Yo! Back here!

By this post, I break the confidential agreement I had with Chetan Bhagat. Oh, man, won’t I look so ruthless if I refuse when someone almost begs me to stop writing for sometime, so that he can sell his books to a larger audience? Ok, stop staring now. Come on, give a smile, it was not damn funny, but little funny.

[Moral: Start with a cheesy joke while rejoining a place from where you went missing for an indefinite time. People will forgive ;-)]

Still staring? You won’t look at me like that, if you knew what all, this innocent creature [Hey look here, I’m referring to myself] had undergone in the meanwhile period.

You know, I was supposed to schedule a meeting with a girl from another team, sometime back. No, not for assembling a rocket or sort of things! But just a knowledge transfer as some useless people (like my lead) would call it. I sent an e-mail. No response from the thing, I mean, the girl. I called few times, but calls went unattended as dead as she was. I started typing an SMS for her from the-then-newly-bought HTC mobile. Oh, man, I was (yes, was!) always proud of its touch-screen features.

I had started to admire the auto-complete thing, it provides while I type the SMS. I type the word half, it brings it up. Yo! You should try this out! Multiple choices for same keystrokes? it is intelligent to bring up the frequently used word first, and pushes others next. Man, I m going to improve my productivity with that sort of thing in hand. Less messaging time – More work – Good appraisal – Good increment – Another new mobile – more features – again less time to message. Oh, how sweet! I’m coming, with that thought in mind!

Oh, sorry for being out of track! I sent an SMS to that girl – “Want to meet you for 10 minutes please. Urgent.” After sending, I just had my face filled with pride for typing it so fast, with one of the industry-best-auto-complete technologies. No response from the other party for long.  Oh, that girl is out of her mind, I thought. Okay, it is still better to re-check the outbox. Yep, the message is sent. See, it is in sent items. I open the message. Who blames my phone and network here? I read it for you. – “Want to meet you for 10 minutes pleasure. Urgent”. Okay? Hey what? Did I say “pleasure”? Was that “Pleasure” and not “please”?  I wanted to meet her for “10 minutes pleasure”? Urgent? Man, it is going to be a disaster with the meaning it brings.

My auto-complete had brought the word “Pleasure” instead of “Please” to the front. And I pressed it. Now it is – “Want to meet you for 10 minutes pleasure. Urgent”. I checked the message and the number. It did the job perfectly on that part. I hate this auto-complete feature. HTC – Suck you! Should I say explicitly, that the meeting never happened afterwards?

[Moral: Do not use the word “please” for sending a message to a girl. You’ll never know what you’ll end up with 😉 ]

You know, I always have this weakness of getting into a trap, thinking that I’d be going to be adventurous.

I was approaching the public exam of my higher secondary schooling. I, with my friends, was travelling by bus to a near-by town where some kind of special training was going on. Sure, I would not have accepted to go, if the girl (my crush) was not coming for it. But my boys gang [being poor at understanding me just like the subjects] sat somewhere near the last rows of the bus while the girl sat somewhere near the driver seat. [Schmucks, they don’t know how to come up in life!] I had to sit with them. Only one of my friends was sitting near the front door of the bus, which was near where the girls were seated, but the other seat was filled by my another class mate. I had to settle with my friends.

Half hour had passed by. The other class mate who was sitting with my friend [near front-door] came to us for a friendly chat. He said my friend was having a kind of vomiting sensation, since bus journey did not go well with him at that early morning. Oh, man, here was my chance! I could go sit near him, soothe him, take care of him, and save him from vomiting by having conversations. At the same time, I can have a look at the girl, smile at her, explain what I was doing there, blabber on subjects and try to look like a “friend-caring-subject-matter-expert”. Wow! Nice title!

I stood up to act swiftly. I told this guy – “Here is the plan -You sit in my place! I go there, take care of him, speak to him, and save him from vomiting by having conversations – for diverting his attention from it. That is the psychology. You know psychology? Oh, never mind!”

