Hello Roger(s) !! back to the base …

Roger … the first name which comes to your mind is roger federer … !! and why not , he is an icon as well.. I always wanted to be like him.but I know I can’t be.but just 3 days back , one thing happened that made  me common to this master player , it was a situation to go back to their motherland !! yes you guessed it right … !! I will be returning to the mother land India soon .. !! I have  mixed feelings as of now  🙂 😕 , 😦  !!

Its Jan End and the australian open  is going on .. Just 3 days back Roger federer lost the match in the semi finals of Austrlalian open ..( who on earth would have thought of that !! ) tickets for  finals  were bought by the people who wanted to see roger federer match… alas they would have been disappointed now .. !! his reign ended and he is back to his home… And coming to 2nd roger  that is me .!!

3 days back … i.e. the same day when roger was palying his semis , I was told by my manager reg the relocation movement of mine Back to India the reason explained to me was simple 3 liners ”
– we have seen a high attrition in past , and are lack of knowledgable  resources @ offshore
– you need to build a team @ offshore now
-hence we are planning to Make resource movement of yours to india for few months , And you will be back may be in near future. !!!

I was Shocked , stumbled , stunned and also happily surprised . shocked and Stumbled not because i was going back .. but the committment given to me was for around another 6 – 8 months , so wrapping up 6 months in next 2 months is a bit tricky task,

Happiliy surprised as : had my manager NOt spoken to me for another couple of months , I would have asked for a leave some where in April ( now no more money expenditures for international tickets 😉 , its compan’s responsibiliy to send me back           😀 )

However controlling all my emotions , I discussed my future plans and managment plans for me .Nodded yes , As I too wanted a break for some personal reasons  + a lot of family responsibilites which require to be finished , and My parents need me @ that point of moment !! I nodded yes , manager said that he is very much impressed by my positive attitude and blah blah etc etc.. also I need to improvise few thigns before I come back etc etc… which left my right ear as good as they entered from my left ear   😛

SO the moral of the Story is that this ROGER Is returning to the base .. I repeat ROGER RETUN TO THE BASE , Alpha command over.. the movment may take couple of months to few more days..I am having a mixed feeling at this moment , AS I wanted to pursue some more objectives and this assigment at onsite was reeally helping me to grow and enhance,however this will now be at a halt , so I am a bit sad !  😦  .. I met so lvoely people here and few really good friends… I learnt the importance of time and work culture, how to utilize your 9 hours extremly efficiently !!

But at the same time , I am happy that i will meet my family after a long time , friends after a long time .. All my friends are getting married this feb ( atleast 5 of them ) and I will miss their wedding ceremony by a couple of months !! Also I wanted to meet all my blogger friends , but only few are left in hyd now .. any ways we can always have a re-union ( like me , hashir , savita & shafat  had in last feb ) …. also I will be able to finish some family matters this time , my parents also need my support !!

Have told my friends and they are already ready with their demands ( of coins , currency etc , funniest one are my  old hyd  roomies : they have demanded  1  i – phone each ( otherwise they won’t allow me to enter in their home 😉 , also they will give me an invalid address , so no chance to attack on them once i land back from air port )

Currently I am just enjoying the full melbourne tour !! to 100 % extent …

So sigining off at this moment .. but will write the latest update soon 🙂 😕 😦


Roger… err .. Sanky 😉




I Am a Hacker !!!! :-P

hmm…. Let me think about the world from my point of view …..People have a negative image about me and A different thinking about me !!they think That I am the person who has a bunch of Laptops and computers in my room ,I Am surrounded by lot many screens who are going to display digitally moving arbit numbers.every time , I have to do some thing .. or the other close to the coomputer systems… blah blah blahh …. well to some extent its true.. and not thier fault also

.but to tell u the truth .. I am just an ordinary person. In fact if u sit besides me .. u won’t even identify me also that what rolesI can play with your PC !! ..I will just eat a pack of sandwich….surf the internet like you do..the only difference being I will know the root of the person pinging and buzzing me !! 🙂 .. which i am sure u won’t even think about it.. People think that I am just a computer jerk and has to do nothing with the Study and literacy system of INDIA .. but to tell u the fact .. computer hacking involves a lot of Reading..have u ever thought once even chatting or mail frwding .. what is the source of this mail ?? u don’t know the source.. but that is the diffrence betwee me and  u; :).. I  will operate on some softwares and will let u know the History , ramayan and mahabharath of that PC.. that account .. and that HDD

