Shweta – Grammar Unchecked


“Do you need a boy or girl?”
“What!!” -Yes, two exclamation marks, one each for the curiosity of her pair of eyes – “usually mom needs a boy and dad prefers a girl child. Why it is different here?”
“Do you really need an answer?”
“Of course yes, you idiot”
“Ok. I don’t want to love any other female in this world other than you not even in the form of my own daughter. Got it”
After a long pause and pierced through her eyes into each and every cell of my body, she replied – “I love you”.
Raj is sitting in silence now. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He stares at the wall and keep thinking the above conversation again and again. He is looking into the picture now where Shweta is sitting behind the steering wheel of the car and look at him so dearly. He can’t resist anymore and he starts crying.
“Where are we going now?”
“Shwe, I have an appointment with my customer today. I need to be back ASAP”
“I know. But today is your birthday and you promised me”
“Yep. I do know that. But please keep it in mind that i must go to my customer meeting at 5 PM”
“Ok busy boy. I know you love money. I will release you soon. You nasty rich boys”
Her body arrived. The walls echoed the weep of a few. Shweta – no – her body smiles though the life said good-bye to it. At the church, the relatives are running alongside to see her in the coffin. Raj stand behind the coffin and nobody ask him to move and respect the deepest sorrow in him. The funeral begins.
“What, are we in whitefield?”
“Yes. Get down my prince”
“Is this some kind of orphanage “ – a young woman carrying a blind child out of the building named ‘Vidyashram School for Homeless people’
“Yes. Here i know you don’t get the money but peace. I need the kids wish on your birthday to make them happy and you as well”
“Wow. I got the surprise now. I found the new age Mother Teresa now”
“Never mind about your sarcastic complement.  I know you are good at heart”
“Ok. What can i do now?”
“We are having our lunch here and cut the cake amidst of all the children here”
“Deal. I am doing this for you”
“I know”

After the Christian doctrine of Trinity, her body is buried. The cemetery is made of rocks and there is boulder on graves. Everything looks like a dream now. The day Raj meets Shweta, the day he proposed, the day she agreed, the three whole years of happiness together, everything seems to be over. Raj never liked anyone as Shweta.
“Raj, this place is wonderful”
“I know. This is my turn to surprise you”
“I haven’t seen Leela Palace from inside”
“Yep. I made it for you. I and my friends ordered this dining room and lit the candles everywhere to make it more romantic. The cuisine here is prepared by the specialized Italian chef with utmost caution”
“Hmmm.. why you fond of the expensive things all the time?”
“Shwe, this is me. I never ask you anything in that orphanage. So don’t ask me anything here. Isn’t it wonderful to have birthday on the same day and celebrating it in a different way?”
“Yes. I ask you only this year to come to the orphanage. I strongly feel that i have to bring you here. I don’t know why.”
“Love is everywhere Shwe”
“May be, but i think the kids like you so much and don’t you look at their joy when you distribute the chocolates?”
“Yes. But i don’t feel any. Ok. Change the topic. How is the food?”

Raj noticed many people that he is not aware of in the ceremony. Most of them are weeping like a child and it clearly suggests that demise of Shweta’s departure to the eternal world. Raj certainly knows her relatives and quite surprised to see many people here than her relatives. He seems to understand that Shweta earned a lot of respect and love in all over Banglore.

“Raj, i need to go”
“Ok. I am sad. But this is necessary. I am glad you make it”
“Yes. I am happy either. Journalism course in New York seems awesome”
“True. I will certainly come and see you quite often in NYC”
“You must idiot. We will celebrate our birthday together in NYC”
“I don’t think NYC has any orphanages”
“Argh.. enough, you will realise it one day”

Shweta is dead. All left is memories. The quite carelessness of hers cost her life while crossing the street in NYC. The erstwhile Journalist of india is erstwhile human being now. Sometimes love is not everyone wanted.

Raj drives his Audi to whitefield on December 19. He reached the orphanage and wants to celebrate (!) his birthday here in the memory of Shweta. He distributed the chocolates and his eyes are filled with tears. A girl approached him and she slices her chocolate into two and gave one to him. Raj is stunned. Who taught her these manners – she does not tolerate his tears and she offers him the share of her chocolate. Raj asked her,
“What is your name?”


Hampi thru Images – 1

Elephant Bath

Hampi – Mecca of Boulder

Vittala Temple

View from my Hotel

A view from my Hotel

On my trek way


Thanks-giving day is near. And i want MOTA to be active again. So i’m just using this opportunity to talk to MOTA family. Here i mention one person whom i really wanna thank. And i will pass the baton to some other person in MOTA and we will do the chain until everyone participates. Hope you all will write about it

If you like music, you love Beethoven. Period (Not DOT as in Robot movie). Many times in my life I wonder whenever i hear his music. I love to listen his composition when i feel alone. Experiencing his notes, enjoying his rhythm during rain along with a cup of tea is nothing but heaven. It’s my great pleasure to write about this greatest composer who ever lived.

