Life is Passing By….

Quite a long time since I have visited this place. Spent almost 3-4 hrs reading all the posts. Did I feel nostalgic, you could easily bet on this. A tear slipped from my eyes reading all the posts. Was I hungry for more, Can’t be more hungry than today. Slowly but steadily at my own pace tried to grab the essentials which this site provided to me. I would term it as my virtual diary, the advantage though would be able to read others diary(s) too….

Something inside me just wanted to post something, really don’t know what. It didn’t take me much time to post this content which really does not convey much but still takes the pain of conveying to all you guys/gals that it was really painful to stay away from this mesmerizing heaven, yet as the post heading says “Life is passing by.. So does my life…”

KK and Divenita loved your posts.. Keep them coming…

Finally I end up with this Note

“Life is passing by at its own pace, I tried to speed and slow it, only to learn, how futile an exercise I was undertaking….”


RED!!! – A Ficton (Last Part)

Jagmohan, accompanied by Suryamohan and RameshBabu walked to the incident spot. Jagmohan looked around to verify that no one else was there and listening to them. He slowly asked the vet, “Are we doing the right thing? Don’t you think we are really scaring them a bit more than required. You and me both know, what is this all about.”  Before the vet could answer, Suryamohan pointed someone coming towards them and all of them went silent. They all smiled at the approaching figure. Soon that person was out of sight, he did not utter a single word and sounded a bit strange. It was already very late, so the sarpanch summoned the cleaning guys and asked them to clean the carcasses and make the stage ready for the next days meeting.

They all left to their respective homes. RameshBabu was very happy as he returned to his home, the reason for being happy only known a chosen few. After some time the village returned to its serene calmness. Few did sleep, while few were eagerly waiting for the Panchayat to be held the next day. All were having a single doubt, which was going to be answered the next day “What Next?”

*** Am not getting proper time would complete this asap, would edit and republish once the story is complete. Am publishing the half story so as to keep things fresh 🙂 ***

RED!!! – A Ficton

Red was the color. In the dark night, under the lights of lantern all could be seen was blood flowing like rivers.Chaos everywhere, the villagers were shouting to chase the thing away. They really didn’t had a faintest bit of idea what it was, they also didn’t know whether it was single or a herd. A hoarse voice shouted at the villagers to get gathered around the banyan tree where the village panchayat held its discussion. When all of them gathered around the tree, the village sarpanch climbed onto the cement pandal made around the tree and addressed the gathering. Once he started to talk all the hush hush died down and there was silence. Everyone were attentively listening to what he was speaking. All sobs and cries had died down. The village sarpanch was “Jagmohan”, father of “SuryaMohan” the village retail shop owner. Jagmohan was 70 years old wise man. He was the only man in that village who had the distinction of working in a city for a period of 5 years before settling down. Thus he was considered to be someone who has seen the world and had worldly knowledge.

Jagmohan started by greeting “Ramprakash”. Ramprakash was the villages cycle repair guy. He had suffered the maximum loss. He had lost his two buffaloes and one ox, in this raid of that mysterious being. He tried to soothe Ramprakash. Jagmohan then addressed to everyone and said

“This raid has now become quite common. It is now thrice in a row in a span of 2 weeks that this creature has created havoc. We had thought that this creature only attacked our domestic animals, but this time it has proven that it can attack any living being. We did see how Sharda could have well lost her leg if she would not have fledged that ill fated grazing ground. We are now confirmed that these attacks only happen in the mid of the night. We have to something to stop this non God fearing creature. I was discussing with the village vet “Ramesh Babu” to figure out whether these attacks resemble any of the wild animal attacks like Lion/Tiger/Wolf/Bear etc. Ramesh Babu being a kind man took time out of his busy schedule and verified all the attacks prior and said that these attacks does not resemble any of them. Thus we do not have any clue what it is and what it wants. I have spoken with Ranger Babu and he has promised to assign two constables. Now we have to schedule a concrete plan to combat this terror. I would request all of you to retreat to your homes, think of some plans and lets meet at 11.30 am tomorrow to discuss and finalize the plan”

After his speech was complete, the villagers started moving to their respective houses. Sobs and cries started as they moved to their homes. Jagmohan walked with the Vet and his son to the scene where the carcasses lied abandoned, to get the field cleared….

********* TO BE CONTINUED ************

🙂 🙂 🙂

PS : My attempt to write a fiction. Hope It’s read worthy…..


KHJJS – The Movie

Walk in to any Movie Theater and query for the availability of  tickets for this movie, the answer is quite obvious. Either the movie is not playing anymore or get the option of choosing your seats from an array of vacant seats. This may bring in a thought across your mind is it the same film produced under the banner of AGPPL. Leave all these notions behind and walk in to the movie and be a judge for yourself. Saying all these let me give you a heads up about the movie.

Today’s cinema goers are segregated into clearly demarcated sections, keeping one thing in common.. “The Entertainment Quotient”. Films which evoke patriotism are to be very well crafted as they bring into lights the stories from pages of history. They do have a sect of followers who do watch the movies. Then follows the fan following of Heroes/Heroines/Directors etc. At the same time few people keep themselves away from the movie due to this same reason of disliking to the subject/actor/director etc.