I was sitting with my friend near the front door in the next minute. The girl did not realize that I was there. Ok, let me start executing my action plan. I started speak to him and asked how he was feeling. As soon as he started explaining, I could not resist myself having my attention on the vomiting sensation. [‘Hey, what is rolling inside my stomach?’] I tried hard to divert our conversation topic. He had a lemon in his hand, to keep smelling it often so that he could resist his vomiting sensation. I asked him, ‘hey, what’s that stuff for?’ He said, “Just keep smelling it and one will be out of vomiting sensations, if any”, not stopping there, he brought that thing near my nose – for I could have “a test run”.

Uvveeeeeeee…..!!! Almost half of the bus was looking at me. Yep, I vomited on to the stairs of front door. The boost – energy drink, the Rotis I had during the breakfast, were there for others to see.  I wished that the girl had not heard of these happenings, but to my misfortune, she had promptly turned and noticed what were happening. I tried to smile, even though I was vomiting. Oh, now how is that! I’m smiling at a girl, with tears in eyes and a mouth full of vomiting stuff! I don’t want to picture that again in my lifetime.

[Moral: Don’t sit near your friend if he has a lemon on his hand]

Why I shared this story here is, thinking I’d be going to heroic, I get into traps sometimes. My recent project is kind of a backfire like the one above!! 😉

Talk to you later!

~ BJ ~


MotA Micro Blogging contest – Announcement

Competition is easier to accept if you realize it is not an act of oppression or abrasion – I’ve worked with my best friends in direct competition

–          By someone who already died making this quote an orphan.

I like the quote above. Not just because it eased my work of finding a relevant quote for the post (with which I can write the first paragraph), but for I adore competition [Disclaimer: as long as participants are few], although I turned the worst friend for my best ones when in direct competition.

Fellas, what is a love without competitions, what are movies without a hero and a villain, what are matches with equal scores, what are appraisals with constant salaries, and what are men with equal length of…Ahem… (Coughing)… with equal length of… (Again, coughing)… of life. [I know what you would have concluded by this time ;-)] Of course, competitions keep our life a life.

Having showered my words of wisdom all over you, Let me come to the point. So, here is something that can sting your egos. All ye out there, we get into a Micro-blogging contest in MotA.

I believe you know what micro-blogging is. Well, I’m not going to explain, because my explanation may get you end up writing several macro-blogs asking what I actually meant. Below are the rules that I put forth. We can discuss and freeze them before tomorrow [saturday] EOD.

–          Don’t be scared. It is not yet another series. In fact, it is parallel. 😉

–          You may continue to post as usual. But only requirement is – it has to be tiny.

–          Post may not grow beyond 150 words. [Not recommended to negotiate to increase this limit. Since that may get the challenge diluted, and posts may not be really micro]

–          Post can be based on any of the three (only) themes – that’ll be decided during our discussion today. [Ex: Short story, Culture, Humanity, etc.]

–          Post may contain only one picture. [Recommendation would be to use pictures taken by self that supports or relates to the theme and your post.]. If you have a picture, I may recommend the number of words to be at 100 instead of 150. That would yield more carefulness in us to choose a picture that is more relevant and that talks more than words do.

–          The contest may have a start date & end date, and span up to a week or so. [The dates can be discussed and decided.]

–          You may continue to post as usual apart from this. [Of course, you are not going to stop from doing so]

–          Any number of posts is accepted. Content language shall be English. [Any other opinions?]

–          Be sure to have a title starting with “MBC:” to identify it. [Negotiable]

–          Content ought to be original. [Of course no one copies here!]

