Insensitivity at its best…

 Temples are one of those places where you just want to maintain silence of the mind especially… That was not to be! Leave alone the mind few people don’t want to keep silent! I suppose, if they don’t speak for fifteen minutes they are scared they will forget their speech! …Sukshma and I went to the Sri Balaji temple here the other evening. I thought only we ladies jabber; but there was this trio old men… constantly guffawing like they were on a picnic, while the prayer was on. In spite of Sukshma requesting them to keep it low at least, there was no respite from it!

… There is this old Hindi song which goes …“ sukh mey sab saathi; dukh mey na koi..” The other day I got a call from one of my ex-colleague about the sudden demise of our ex-boss’s brother.. it was an immediate thought that I will go and visit our ex-boss.. She said she would accompany me…when I texted my other ex-colleagues of my plan, it was an immediate yes … In a matter of few minutes, I received a text from her that she couldn’t make it. The next minute, another colleague who had decided the point of joining us, called that he is down with very high fever and the doc has told him not to risk it…???!!!… Plans were given up! Why? …I accept the allegation that my ex-colleagues quit our boss with a bitter spirit… to an extent I too experienced the same as them. There is a limit where I say, ” Ok benefit of doubt; they may be genuinely busy…”. Some where a corner of my mind jerked me to think… – why stoop so low to an extent that folks hold a grudge against you….. why stoop so low that you hold grudges against people even during death in their family… Dearie! even the Lord reaches out to you despite all your misdeeds-whatsoever!

The worst is yet to come… As planned, Savita and I attended the Prayer Meeting the next day. Due respect to the elders, the learned and all the attendees who were present there. But I must say, there was so much insensitivity among them. It was a brash way of conducting oneself. … there was a hurried ‘namaste’ or a brush of fingers; a quick hug- no time to hold the hand of those in grief…

 As soon as they declared the close of the Meeting, there was a rush to offer flowers to the departed soul.. no dignified queue was formed!!! While Silence had to be maintained there was one of them yaaaawning aloud! Not once he went on and on and on… The less said about Cell-phones ringing, the better! The worst is when we stood for a Minute-Silence, one of them was so insensitive to burp aloud and audibly let out gas…..!!!

 Tch-tch-tch!… We call them educated?!…..…whatever!

Peace be with the family  in grief and the departed soul.



Money matters…

Absent-minded professor…; Bulakkad… there are  many nick-names. And there are many stories about money- matters.

Rinsing or giving clothes for dry-wash with currency-notes in the pockets is the commonest anecdote in families.

My dad had kept a wad of notes under his pillow when he was on a tour. He forgot to pick it up while packing back home… a real heartening tip for the bell-boy!

While cleaning out his table, a colleague of mine tore-up the cheque he received from a client…Writing on the white space of the currency-note is a familiar characteristic of many of us. One Business Development colleague wrote the details of a ‘lead’ on a note and off it went in one of his payments elsewhere…

Last week, my ESOL student of the noon-batch paid her fees for my class. 4 super notes of One Thousand Rupees each. I held it in my hand and that was the last I remember of it…

….Next morning, after I was done with Sayali and Nilay’s ESL class, I slumped down to pick up the Newspaper…now what’s the latest buzz? Nothing very eventful, I thought. Little did I know I would be utterly-butterly wrong!!!

Shabnam my maid came in to do the washing up…Sukshma was in her room studying for the Semester Finals…  Generally a quiet and ‘to-herself-sort of’ Shabnam came up from the washing holding a wet Thousand rupee note and asked me, “Is this a fake note?”

I peered out from my ‘paper and muttered lazily, “No…what?……oye! No-No-No-No!!!”… and what followed was total chaos digging the rest 3 notes out of the garbage…….

I had dumped the fees in the garbage along with some unimportant letters I received the previous afternoon!

What was that… ‘God Proposes; Man disposes…’


‘J’ for…

It is an on-going festive season becoming bigger in many ways with the passing of every month… So much to be done in so less time… Spring cleaning brings us to our dear old spiders…

Coincidentally, browsing through the Times Business section, I came across this quote, ‘Like a spider’s web, be flexible and future-ready’ by Mr Anand Mahindra, V-C and M.D. Mahindra Group; one of my favorites among ‘Personalities’. It was to do with the business and the need to be future-ready for new challenges… It was a good piece to read and adapt wherever, however! How could I adapt? Let me see…

A spider to start with is a loner. It doesn’t wait to be told. A spider works start to finish. There is no tomorrow or later for it. It makes its web from the only source it has- its saliva. It understands the need to survive…. Once the web is done it waits for the prey. There is no last moment rush and hitch. And the best of all, it has loads of patience and perseverance … Heard of King Bruce?

 We know there is spring-cleaning to be done; we wait till the day before the festival. We know we are going out for a holiday, we chant the typical ho jayega…karlenge; kal sochte hai; or worse is to say kal pucca… We note the bills to be paid; but there is quite sometime; and the fine accompanies the actual amount due. We know we have a huge sports event coming up; 4 years was equal to four days in getting things done…… the list is endless and more severe!