I am quoting my experience to be as unbiased as possible.


Ashutosh Gowariker has specifically chosen this subject as his mastery. He has directed a film “Lagan” which was even chosen for Oscars. He has few good films like Swadesh, Jodha Akbar to his credits. Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey(KHJJS) is no bad movie to his credit.


Title of the movie has been chosen to show that a group of teenagers are ready to sacrifice their life to get back their independence. The independence to play(Football).


The music of the movie is given by Sohail Sen, a less known music composer. However that does not mean that the music is anyways bad. The music suits to the tone of the movie. Though I would not say that the music was great, at the same time the music is not bad either. The Title Track does rhyme well and owing to its patriotic value is a good tune. In a patriotic movie the role of the background score is very important at the same time it should not divert your attention from the plot of the movie. I guess the music here could have been a bit better.


AB jr and Deepika Padukone play the lead role in this movie. The crew though fresh faces does delight with their presence. The Director has made the actors act well at the same time made the screen presence well placed between the actors. I am not a very big fan of AB jr, but would not hesitate to say here that he has done a commendable act. He has acted as his director would have wanted. The other cast also requires a mention here, particularly the teenagers. They were very good at delivering their role. Since I am not from the filmy background I would not very well positioned to say who would have fitted what role. I found them good.


The story is about the Chittagong uprising where a congress leader “Soorjo  Sen” with help of his krantikari friends and few teenagers plans an assault at the British Raj in Chittagong. He plans to help Chittagong breathe the air of independence. A meticulously planned combat fails to deliver coz the day the plan is being executed is a Good Friday. The film is about this uprising the failure, but yet invoking the patriotic feeling among the Indian Men. There is nothing in the story to be predicted as everyone knows the fates of all the uprisings against the mighty British before the Independence Movement, but the director has portrayed the movie as a thriller, invoking the excitement in the viewer to know what would happen next. The length of the movie could have been cropped a bit, but as with an AGPPL movie this too would feel a bit stretched.

Overall Rating:

I would rate this movie a 3.5-4, because I do think that there are few areas which falls behind my expectation.

My Recommendation:

Watch this movie to be a better judge for yourself. The movie does not boast and request you to be patriotic etc. The movie is a plain story visited from the pages of history.

PS : Its my first attempt to write about a movie after watching it. Please don’t be critic about my critic…..

Restless Dream

This happened to me yesterday. As winter has started, the use of Fan has been completely stopped. Hyderabad nights are bit crazy. At around 9.00 PM you would find it cool, but still would require the fan to blow its wind though at a slower pace, as night darkens up at around 11.00 PM you would see that the wind has become chill and you can very well live without the fan. This is the time when you yearn for the blanket which would keep you cozy and warm. An hour passes and you would feel yourself heating up in that cozy blanket and soon it would be at your feet discarded like a waste paper. This saga continues through out the night.

After few weeks of this exercise, I thought it would be best if I switch to the ac and depend on its sleep mode. Voila it worked out, I had hardly spent few days in this comfort, a bug called as cold virus hit me and it hit me hard. It raced faster than my WBC and had its flag hoisted in my Throat and Nose. Now they were under the ruling of this notorious ruler. Since I had lost this battle, I had to rush for help from a very strong ally(Mr. Doctor), a formidable opponent of the cold bug. After paying him the needed dues, I purchased the weapons(Medicines) and started my attack on this ruler. The ally had strictly advised me that these weapons are best effective if I do challenge this opponent on warm and non humid grounds.

As I had to start the battle on warm grounds, I had to switch to the non ac conditions, this time it is even worse, I do not have the luxury of having even a few minutes of fan wind. Any ways this had brought to me about my restless condition. I am fighting against this deadly evil and would write about this some other time. Coming back to my original cause of this post. As my nights have become restless so are my dreams. This was the dream I had encountered yesterday night.

The Dream

I have been to an interview where the selection starts with a written elimination round. I get the question paper and on a quick glance find that I would certainly clear this exam. I start answering the questions. The time duration is 30 Mins and the number of questions are 40. After answering 10 questions, I have a doubt in a question and I walk to the invigilator to get my doubt cleared. I get my doubt cleared. On my way back to the seat, I don’t know how but I see that I have lost the question paper. I search for it frantically. While my search is on, the invigilator announces that there is only 1 minute left and anyone who is confident that he has 11 answers correct would get qualified. I am all sweating with tears rolling down my eyes when the invigilator takes the answer sheet from me which have 10 answers written and all of them correct. This is when my alarm woke me up…………

Orgasm Of The Human Soul

It has been quite sometime, I have written something. Though it’s true that I write very rarely and most of the times some nonsensical stuff, I cannot deny the fact that I enjoy writing that nonsense. I always take time to do read and comment on other posts if I think those posts do require my attention, but this time it was different, I really didn’t visit this space to read any post, forget writing. This does cause some sense of alertness. You may be guessing that I was very busy or may be even bad I was ill blah blah…. . To put the running horses to rest, let me clarify that I was not that ill that I could continue doing stuff I relish, nor is the word busy too big enough to stop me from grabbing my share of happiness. All I could put was I do not have an explannation of why I behaved the way I behaved.