–          No compromise on Grammar and spelling mistakes. [When we choose writing as a medium, careful choice of words, clear sentences, and flawless writing are necessary. Mistakes should not be barriers for the propagation of your thoughts. You may be a great warrior, but a blunt sword does not do any good for you]

–          Every motaite should participate. [Keeping some exceptional cases aside – such as sick-for-the-whole-period / absconding / kidnapped / etc.]. Setting such comfortable start/end dates that everyone is able to participate is our responsibility.

–          Every post can be rated and evaluated. Top two bloggers may be identified after the end of micro-blogging.

–          You are expected to reply this post and confirm your participation with in next two days. [Please!]

–          Defaulters, those who fail to bring a write up in the period after confirming their participation, shall be fined at will. The fund may be used for MotA-development activities.

–          Bringing such strict conditions is aimed only at integrating and uniting all beloved motaites and keeping this a happening place again. No harm intended. [It definitely disturbs to see it run by very few people even after having an author count of 22+. Seeing it, I’m attempting to adopt post-once-a-week-at-least policy for myself. 😉 ]

–          Make this an enjoyable experience by your writing skills which are less utilized and less seen these days.

Please share your thoughts.

Ultimately, we’re all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how but, what we can decide is how we meet that end, in order that we are remembered, as men.
–        Proximo character in Gladiator.

Does it make any relevance here? Forget it; I am not any good at it!


The Haunted Manor – II

I was always like a curious kid who would ask for all kinds of dreadful real stories in day times, and ‘wet the bed’ shivering in night times.

–  Boopalan Jayaraman, in his post – The Haunted Manor, July 2009

Sorry folks, I decided to quote myself, since I did not get (or try to get) a quote that I could relate to this post. And who knows? This quote may become a remarkable, historic statement made by one of the intelligent minds of the country.

You sit at your home lonely, watching television past midnight – may be you are searching some channels which could add up to your dirty thoughts, or you are interested in an IPL match and more interested in its cheerleaders, or you keep on pressing the remote control mindlessly as you always have been. At one point of time, your remote control no longer controls. It turns deaf. Your television buries the scenes into it and gets switched off. Your dog at doorstep goes berserk and starts howling. You feel a sudden drop of temperature inside your room. The room sinks into complete darkness as the power too fails. Almost everything in the room starts to look or sound scary. You not giving up on your courage [which you never had in front of your wife] are trying to locate a candle and a match box. To your luck, you get hold of them soon, and try to light the candle. Candle gets torched, but is blown off in seconds. You give a second attempt. It is blown off again. You feel the existence of kinda another-living-thing in the room. Your breathe rate increases exponentially, and there you hear a sudden clang. You turn rapidly to see what caused it, but you see some indescribable object moves towards your face…

Man, if it was me, definitely some good amount of ‘Dettol’ will be needed to wash my clothes. Almost everyone has a scary tale to tell us. Many of them who report of ghosts – either they have heard from one, or they have heard from one who heard from another. Not all of them would have faced with this interesting thing called ghost / apparition. These have always been a great piece of research and experiment in the world of science. Let us see few incidences from the past.

One of the families that visited Dr. William Wilmer, an ophthalmologist, had brought in a strange case. Visitors, ‘Mr. and Mrs. H’ as described by Wilmer, had just moved into a new house, since when they started to encounter frequent headaches and listlessness. Sometimes they heard of sounds of bells, and footsteps during night. Additionally, they even faced with strange physical sensations and mysterious figures. When they started exploring about these happenings, they came to know that the previous residents had experienced similar things within that house. Since Wilmer was not a doctor depicted in Indian movies [– who will come out of Operation theatre with shrunk face, taking off the spectacles and say ‘We can comment on patient’s condition only after 24 hours!’ even for normal flu], He started some real investigation about the matter.