At Present I am loggin on to a bank Site and just trying to figure it out how much money does a Particular bank account has.. OMG.. !!!! this peson who is having A clean cut image in society is having so much of BANK balance and wait .. just have a look at the sources.. money Coming from _ _ _ _ _ !..oops MAFIA and going To SWISS account no _ _ _ _ _ _ !!  …better I logg off just now.. as I am close to my time limiti have to be Extra careful else my community cousins ..( other IP experts like me ) will be going to track me down and will follow the same route which generally I use  ;)..and I will be landed up in jail !!

Now u must be thinking that my next step is that i will transfer some money in my account from its REPUTED customer !! .. but The answer is  ” NO ” …I am hacker man .. i am not A Cracker.. !! there is slight confusion which Still prevails in the mind of people regarding me and my EVIL sibling !! a hacker’s aim is just to enter any restricted area ;( may be For fun , may be for challenge , may be for any other activity ) But the ‘AIM’ is HARMLESS and CRIME LESS .. !! whereas my spoiled EVIl sibling will not only enter that area..but Also will use it for his / her own benefit.. ( it may even break the laws as Well ).. and will not just come out.. but he will also destroy the domain as well .. in order to protect himself from tracking back.. you must be thinking about a -ive image about me till now .. but u don’t knwo.. ” < are apni bhi respect hai bhai “.. u knwo. many a times call from police in order to check out the various cyber crimes which are happening every day in bunch of packets.. some one sends a mail to president just for fun.. an i  have to undergo sleep less nights.. to  know who is he… from where this mail came etc etc..and to which loc does this belong.. is he from al -qaeida .. / hizbul mujahideen etc etc.. !! and the result is a naive person .. who has just started to use internet.. and wants to check his abilities of fun.. it is just like a kid who has just seen a telephone and he calls 101 / 102 often…!!;man .. i am Fed up..!!  but the amount of money which i take home is a hefty packet which i am sure people even in IT  dept also won’t take it as a salary..

apart From it.. !! ( tring tring .. My phone is ringing ) …. hey .. just .jsut wait. I am getting a call !!

  “hello .. yeah .. it is me.. what.. yeah.. hmm ok .. ok.. fine.. so whn do u expect me to come thr ?? ”
RIGHT NOW !!!!.. uuu ;must be nuts.. i can’t come rit…!! It is  3. A.M in night…what ??? hw much ?? .eh,,ohh. ok .. ok.. If that’s the price.. i willbe thr in 15 min   “P

wait .wait.. I Am commmminggggggggggggg !!!!!! .. don’t ask some one else PLZZZZZZZ !!!!

Sorry FOLKScan’t continue my story rit now..i will be bk later..;i have to rush to micorsoft office just now.. .they have started to work on some new operating system after WINDOWS VISTA… !!and they have asked me to HACK their OS in front of them for all the Available loop holes.. !! and the amount of perk they have offered me is … aha. no no no. !! 🙂 .. can’t tell youuu.. !!:D.. after all HACKERs also have some secrets yaar ;0



When Chetan met Chetan ! :-)

Prior to make an assumption , just wanted to clarify that ths is no sequel to the movie Kartik calling kartik ! 😉 , Its just an old post which I picked up from xpert blog ( in satyam which I had written long back , say around sept 08 ) , while reading all those blogs  today It just reminded me of the nick name Mota family has given to me !! J Chetan J , thank you all !!   

 Here it goes — >


It is not very often you meet a celebrity. but when you meet one…. you never forget that incident for a long life … same happened with my case when I met one of the most talented and connect-to-reader kind of author present in our country… Mr Chetan bhagat. .. yes the same Person whose first book ” 5 point someone ” changed The writing skills of contemporary writers and 2nd book ” 1 Night @ call centre ” is already going to get presented in the form of A film Recently his 3rd book is also out…. but I when met him ,his 3rd book was not yet published… let me go back few months back.. say in March 2008 …

I Was waiting for my flight to Take off somewhere near 1P.m. on the same day ,as I Was on a leave for the next week onwards.. unavailability of train tkts had made me look for a cheaper flight rate option via chn à mumbaI à indore …… busy with all the formalities and check  and luggage check I took a cup of cold coffee and sat on the sofa in the airport lounge…. sipping the coffee….. and flipping The pages of my FAVOURITE Author “ Dan brown ‘s ” DIGITAL FORTRESS ‘ ..