Now being said that let me now concentrate on my post.

Orgasm, in literal terms means intense or unrestrained excitement. Now we all know about the physical orgasm, if few do not know then google for the answer :). I was imagining whether human soul does have such orgasms. The only genuine answer echoed was a loud “YES”.  Few questions which followed was how does it orgasm, what happens when it orgasms, does the human body feel that orgasm etc etc. The answers to all these question lied in either me myself having the feel of that orgasm or talk to someone who really had such an orgasm. There started by hunt for these answers. I talked to few who claimed they had such a feeling and below is the gist of my interview with them.

Interview – 1

Me : Heloo Mam…
Old Lady – Hi Beta….
Me – I heard that you had an orgasm of your soul, can you describe it.
Old Lady – Sure. This is what happened, I had fallen very ill and I was counting my days, suddenly one day I saw myself feeling very light feeling like I had wings and am flying. I was travelling towards a very bright light, the light though was very bright still did not make me blind and then a so0thing hand ran on my forehead, I felt calm and when I opened my eyes I saw my grand child running his hands on my head. That was the moment I felt that I had achieved the souls orgasm.
Me – Imagining myself at your position is only driving me to pleasures, I could guess how elated you would have felt. Thanks Mam.


Me – Hi Son, here have this tofee…
Kid – Thanks Bhaiya…
Me – So, when did you have that intense pleasure…
Kid – It happend when I was in class 3rd. I had this crush on a beautiful girl and wanted to prove my intellegence to her. I was very good in all subjects except the language paper. After the halfyearly exams all teachers were showing us the answer sheets. Almost all papers were shown, only the language paper was left, My total marks were quite good, If at all I cleared my language paper then I would be in Top 5 and could prove that to the gal and ask for to share her lunch box with me. But as fate did have I had failed in the paper by 1 mark. I was lost for words and sat alone at the corner mourning, that is when that gal came towards me and asked me my sheet and walked towards the teacher. I don’t know what transpired between them, but when she came back I saw that I had passed the paper. That was the moment I felt that intense pleasure not because I had passed but because it was she who helped me in getting passed…
Me – Sounds great. Thanks.

There were few other intreviews also….

After all these interviews when I analyzed, I could figure out the answers. Every one has the right to oppose my findings but, these are my thoughts….

What is the orgasm of Human Soul , how does it feel etc etc?

Humans are taught to live in a society, their actions are their mirror to society. They are bound by intrests some of their own some of others. They also have an unending earning for the endless pleasure. These pleasures are often not always visible. Every individual has a definition for these pleasure, though its unknown to him/her consciously but is very well defined in his sub concious brain. When he/she feels a glimpse of such a pleasure happening to him/her, his souls orgasms, it feels it has reached that state of ecstasy. I call this feeling as Orgasm of Soul.

This post was an attempt by me to write something very different from my regular stuff. Hope I did write something good to read….. Do Post your comments !!!!

Am I Privileged

Me as usual when browsing through different posts of all, stopped for a while to think (Yeah yeah I also think) that may be I am privileged. Now let me explain you what made me think I am privileged.

I started blogging, don’t know from when, but it became a passion since the inception of Xpert Blog at Satyam. I was ever conscious of what I wrote, but after reading a lots of post came to a conclusion that “When spoken with an open heart, thoughts come clearer” (Thanks to Savi.. U r the inspiration behind this thought). I then started writing with that approach. I still remember when I wrote my thoughts at Xpert blog and waited for some one to second my thought or deny it, but alas my wait was ever futile. Still that didn’t stop me to write. I wrote all the nonsense I could and still was happy that I wrote whatever I felt like. The day of separation from Satyam neared and so was the fear that I would not be able to be a part of this ever happening community raised its head. I posted my farewell at this Site and luckily few authors(Great Authors) did bid me adieu. I was really ecstatic as that was the day I realized though most of my posts were left non-commented, but they were not unread. With this pleasure, I walked out of the doors to start my nest at a new destination.

Life was continuing at its own pace. I was content with whatever I had, but there was a pain of not able to read those memorable articles, Reviews of Shafat, AMR of KK, funny reads of Vatsal and many more. One fine day in the month of October, I was mailed by Shaf Sire that a new site is in place where few of the old blogger(s) of Xpert blogs have started to blog as the former was being closed. I was both ecstatic and apprehensive. Ecstatic because I would be able to re-read all those minds which I had left far behind, apprehensive because would I be able to garner any love through my blogs. Thanks to the Pack and Shafat Sire, I am now a part of this ever happening community called as MOTA(The Manor of the Ardent).

I think by now you would have understood why do I think I am Privileged. To sum it up I am privileged because

  • I am an integral part of MOTA.
  • I have made friendship with great brains, fellow authors of MOTA.
  • I am allowed to write along with the geniuses.
  • Things not happening at Xpert started happening. My post do receive some comments.