In another incident, a girl aged about 23 years, who was found to be breathing uncontrollably and having excitement of shock, reportedly saw a ghost, while she was in shower. [Lucky ghost… 😉 Man, this is the advantage of being a ghost. You can go anywhere, do anything, and on top of it people are freaked out]

Apart from common men who report to be victims of ghost incidents, there were some famous and well-educated personalities who claimed to have experienced apparitions. Hamilton Blackwood was the-then-British ambassador to France. This incident happened in 1896 [as said by him], when he was in Paris. Years before coming to France, when staying in a manor in Ireland one late night, he saw a man walking down carrying something. Blackwood got down, and followed the man. The man was carrying a coffin. After sometime, the man turned to face Blackwood, and they both stared at each other. The man shook his face as if warning Blackwood not to follow him, and continued to walk. After some time, he disappeared into shadows. Blackwood had thought it was just a dream.

Years later, as an Ambassador to France, he attended a function at Grand Hotel, Paris. After the function was over, he was about to enter the lift, but then he recognized the lift operator – as the man who was carrying a coffin and walking in Ireland years back. The lift operator shook his face in the similar manner, as if warning not to enter the lift. Blackwood refused to enter the lift. A few moments later, Lift crashed, killing all of them inside it, including the operator. When Ambassador wanted to see the operator’s body, the face was completely ruined. This incident caused widespread interest among people then.

Quite chilling, eh? All these incidents may indicate existence of some forces apart from us. Indeed, something existed. But not forces, but some facts.

The first two incidents – that of Mr. & Mrs. H and the girl in shower – were caused by something called – carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide being colourless, odourless, tasteless and faithless is difficult to be detected, and causes poisoning in human if inhaled. [Yes, this is the same stuff we are filling this atmosphere with, through factories, vehicles, and burning dead-bodies]. The symptoms of this poisoning include strange visions, sounds, and feelings of dread, confusions, hallucinations, and delirium.

In case of ‘Mr. and Mrs. H’, their house’s furnace was found to be completely damaged, leading to incomplete combustion, and thus directing all carbon monoxide into the house rather than up the chimney. In case of the girl in shower, a new water heater had just been improperly installed in her home, which filled the house with Carbon monoxide when she closed all windows and doors and took a shower.

In the case of British Ambassador Hamilton Blackwood, a French journalist demonstrated that the events took place years before Blackwood came down to Paris as ambassador [1891-1896]. And that only one person died in the lift accident in 1878 – the only lift accident involving a fatality in Grand Hotel. A more recent investigation by a BBC researcher reveals that this event is nothing but an urban legend which Blackwood improved as a personal experience.  [Additional note: Blackwood had served as a Viceroy of India too]

Didn’t they tell ‘Epporul YaarYaarVaai Ketpinum, Apporul Meipporul Kaanbathu arivu’? [‘Believe not, whatever you hear. It is wise to investigate, analyze and then get clear by oneself’]

~ BJ ~

World Events – Amritsar Massacre

The Punjabis were quick to take to heart the lessons that revolution is a dangerous thing.

– Sir Michael O’Dwyer, in his book, India as I Knew It, 1925

Teach a lesson to the bloody browns!

What would you call yourself if you enjoy gunning down several lives, the so-called-enemies who try to attack you with deadly weapons, in a PlayStation or xBox? Cruel? Not quite so. But what would you call men who exhibit the same kind of excitement while gunning down people – real people with skin, blood, flesh, bones, life, relations and dreams? Since the formation of mankind, such animals always existed in history.

It was a period when India – a jewel in the crown of British kingdom – as called by the British, but was not quite treated so, had been seeking self-administration instead of a foreign rule.

On one April 13, an army officer, known by the name Brigadier Reginald Edward Harry Dyer, who was earlier commended for his work and was made a Companion of the Order of Bath [fourth most military senior], was trying to get a machine gun mounted on armored cars into a ground to meet ‘a revolutionary army’ (to say in his own words). He ultimately failed in moving the armored car via the relatively narrow entrance, and decided to march in only with his soldiers, 90 in headcount.