I turned my head for Some better view and for a change in the monotonous Reading .. I saw one calm headed person…siting in 3 front rows ahead of me .. looking at the side view of the person’s face I couldn’t find out who he was….but the crowd surrounding him and exclaimations on his neighbour’s face made me a have a look At The person again… I stood up.. started taking a casual walk ( pretending that I  am just passing by  my looking at that Person has nothing to do with my walk) . when I came close to him I glanced at the person’s face…. it looked very much familiar…in his glasses and a 2 day trimmed beard were making his look very familiar…..tried to recollect my memories.. where have I  seen this person??? ( for sure we have not met earlier.. ) .. is he a film star or a sport star… ??? nope… else he would have been surrounded by BODY GUARDS. and Lots of fans…. but why then I am Looking to a stranger… ?? who is he ??? Lots of thought prevailing in my mind…. when some one called him  ” Mr Chetan…So you have your third novel ready as well ” !!

Oh.. Chetan…. 3rd novel..is he that famous Chetan bhagat ? oh yes.. the person looks familiar to photos on his books…..I asked myself…. but how is that…. possible ?? I mean .. he is not exactly like his photos…
Now to tell you ,identifying a person whom you have just seen in photo and than in reality are 2 absolutely different phenomenon.. … in photos on the book… you find him sitting on a chair with blue t-shirt on. along with A grown beard…here he was a person with.. grey suit and matching trouser.. with a lesser trimmed beard…. any way after identifying him…I recoiled with a little joy…excitement  (as now I was going to Be a Star among my friend circle… 😀 .. it made him look at me.. he smiled in Response… and continue with his group of friends…

I kept on looking At him….when he Was lil free.., I went to him ….. I asked … ” hi!! Are you Chetan Bhagat.. ?? ” (isn’t This stupidity…. asking a celebrity as such as if he himsef is actual or his dummy…. ).. understanding my anticipation.. he replied… ” well.. no Actually I am his look alike…” and smiled…..I understood and asked politely ” Can I sit next to you ?? “,
 ” sure… plz take the seat… “was his polite Response… I robotically took the chair…
” So you going somewhere…??? ” he asked ..

“yeah me going to my home. .for a Vacation..”

” ok what do you do…” ..
” me ? I am s/w Engineer ” I Said with proud… ..

” yeah hottest work these Days… ”

 To flatter him I Said… ” I am great Fan of yours.. “… he just glanced at the book present in my hand ( oops Dan brown….. I regreted..  and he too sensed it , I suppose ) ..” Well he is also a good author…

“…yes.. but your writing style is also very unique ,I said in order to Defend my stmt.. ..” So what do u like in it..” he asked ,

“ your style of writing is very much close to young people… they can easily connect to it… “..

” oh it means.. .. you people still Consider me young ” he said and than We both laughed…

” well one thing… I want to ask you Sir.. ”

 ” call Me Chetan.. ”

yeah “; ( but in My mind I hesitated   to call him by his name ;, so I avoided any such question ).. :so where r u heading.. ”

“to chadigarh , for A Seminar ”

“ . ok… well 1 question… ( this time I didn’t said him Sir.. ) . you start your story always with you being as one of The character.. the narrator as Well in 5 Pt. , in 1 night .. are you going to continue the same spirit in your next book.. hey BTW when is your next book… ” I asked 2 questions in eager..

” well this year only.. its under publication.. yeah sorry this time also&nbsp;I have followed a similar concept.. but will take care in future… “…

well often you want to meet a celebrity but… when you face him…you don’t have words to speak up.. same was the Case with me..I Thought it is better to Leave now.. rather than Disturb him.. I said..” I am very happy to meet you.. .. plz continue to write The best books we have…

“ sure… . “

“time for me to Leave..” I Said… “I hope I wasn’t a bore..”..

