Loosing Balance is Good?

“I couldn’t keep my balance  so I am moving out myself”– This is what the word one of my friend has said to some body else whom she knew for quite some period.

I just think about this in my mind from thereafter…In order to stay happy and peace we need to be balance? I agree.

But sometimes we need to loose balance to understand the US, life and balance itself. Being lonely and balancing yourself isn’t great, being mingled and balancing yourself is what great. Because in the first case you no need to balance since you already shut your doors to others.

 Balance is some thing like learned to look at the world through heart some times and through mind sometimes.

When you are looking at something through heart when you supposed to look at that through mind, you are loosing your balance.

So don’t feel hard about loosing balance, because sometime loosing balance is part of life too 🙂






Veronika Decides to Die – Book Review


Recently I read this book “Veronika Decides to Die” It was written (lived) by Paulo Coelho. It talks about a young vibrant woman, whom attains success in her career and have everything what a woman (in her twenties) want out of her life. Charming look, handsome boyfriends and loveable parents. Yet she isn’t satisfied with something and she felt something vacuum in her life and she feel the life is worthless, so she tried to finish her life. But that mission wasn’t successful and she by accidently admitted in to a mental hospital (asylum). There she is learning a lot of stuffs and wanted to live life full. But the doctor said she won’t be last long more than a week. The people in asylum understands the value of life out of veronika’s disaster. People in the asylum wanted to starting live again and they wanted to making the mistakes what they always wanted to make out of life again. Veronika too wanted to run the risk of being alive but whether she could? Or Not?

So the story is all about her days in the asylum and their residents and their interesting stories.

The one whom always thinking about the worthiness of life or running a mere boring life must read this book, and I believe at least one among these characters would resemble you, Nice to read and get charged up your mind and soul. It will definitely leave a rain on your face !!!

Speaking through lens

Hi Friends,

Sometimes I speak through my lens, since its giving me more freedom. Because some times my language proficiency becomes a barrier to express my thoughts fully. So my pictures will speak like a modern art to the people, every one can take a different opinion from the picture based upon their mood and feelings.

Today morning I went to beach, which is an usual work of mine but with a camera and clicks few snaps to share with you folks. I would suggest you guyz to maximize the image to enjoy the way its picturized

Top 10 ways to waste your money

Hi dudes,

Normally we never care about small things, which sometimes leaves a big hole in our pocket… its true most times for money matters… I have given some list from my past (worst) experience… feel free to add more provided u faced such kind of …

1. Carry a credit-card balance
2. Buy on fancy
3. Pay to use an ATM/Petrol bunk Swipe
4. Dine out frequently
5. Let your money sleep
6. Pay too much taxes on investments / earnings
7. Waste Electricity
8. Pay banking fees (for maintaining min balance/cheque returns etc)
9. Buy things that you don’t use
10. Not reviewing your insurance features

Violent or Silent?

Hi Dudes,

Y’day I had a meeting with my team. I knew before even entering in to the room, that there was some crucial meeting waiting ahead of us.  We have some delivery slippages and the same has been escalated in to higher levels, ok now the most important thing is the conversations what the team (Proj lead and Techleads) have had in the meeting room before me.

When listening the conversation I noticed many times that we people feel unsafe, when we feel that we are going to be defeated by someone, and we becomes either violent (shouting, fighting…) or we became silent.

This kind of emotions you might have seen everywhere, with your mom, father, lady love, girlfriend etc… Both of this violent or silent is not good for a solution.

We need to face the situation and have a good confrontation. Of course when two people are working if there is no confrontation between them then one of them is useless, if always confrontation with them then both of them is useless 🙂

The Strong people won’t lose their emotion, but only weak people whom wanted to pretend they are strong before others lose their emotions

Have fun and have healthy confrontations.

What to Write?

Hi Dudes,

Every day we are passing many things in our life, and many things are making impact us as well. In earlier days of our life we had many ppl to share those. But unfortunately now (after in to job) we lost them and somehow couldn’t build new friends as like earlier. But at the same time if we didn’t express our thoughts to others what is the point in thinking? (Pls don’t ask me not to think after read this).

BTW one of my friends is a blogger in this site and I took help of that friend to enter in to this blogger area. But I am sure my friend got mad by educating me how to blog…  🙂

So when thinking about why we normally couldn’t build friends after schools, I realize that earlier we never worried to join with someone for a journey, but later we becomes concerned and worried to join with someone for a journey, because it may slow down our journey

Of course a journey with another one could definitely slow down our journey, but I am sure that will add more joyful memories to us. And those journeys definitely leave us good lessons as well. Perhaps we never wanted to learn lessons so that also we could avoid those companies 🙂

That is the reason we are normally putting a circle around us and we never go out of the circle and never let anyone inside the circle.

So here I am who breaks the circle and would love to let anyone in and comment about me and my thoughts.