Brigadier Reginald Dyer was infamous for his orders and punishments during his command in Punjab. A few days back, an Englishwoman, a missionary [Miss Marcella Sherwood, if you are interested in the name] had reported of molestation in a street. Brigadier had then ordered in response, that whoever wished to cross the street during daytime should crawl by four on their bellies, its total length of around 140 meters. The order humiliated Indians and people gradually stopped using the street. Whoever lived in the street could not go out without climbing down from roofs at the other side of the house. No Doctor or Supplier was allowed into the street. He also authorized public whipping of Indians who came within the length of Lathi of English Policemen.

A mass of people, count varying from 5000 to 10000, who were unarmed and that included women and children, had gathered into a ground to protest by means of a public meeting the extraordinary measures by British such as Rowlatt act. Brigadier and Lieutenant Governor of Punjab firmly believed that there were signs of another revolt against British rule, and had earlier banned any gatherings. The ground was surrounded by houses and buildings, and had very few narrow entrances most of which were permanently locked. The remaining one was the entrance which Brigadier was marching in through.

As soon as he entered with his troops, Brigadier ordered his soldiers to fire at the mass gathering, without issuing any warning. Heavy casualties resulted since the firing was directed towards the thickest part of the gathering. Crowd was so thick that a bullet can penetrate into two or three bodies. People ran to the sides being desperate to escape and the firing was turned to the sides. Men, women, children, and animals which had gathered there, fell prey to the hungry mouths of the guns. Firing was continued till approximately 1400 rounds until they ran out of ammunition. Some of the people jumped into a well in the ground to escape the firing. [Later a total of 120 bodies were recovered from the well]. Stampede caused losses of many lives.

General Dyer, later reported his superiors that he was encountered by ‘a revolutionary army’ and decided to fire. He accepted that he had wanted to teach the people a lesson so that they would not rise against British rule. He also added that he would have used machine guns if it had been possible to move them inside. He did not take any steps to give aids the injured people on the ground, but responded “Certainly it was not my job. Hospitals were open, they could have gone there.

Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dwyer [who is quoted at the beginning of this post] agreed with the actions of General Dyer and wrote to him “Your action is correct. Lieutenant Governor approves”.

Indians were undoubtedly outraged by this incident, while most of the white population in India overlooked it. Some hailed General Dyer as “Saviour of Punjab” and applauded his suppression of another revolt. Following the pressure, British administration had put Dyer in the inactive list and reverted back his rank to Colonel.  A British newspaper – the Morning Post – started a sympathy fund for Dyer and collected over £ 30000. An American woman donated 100 pounds and said – “I fear for the British women there now that Dyer has been dismissed.

The event paved the way for Gandhi’s famous Non-Cooperation movement and also remained a motivation for a number of revolutionaries such as Bhagat Singh. The event, which was otherwise known as “Jallianwala Bagh Massacre”, remained an important tragic event in Indian history that evoked thoughts on freedom nationwide.

In 1925, Sir Michael O’Dwyer wrote in his book – the quote in the beginning of the post – that Punjabis quickly learnt the lesson from this incident. After 15 years, in 1940, he was assassinated in response to the massacre by Udham Singh – a Punjabi.

Gandhi the-great-soul, after the incident, said “the impossible men of India shall rise and liberate their Motherland”.

I believe, the above statement still holds true to this very moment.

~ BJ ~

References:  Wikipedia.org, Amritsar.com, Gandhi – movie.


For all ye lazy bozos of MotA who always thought chain posts are something like election manifestos which could be easily forgotten after its period, here I throw you a challenge! Now come out of your hibernation, pull up your pants, wrap up your sleeves, and get ready for it!!

Really? Are you sure, you are ready? Did you forget that you are encountering with me for this challenge? Yet, you want to give a try? Did you say Yes? Fine. Have an unfortunate day or night or evening or midnight.