No .. I hope I wasn’t… he said and I smiled J …. asked for autograph.. he smilingly gave it to me… and than I turned back…… after going Some 10 mtrs… I turned back… he was still watching me…. ” what mr Chetan bhagat… are you looking At some story among THis conversation ?? can I be your hero of next book ?? I thought  ,

he just waved ahead… and I replied back in the same way… and continued for my security check-in

People might be imagining why I posted this blog in september.. when I met him in March.. !! well the aqnswer is.. yesterday I finished his 3rd Book .. “  3 mistakes of my life.. ” and I found it as intresting As the previous 2 ones… well my meeting lasted with him only for 5 min..( Or even less ) .. but that 5 min were most impressionable moments Of my life… creating an imapct again And again with his books is I think quality of Chetan Bhagat…

wishing him all success in future,..i’ll close my chapter


———————————— x –x- x-x-x-x-x-x-x-xx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x——————–

Note : By this time even his fourth book has been published and I have read that as well !! and enjoyed it Thoroughly

Hats Off again


a College day ,, from My EX-college life ! ;-) – (ii)

As our step moved towards the department, we all visualized the 4 years we had spent there .. the verandah , the Labs , Notice boards , even the tree opposite to the department garden felt to be a place with memories  ! I looked at the other 3 guys , each  one with  the same thought of attaching his memories with the even the things  basics things.

 Finally We all reached the basic EE lab : we all entered , the Lab assistant pradhan sir  , who knew about the machines more than the professors, was still sitting in the chair waiting for the next lab session to begin , we thought to utilize the time ,

 ‘Hello sir jee ‘ lodhi said ‘ how are you ‘ ? ?

  Pradhan sir  looked up And said ‘Ohho Lodhi saab aa gye ! ‘
damn ,this , idiot is known by the name as well , even after 2 years of pass out ! the first thing came to my mind.

We exchanged a few formal greetings and our where about i.e. which  companies are we working , (or working also or not ), meanwhile Lalit due to his interest in core things learned while his IIT M.tech and me bored of the formal exchanges started roaming around , suddenly We stopped at a place , Lalit pulled up a broken Auto transformer Out of a pile of  junk ( a device used to control Voltage , quite popular in engg. students 😉 )
‘abey its still there’ he exclaimed .
‘So?’ I asked, I didn’t see in anything interesting in a broken machine ,

‘Boy! it’s the same machine broken by Kunal  , during one  Practical in 3rd year  ! ‘ He beamed with pride ,
‘what ! How do you know? ‘I wondered, still trying to remember the practical itself.

‘What you boys are looking at?’ Pradhan sir came behind us , ‘Oh this , yeah one of you broke it up ! ‘ he looked at me
‘its still here sir ‘ lalit exclaimed ! his fascination was like a kid watching a video game for the first time  
‘ yeah , It was of no use once you broke it , ‘ He looked at me again when he said “YOU” , I jolted back a bit by 1 -2 degree , “ we now use it for repairing  of the broken fuse wires “ he continued
“ whattttt  ?? hahaha “ I laughed , totally forgetting that I am no more a sophomore in graduation , I am 2 + in corporate . may be it was my chance to take a revenge of the ‘YOU LOOK ‘        

Lodhi and Anurag looked at me as though I committed a sin of laughing at a funeral.
“pull him out , before He cracks our image “ Lodhi said , Obviously he was tensed , his NAME image was getting spoiled 😉

 We came out after 5 minutes and went to meet the other professors in order of seniority, The first one to meet was HOD of electrical Dept, as soon as we entered the room , we had a surprise ! the HOD was not the same who used to be in our days ! Instead was a younger person , whom when he was changed ! I looked at Anurag , even before I could say anything , he blurted out

“ Will kick you even if u think about asking me about it !! !  😉  “ ,
I ignored him and continued to have casual conversation , told him about us being an ex-student , he was quite less interested in it and our affinity towards college due to obvious reasons , he had never seen us. After a few minutes even I felt bore and turned towards my Ex-prof room , as expected , even that was changed from Ground to first ,

On my way to his room , I saw a junior  getting harassed a guy ( probably 3rd year , 4th year students are too busy for all this, somewhere the good boy inside me called
“ Leave him !! “  they all looked at me , the junior took the full advantage of the situation and disappeared without even giving a thanks note . 😛

They  whispered among them ‘ who is he ? Adhoc guy for teaching ? ‘
‘doesn’t seem to be !’ other one blurted  Looking at my Jeans and Nike shoes , ‘must be from localite ‘

The main Villain came near me ‘don’t even mess with a Hostelite  ! take ur way ‘,
I smiled , I had seen enough of these local- hostel fights in my days , and on my holiday , I was in no mood to take a panga or to show them My position in society

‘ Naam kya hai be !! bada hans rha hai , dant tod dunga tere ‘ ( what’s ur name , will break your teeths ) , the Villain interjected
“ Sanket Rajawat !! pass out 06 , EE branch “  Anurag shouted , even before I said something , after 2 years of graduation I came to know why he was nick named as CR or Chota Ravan  , “Now before , I break YOUR teeths in fromt of your juniors and hostel , go and get yourself kicked in A **  !! “ .