Not only Malcolm McDowell (In a movie “A Clockwork Orange” – this movie is my all time favorite Kubrick movie and will talk about this later) but the whole world obsessed with Beethoven’s music. Born in Germany (Cologne) and nurtured in Austria, this virtuoso pianist never failed to impress the whole world with music even though after he became deaf.

This most respected and influential composer of all time’s birth date is not known for certain, his family celebrated this only survivor of three out of seven children’s birth day on December 16.

Like most geniuses, Ludwig’s supremacy symptoms appeared in his eighth age. In 1778, he was studying Organ (a keyboard instrument) & viola (like violin but larger in size and more variable in its proportions) in addition to the piano.(Ohmigawd). His most important teacher in Bonn (his birth place) Christian Gottlob Neefe helped him publish his first composition: a set of keyboard variations.

In 1787, the young Beethoven traveled to Vienna for the first time, in hopes of studying with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Not Mozart of Madras. Calling Rahman like that is nothing but sin. Will discuss about it later too). It is not clear whether he succeeded in meeting Mozart, or if he did whether Mozart was willing to accept him as a pupil. In any event, the declining health of Beethoven’s mother, dying of tuberculosis, forced him to return home after only about two weeks in Vienna. Beethoven’s mother died on July 17, 1787, when Beethoven was 16. (WIKI)

At the age of 22, he moved to Vienna, Austria and he established a reputation as a Piano virtuoso after a year. His first works with opus numbers, a set of three piano trios, appeared at his age of 25.

Around his age of 26, the maestro began to lose his hearings because of tinnitus make his conversation less to anyone. He can’t even hear the tumultuous applause from the audience at the end of the premiere of his NINTH SYMPHONY (Choral Symphony, no.9 in d Minor,), his most famous composing ever. (If you feel depressed some times, I strongly recommend you to hear this)

By the age of 34 Beethoven was totally deaf, and when visitors saw him play a loud arpeggio or thundering bass notes at his piano remarking, “Ist es nicht schön?” (Isn’t that beautiful?), they felt deep sympathy, and saw his courage and sense of humor. And he wrote letters to his brothers regarding his inability to hear is documented as “Heiligenstadt Testament”, a very useful documentation to know about Beethoven’s work.

As a result of Beethoven’s hearing loss, a unique historical record has been preserved: his conversation books. His friends wrote in the book so that he could know what they were saying, and he then responded either verbally or in the book. The books contain discussions about music and other issues, and give insights into his thinking; they are a source for investigation into how he felt his music should be performed, and also his perception of his relationship to art. Unfortunately, two hundred and sixty four out of a total of four hundred conversation books were destroyed (and others were altered) after Beethoven’s death by Anton Schindler, in his attempt to paint an idealized picture of the composer. (WIKI)

I seldom dealt with his personal life until now and I am not going to be that part either. But want to reveal one issue. Beethoven never married, although he was engaged to Giulietta Guiccardi. At his age of 32, Beethoven wrote a long love letter to a woman he identified only as “Immortal Beloved”. Several candidates have been suggested, including Antonie Brentano, but the identity of the woman to whom the letter was written has never been proven. (See KK, You wanna call Ludwig a lover boy :))

He suffered from poverty during later part of his life. He is famous but this period is still characterized by his lack of funds, much because his former patrons no longer could support him. Maybe the lifelong poverty is a reason for his deteriorating health and his death on March 26 1827.

The funeral rites took place at the church of the Holy Trinity. It is estimated that between 10 000 and 30 000 people attended. Franz Schubert, timid and a huge admirer of Beethoven, without ever having become close to him, was one of the coffin bearers, along with other musicians. Schubert died the next year and was buried next to Beethoven.

Ludwig had become a public figure, as no composer had done before. Unlike composers of the preceding generation, he had never been a purveyor of music to the nobility he had lived into the age – indeed helped create it – of the artist as hero and the property of mankind at large.

His works are miracles. He composed in various genres: Symphonies, Concerti, Piano & Other Sonatas (including Violin), String quartets, opera & lieder. He is viewed as one of the most important transitional figures between the Classical and Romantic eras of musical history.

Many people come and go in each and every field but very few live. People like Beethoven are enlightening the world with their supreme talents. Though he passed away more than 18o years ago, he still lives with us by his music. Whenever i hear it, I feel talking to Ludwig. Like his musical taste, his character is also genuine. I finish this document with his saying:

“Off with you! You’re a happy fellow, for you’ll give happiness and joy to many other people. There is nothing better or greater than that!”

Like Beethoven said, we live happy and make others happy with whatever we have in our inner-self and talent.

P.S. While at office, restaurant, airport, hill stations, rest rooms, kitchen, study room and wherever i be, he gave me an immense pleasure through his music. The payback from my side is nothing but my own tears. Thanks a lot for your wonderful music which is directly talk to my soul. I love you Ludwig.

I pass the baton to Kavita. KK, please write about the person you really want to thank. Whether KIN or outside.


What do you want me to do? Do you want me to change my religion (my believe in religion is different)? or do you want me to go out of this country? or what the fuck**g else do you want?

I got a friend called Siva in Colombo and travel back together to Chennai. Even i and him mentioned our Chennai address in the immigration list. They don’t ask not even a single question to Siva but lot of questions to Nafees. Why? is it because of my fucking name? Who the hell are you to stop me and ask a question like this?