Many of us don’t want to learn from our lessons. Be it personal or professional, most of the time our work-style depicts one more characteristic of Indian-ness… doing the Jugaad !

 There ought to be another way; a better one…is there?


me-another ‘idiot’….

Unlike kids these days, as a little girl I was so unsure about what I wanted to do with my life and in my life…
You are like the ‘boy at the window’…my dad would remark. Sure, I was just that!

Like all normal kids. I too was confused about ‘what next?’ in life. Though my dad did recognize the writer in me, I one more time like all normal adolescents was stupid and waved it out of the nearest window so well that it would have put Viv Richards to shame!… My mum suggested me to do a B.Ed, though. “You will get a job in the remotest corner of the Earth…”
B…Ed?????? Meeee… A Teacher!
To teach that Shahjahan built the Taj Mahal stuff…year after year?? No way…
To add to the sore every one was suddenly doing B.Ed…

My sister Shanthala, went on to do her PG and then B.Ed and later pursued and achieved her Doctorate in education. That gave mum to coax me more…

With much coaxing I took a test in my school for the post of a temporary Teacher. Though I fared quite well as a first-timer, the Vice Principal then, rebuked and wondered the fate of the students with an average student (which was way back in my X std!!!) like Lakshmi as their teacher… So I was disqualified.

I stepped into the world of working in the Frontline management and professionally did well as the Team Head and so on… On Sept 5th, 2000 as a victim of management politics, I was asked to quit.
It was ironic when they said, after a work tenure and a great record of
4½ years I didn’t show results…

A week later, I walked into a Training and Development Academy little knowing what was in store for me… With no Training experience in English Communication, I was given batches to make a difference in the lives of people of varied ages and walks of life…and I had only One month to show results! One month to help them feel excellent about themselves when they speak in English…..

One month and my first batch of English Fluency done with, there was no stopping for me…
Batches after batches rolled out…references of Lakshmi Ma’am ke batch hi enroll karna…. The next year Sept 5th was a different scene… I was showered with loads of flowers and blessings and what have you! …. It was Teachers’ Day!

It’s 9 years now, I am a Trainer/Facilitator. I have GEF to mum’s credit and in a common man lingo I am a ‘Teacher’!
Even to this day after my session is done at GEF, when I sit down to ruminate my students’ expressions of what I mean to them, I think of my school VP… the same average student Lakshmi is helping each and every person who walks into her life, excel in their life!

When my students ask me if I was an MBA or any of the sort….I just say “ ‘m B.A….” Whoever said, qualifications are just a set of alphabets, is dead right!



This is on a Plac-stand at home and has been with us over 22 years now. It has been a great source of stress-buster…

It says…

What’s the use of Worrying?

You’re  either  going  to  live  or  die.

If you live, there is no use to worry.

If you die, you will either go to heaven or hell.

If  you go to heaven,

there is nothing to worry about.

If  you go to hell, you’ll be so busy

shaking hand with all your friends,

you won’t have time to






In our daily grind of life, let us stop a while to breathe ‘Freeeeeeedom’ … and as Spiderman says in the movie-..’with Freedom comes Responsibility…’ Responsible enough to safe-guard ourselves and OUR Home called INDIA!

Wishing Education, Courage, One-ness, Peace, Prosperity to All…



just observing…

The one thing I catch myself doing is observing people around me. Many thoughts criss-cross on an action.. For instance, any glass of any form and anywhere that we face, we glance at ourselves… for a quick brush of the hair; the girls will adjust their flix; ladies will look at themselves; the kids too will stand in front of it… I wish they saw more of the mirror of  inner beauty too!

When we had our lunch out, I noticed there were hardly anyone who was paying attention to what they were eating…they were just tearing the rotis and gobbling it down! They weren’t even looking at the food in front of them! Ask them any one item they ate and they will think for minutes on it… Just observing, that’s it!

And talking of lunch, we wait so very patiently for the food to be served at the restaurants and tip the waiter as a token of appreciation… But we can hardly stretch a smile at our moms and the rest of the women at home for a wonderful meal they cooked and served us!

When we went to the watch store here, people were selecting watches. This one or that…wearing three watches on one wrist; once on both wrists. It set me thinking, these guys put in so much time buying clocks and watches. Choosy about dials/ strap/ color. Will the time show in the dark…There are film stars as models flashing brands for watches. But many a times they keep people waiting or them…How many of them are really punctual in their day-to-day life…?

Talking of watches, you might have observed that there are watches with date on it. Many times I have seen people glancing at their watch when they have to write the date. And they do this at the end of the day too! And the glance is so fast I am not very sure if they really saw that puny number on the watch!

Sukshma and I have been watching this show on Matrimony on one of the Kannada channels. With all the comments that we pass on the grooms who participate,  we also wondered why every body is ‘looking for the Right person’ instead of ‘being the Right Person’ … The matrimonial columns in  the Dailies still has prequisites as ‘Fair and good-looking brides wanted….’ I am not a feminist…just observing!