Villain turned in his attitude “ I am sorry sir ! “ he said to me , I laughed again ,
“ you bugger ! bolen ki nahi hoti banti kya ?? U are the first guy who was getting ragged after 2 years of his pass out “
“ and you are the first person who RAGGED after being a pass out“ I gave a hearty laugh , Mere radhe bhaiya (  I gave a PJ for Tere naam )

soon the whole gang joined us and we started searching of our professors , it didn’t last long !
every body’s favourite CKD sir was sitting there, thing which I liked about him best was , he always remembered his students , He had a different message for each one of us ,

1) When lalit touched his feet   :  Bas re IITian , you made me proud !!

2) At Anurag’s turn : he just wished him gud luck for his b’ness and consulted to meet him often as he was in the same city ,

3) for Lodhi : waah re BPCL ke patthe..

4) for Me :  I know  how you used to hate Electrical and used to be a topper in comp science related subject ,

We all beamed , we were out from the college boundaries.. but still were in the memories though 😉

‘Sir we really wish ki we get another chance to go for a college “ Lodhi said
‘ why ?? missing the days , or the girls ?? “ CKD sir asked and winked together
“ actually ! wanna increase my grades “ lalit said , this guy was definately a GEEK in disguise , I really hated those circuit diagrams and voltage fluctuations , The hell  I need a voltage across a resistor , I am happy with my 220 V electricity @ my home , I always thought .

This gave a funny smile to the  Ravan , and before we could understand any thing , he shooted up “ sir will you give us a permission to attend your classes ?? “ just for today ?? “

“ what ?? no no !! what are you saying .. ? CKD sir surprised asked us the question .

“ Sir I am saying that , just for living those days again , can we attend your classes as a regular student ?  “ He continued , and looked at us one by one , seeking for the help , we all just stood there , motion less enjoying the movie .

“ but how is that possible ? U need to take permission from HOD ! “

“ Sir I don’t think he will even step inside the class , besides we will just sit on the back bench , and enjoy .. its almost 2 years we attended the classes . “ Lodhi too joined the gang .

“Well . err. “ sir were still sceptical towards the movement .

“ I think it’s a one off exercise sir ! let us  do it I we promise it will be just a secret J ! “ I too was getting excited in a college after getting a degree 😀

Lalit was still quiet , I think he was n’t intrested in the plan or was totally shocked about our ideas ,

“ Well if HOD is not intrested , than probably I can .. I can vow for a YES “ sir smiled .

Yippey ! our mission was done ! ! WE were going to attend the classes again after the graduation , we weren’t tensed because our impression now had no influence on our degrees !

“ Are you nuts ! why the hell you wanna attend the classes “ Lalit said after sir left .
“ its ok , it will be a fun ! “  I suggested ..
“ bloddy fun ! at the time of attending the classes  u never did that , now after getting a job , you want to go for it ! if some body caught  us then ?? “

“ did you get caught when you bunked the classes ?? “  Lodhi asked
“ No “ said lalit
“ EXACTLLYY !!! that is the point ,, then who will catch you when you are ATTENDING THEM “ I said .. and every body accompanied me by laughing J

We all moved towards the corridor , at the end we saw a board with
“             VI th sememster ,

Next part : – – – –

–         our classes

–         Cross questioning  by professors

–         Students thinking us to be some BACK – YEAR / failed senior !  🙂 

    –  Conclusion ( may be / may be not )

a College day ,, from My EX-college life ! ;-) – (i)

It just happened with me that I thought to pull out a day of my college life , and to share it with my readers , obviously what so special in my college life ,in fact every body goes to college and remains nostalgic about it for the next all years of his /her life .