OK. I hear you murmur. Here is the challenge. If at all you remember, we had series of posts on truths and lies of our life (what was that? 24 Lies and 1 truth? No, it was that boring 24 truths and 1 lie). You ought to find out the lie in my post. Now stop laughing out loud at the back your monitor, and listen further.

I know you are damn reluctant to go read my post again. Even if all the content in internet except my posts are destroyed, you would go pick a telephone directory and read it rather to go through my post again. But dude, do it for this sake.

If you figure it out right, I would donate Rs.500 (approx 10 USD) to Wikipedia, on your name. And you get all the thanks from Jimmy Wales for having helped in sustaining the earth’s biggest free knowledge repository for everyone. You’ve got chances to get your name on top in Wikipedia pages with a public comment. [You can be sure that I would not include comments such as ‘I owe a lot to Boopalan not Jimmy Wales’ et al, under your name.]. Another Rs.500, I leave it to your choice. You can do anything with it. [that is, Rs.500 is down the drain for me]

After all, I can spend this, to keep MotA live and kicking.  😉

~ BJ ~


Yes, there was this trick done to make it interesting  [It did not serve the purpose though. 😉 ]

I had intentionally left out a number – Point 16. There were no 25 points in the list but only 24. The lie has been made on the first paragraph. I said that I presented a lie there, [but it was not there], a lie by itself.

There was no explicit rule or statement made by Nafees [who started this series], that says the lie has to deal about me. [Anyhow, A lie is a lie. What if I say about me or any other thing, which is going to be untrue however.] So I took little advantage of that.

I appreciate Savita, for finding it out, and I wholeheartedly appreciate others – Vatsal, manish, KK, Vaithee (and myself 😉 ) – more for your active participation which was actually needed.

I would certainly donate the aforementioned sum to Wikipedia. And I leave the remaining sum to be directed by Savita. (Savi – Kudos dear!)


Sorry for not following this up.

Actually, I had tried with my credit card and attempted to transfer USD 10 to wikimedia foundation. It did not give any result messages [Since In India, they have introduced an additional level of validation and that does not apply to international sites, perhaps. ]. I checked with my card statement, it did not get deducted.

So I contacted KD. KD had in fact accepted with pleasure to transfer on my behalf since he holds an international credit card, but disappeared after that as usual 😉 . Then since it was about time for them to close donation drive, I wanted to transfer somehow. I made a transfer of 15 USD through PayPal account (by creating one). Since it did not ask for the extra validation, I checked my statement believing it would not have been deducted like last turn. To my surprise, it was deducted.

To my additional surprise, the amount 10 USD which was previously attempted, also got deducted. So knowingly / unknowingly, the donation of 25 USD has been made. 🙂

My experiments with truth (and lie) – Part II

Wonder why part II?

I thought of posting these pics in the middle of points.. But already the post had threatened to grow larger, and I did not do.

So, posting it here..! This post do not contain any lies. 🙂


I and Amma

As an Innocent kid..

As an innocent kid


With my dad..


As a kid who always play with girls..


With my second sister..

DSC_1188 copy_rs

A recent version..

My experiments with truth (and lie)..

Well, Savi & Kavi make me write, again.

I tried to present here twenty-four facts about me, which very few people on earth know, and a lie which, for now, only I am aware of.

1. I had been a bell-boy in my primary schooling – 5th standard. It was a respectable job that time, and there was an indirect competition to hold that position among us. I did all my schooling in two government schools at my hometown. Nice phase of my life.

2. I was not able to do ‘subtraction’ properly right from the beginning of my schooling – especially at the concept of borrowing-from-next-digit and subtracting. My mother used to bang on my head and pinch on my thighs, but none could shake my spirit of doing additions instead of subtractions. [I knew only addition better. So, for every subtraction problem, i would do addition first. 😉 ]

3. I like Tamil. I like to be idetified as a Tamil. I strongly believe that studying in one’s own mother tongue would greatly improve his/her thinking abilities and creativity.

