

I had been waiting to watch this movie ever since it was released in 2009.
The reason? One of my favourite actors, Neil Nitin Mukesh, was in it 🙂
I have to say, my expectations did not leave me disappointed.
Take a theme as common as Terrorism, and weave it into a saga of love, friendship, dignity, revenge, integrity, patriotism and justice and you are left with tears in your eyes.
This heart-warming yet slap-in-your-face realistic movie hits all the right notes in Bollywood style and gives you so much to think about.
You begin to ask yourself some hard-hitting questions. You start questioning what you believed was right. And then, you begin to make way for an open mind and an open heart.

I rate this as a must-watch for all Indians.

Frost/Nixon: A review

Now THAT is called REAL Cinema. This movie reminds me why I am a movie buff. Thank you Ron Howard for once again creating magic on the big screen. I rate this is as your next best film after A Beautiful Mind.

I had been putting off watching this movie, thinking it would be a boring one. I was delighted to discover that I was wrong.

I have always been skeptical of politics and politicians. I join all those who crib about the government, the system, and the people who make it all. This movie left me speechless.

Not that my take on polticians changed, but, I was amazed to discover WHY these people are where they are: on the top. They are probably one of the most intelligent and powerful people you will ever meet in your life.

It is not about whether they are good or bad people. That is not what this movie is about, but shows you just how you can shit in your pants and be mesmerised by the control these people have when you are in their presence.

I didn’t feel I was watching this movie. I felt I was Frank Langella playing David Frost, the Interviewer, seated opposite Michael Sheen playing Richard Nixon, the President of the United States.

History could not have been brought to life better than this.

If you are a political freak, you would have watched this movie by now. If you are a poltical illiterate like me, you should watch this film, and be enchanted by the power of being in power.

Another great movie that lost the Oscar!

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The Ugly Truth: A Review

Get ready to be blown off your feet by ugly naked truths you didn’t know about having THE RELATIONSHIP you have wanted all along. Though this movie is something I recommend for every single adult out there, it does have a little something for those who aren’t.

Take the complete Casanova role played by the hunky Gerard Butler as Mike Chadway, the tight-ass role played by Katherine Heigl as Abbey, the control freak, and mix the two in a pot. What do you get??? A very sumptuous, boiling dish! You are bound to enjoy every bit of it, if you like sultry, but not vulgar, humour, in-your-face practicality and some lip-smacking romance.

If you are looking for a concept that has never been used before, then this movie may not fulfill your aspirations. However, if you need to be reminded of how love is unpredictable, pure, innocent and knows no materialism, then this movie is a must-watch.

If you too are waiting around to meet that someone special…sometime…someday..then this movie gives you a new perspective…

If I say more, it will be a spoiler…so go ahead and watch the movie I rate as the very best of 2009 in the romantic comedy genre.

Let the magic of love…touch you… Continue reading