I will be happy to answer all the questions if there is no discrimination. If Nafees should stop by for a question then Why not Siva? or Why not Thomas? If you want to check me for my country’s safety then i’m ready to be nude for checking, but that checking is applicable to each and every one of the passenger.

You morons, don’t know anything about what is happening in the country and follow what the newspaper is published.

I really don’t know what to say.

Why Should I

In our younger and vibrant generation of India, there is a lot of fuzz about the words like change, developed nation, etc. We need our Government should follow the best practices, Politicians must follow the basic disciplines and so on.

There is nothing wrong to expect the above from our rulers. But how many of us follow the basic norms and disciplinary activities in our daily life? Why shouldn’t we follow the basic things to make this world better and safer. Why not our litlle stones in shaping a big mountain?

I intend to share some of the best bractices for both our Professional and Peraonal life. Throw your ideas too and most important to make sure that we must follow that or atleast try to follow that.

1. Instead of walking in the roads please walk in the platforms. Don’t complain that the platform is completely occupied by the road-traders. If we started walking on the platform then they will evade.

2. Use only one paper cup in the office instead of using more cups. Wash it and keep it for water atleast one cup a day. Same is applicable for paper towels; please use it one at a time.

3. We may follow to throw our litter into the dust bin. If bin is not there then please carry till you encountered a bin. (If you make some arrangements to place a bin in the road that will be great)

4. Please avoid paper-work as much possible. Collect your bank documents via e-mail.

5. Try to use public transport as much as possible. or share your cab with your co-workers

6. Try to buy Kadhi products once in a year along with the MNC clothes.

7. Don’t fell into the trap of over-cost. For example, please avoid to watch movies on the first day first show. If you believe(foolish) that your extra money will go for charity, god saves you (if any). If you want to donate then please don’t set any medium. Do it by yourself.

8. Avoid tread-mill. Please try to use the lawns. It will save electricity and you will breathe fresh air as well.

9. Please vote. If you don’t like any party or partymen you always have an option called 49 O.

10. Try to avoid the plastic bags while shop. I really appreciate Delhi people and government in this matter. If it is possible in Delhi then it must possible for every places in India.

11. Please follow the traffic signals. Once again i have Delhi traffic to support this point.

12. Never ever touch your vehicle while you drunk. Use public transport or have someone to ride you home.

13. Please have some responsibility for controlling the population and disease.

14. Please cultivate the habit of reading and donate books to school or library after you finish it.

15. Please try to learn some basic facts about our country and always keeps in mind.

JaiBharat (According to our Constitution, Article 1, the country name is either India or Bharat)

Unanswered Questions

Hmmm.. Been a while. In life, we face many questions but feels guilty not having a proper answer for that questions. Here is some of mine. Share yours if you have any.

Question 1.
In Rau’s IAS Study Circle. I met a girl. She is preparing for her UPSC exams.
She: Hi. Where are you from?
I: Chennai
She: Chennai?? Is it capital city of Kerala?
I: ???

(Not knowing any state’s capital city is not a big deal unless until you are trying for UPSC exams :))

Same She
She: (Pointing out Che-Guevera’s pic in one of my friend’s laptop wallpaper) Who is he? A south-indian actor?
I: ???
(Not knowing anthing about Che is not a big deal unless until you are trying for UPSC exams :))

A different He
I: Do you know what language Karnataka people speaks?
He: English
I: ????

(Not knowing any state’s official language is not a big deal unless until you are trying for UPSC exams :))

Lot more to come.


Summer of 05. Working in Covansys (now CSC Corp), Bangalore branch as a Software Professional. Date – not remember at all.

Wearing my brand new T-shirt (lot of eye catchers) on an allowed Friday for Renu (a HR girl – lot of techies have a secret/open crrush to HR ppl – my motive is different and it is not crush either). Already got lot of appreciations for my t-shirt from my friends, i was bit more happy than i were. Before continuing further i want to talk about Mr.X here for necessary continuations.

In each and every place – street or home, school or workplace you’ll find a person who is not important but behaving like an important person in the world or atleast in that place. Mr.X is one among them. He is just a Building contractor but he always makes noise and seek for attention. And according to nature’s law nobody cares.

Now come back to my t-shirt day. Mr.X exactly stands in front of Renu near the escalator. She is about to descend and he is about to order something to his subordinate. I dont call her by name but i wished her – “Good Afternoon”. She exactly entered into the lift without noticing me and Mr.X turn his head towards me at the same time. He thought i wished him. He seems so happy and spellbound for some fraction of time.

Then he wish me back and it took some time for me to understand what exactly happens. He finished his order to his subordinate and he is waiting for the life to come like me. During that time, he said “hey boy, u loos really cute in this t-shirt; best fit for you”. I just smiled and dont say anything.

Now i learned important lesson in my life. Before this incident i usually never wish anyone and praise their activities (if it is small). But i feel good getting comments from Mr.X. I know the value of appreciation. I know the value of “giving right comments” for their activities; i started appreciating.