4. I had the strange habit of sucking my right thumb along with rotating my hair in the front, during sleep, till my sixth standard.

5. I’m a son (the only son) of my father’s second wife. My dad is bigamy. My step-mother and my mother are sisters. I have a brother and two sisters (born to periamma).

6. I prefer drinking tea over coffee. I like pakodas / bondas that my mother prepares when it rains heavily out.

7. I used to paint. But the hobby stopped gradually.

8. My father never had hit me – from my childhood to now – for any reasons. I used to start crying just if he scolded.[Now, no effect!]

9. I and my father watched only one movie together in a theatre so far. That movie was – ‘The Lost world’ (Jurassic Park sequel)

10. I did not know what was the usage of word “should” even after getting to college. I learnt to form complete sentences in english only during second semester. [before that, only memorizing the paragraphs]. For the first two semesters, I was made the representative of the class (because I was the topper). But the moment I start speaking in front of the class, the class will start laughing rolling on the floor. To make the matters worse, English lecturer would read out loud each one’s exam paper, and make fun. Once, When my paper neared, I said I had vomiting sensation, left the class, returned only after her period was over. Friends said she had not read out my paper since I was not there.

11. I presented a paper on the usage of GPS receivers for automated vehicle system, et al, in IIT Roorkee and NIT Trichy. The same had been invited to European Navigation Conference, but I did not attend. I enjoyed a little special status in my college because of this. To an extent that, I and other three members were invited by Police Force [Special Task Force] – to capture the then bandit (now late) Veerapan using technology. My college E.O and the task force leader were class-mates, and E.O spoke about us to them. By the time we understood what they wanted, they had already encountered Veerapan and buried.

12. Two girls had proposed me – during my college days.

13. My favorite kings from the history are – Rajendra Chola & Raja Raja Chola.

14. My favorite Tamil historical Novel is ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ which touches upon the part of life of Raja Raja Chola. I like reading Sherlock Holmes collections.

15. I maintain a mini-library in home – contains Technology Books, Tamil-historical & English Novels, General Books. Books are my friends. My two Laptops are girl-friends 😉

17. I was an angry but equally romantic kid during my primary schooling. I used to keep iron-design pieces from my father’s workshop then, for playing. Once one of my class mates (4th standard) made an insulting fun, and I banged with that iron-piece on his head. On the other side of my schooling, I used to kiss my mama’s daughter inside the room, while our parents sit in the hall. [She passed away two years ago]

18. Once I was playing cricket during 12th standard. There came a ball for an easy hit. My bat swung. A kid who was merely watching the game, came running from behind, and I hit it on his face. I stood guilty while the boy screamed with blood on his face. My brother undertook medical expenditure for him. But the scar in his face? He is not going to forget me. I started forgetting that game.

19. I intentionally kept myself out of MOTA for sometime. Do not ask reasons. [I know you won’t]

20. My favorite movies are – “Anbe Sivam” (Kamalahaasan), “Pursuit of happyness” (Will smith). Although I watched many better movies after them.

21. I did little business in the short period – before joining the company after college. I wrote a software and sold for Rs.10000, to one of the spinning mills in my hometown. Heard after sometime, that they had to re-install the operating system in few months. [Not sure why 😉 ]

22. The theme of my final year project was the theme of my paper. We designed a small vehicle that is assisted by a GPS receiver. The vehicle never moved in its life time. Towards the final demo, GPS receiver breathed its last. It stopped working. And I had to run a predefined program in the computer that already had “hard-coded” GPS values. I animated them to move up as if they were live entries from GPS. However, assessor appeared doubtful of something.

23. My favorite non-vegetarian food is Parota and Ginger chicken curry.

24. I hate when people value money more than their own security, life and happiness.

25. I develop attachments towards people / objects around me. I am senti-mental (as kavitha would term it)

And, all ye people want to know who is next in line? Let me pass it to “Abhi”. Someone wake him up and tell this news!