But,,, My day was a bit different from an ordinary college day , though there was a canteen , there were classes , there were girls surrounding my sitting places , and there were back bench comments ! but the thing which was missing was , OUR REGISTRATION IN THE COLLEGE !!
Confused ?? lemme make it more clear ,
“We went to our college and attended the lecture after 2 years of our graduation  !! “

 Yeps  ! this happened  some where in the mid sept of year 2008 , when I went to my home town and just by chance to meet my college friends and to have a get together sort of things between the ex-student of my GEC college.TOday while chatting with him this memory  came up,
Prior to starting ..   Lemme give you some back ground of the incident : –
day : some where in mid sept 08
time : 10 a.m.

So the day began after I got a call from My Ex –college mate Lalit ( an IIT – M.tech pass out after my engg in 06 and now working in Railways as a major engineer ) to meet him and the following characters : –  , Anurag ( A Leicester uni pass out , Mr KD , your Ex clg mate now 😛 , he was the class representative or the CR of our class , so we nick named him as chota ravan 🙂 ) and handling his family business now  and Abhishek ( now working for BPC, we sometimes ref to him by Lodhi  his surname L) &  It was me ( nick name as  bade pa ( may be becausse of height , still mystery )

We all decided to meet and to have a fun activity , now  the toughest phase was to choose the venue , After a gradual hustle we all decided to meet at a coffee point and then decided to go to our Alma mater “ our college “ … ‘why not’ .. suggested Anurag , ‘it will be a fun to go and collect our memories  and to  meet all our profs , let us see how much do they remember us ‘ .
‘bloody who will remember you , you hardly attended any of the sessions ‘ jerked lalit and we all laughed.’ Yeah it was so true. I too jumped in

 ‘ common yaar , let all of us go , they must be remembering us least by faces ‘
‘yeah they will’ said Abhishek ‘ as you were the only one who came in the GT of raksha bandhan in 1st year 😀 ‘  and the silence was filled with laughter
‘ok ok , fine ‘ I said , ‘I do remember that , but you mustn’t forget that u were the only  idiot  who completed the Circuit theory assignment after the dhamki of our ad-hoc profs  to fail us in VIVA ‘  and every body laughed again

And this kept on till next 1 hour .. when all our coffee intake capacity was overflowed, the bucks in our wallets were in no mood to come out for other packet of caffeine , and Our  sophisticated ‘Employee working in multinationals ‘image was completely spoiled as the a ‘lukkhe aawara ‘type of guys roaming in the city in the coffee point, finally when manager asked us to be quiet in order to manage other sober customers over there , we decided to move on to our college

After we went there, the first thing we did was to digest our coffee and to make some space for the college canteen food , I Must say that irrespective of Pizza-burger world we live in  there is no sort of satisfaction what we can get in our college canteen once we go there… after we realized that we had enough stuff, finally it reminded me of the Motto for which we had come here , I took the initiative and asked all “ saalon , chalna nahi hai kya milne prof se ?? ( fools , don’t you wanna meet the profs ) , It was a mistake as all my ‘foes’ turned towards me and said ‘why ? are u gonna fail in VIVA if u bunk ‘ and all laughed at me again , poor chap I too just smiled in order to save my image and joined them after 5 -10 minutes ,
As soon as we entered our college gate , the guard asked us “ show your ids “
“ what ?? why do u need an Id to enter college  “ Lalit said
“ No Id , no entry “ guard responded with an equal rage.
we all took our driving license and he responded , “ kabhi college aate ho ? College ID card “ 😀 ..
“now when was this rule introduced , you should have told us na “ I whispered to Anurag , being a localite he should know , I empahsised .
“hell I should know , as If I come here daily “ he retorted back in a bit angry tone
“ guard sahib we are the ex-students of this college “ Abhishek said in order to cope up the situation , “ we just came here in order to meet our faculties as we are coming to Ujjain after a long time.”

“Oh , why didn’u tell me Earlier “ guard now turned his face into a smile and escorted us into college with his right hand posture in the ‘welcome ‘ angle , he continued “ it actually started when there were some cases of external students coming and having a fight with students over here “
“ lemme guess guard sahib  “ I played Sherlock “ the guys must be Mechanical stream guys “
“ yess ! how do you know “ he exclaimed and at the same time gave us a suspicious look , as if I was an external student in a disguise of ex-one , well technically I was 😉

I understood his doubt and said “ no big deal , all such sort of activities are don by mech guys only “
“ yeah you are right “ he said , still suspicious ,

We  ignored him  and continued , WE found out some similar scenes which we used to face around a couple of years back ,  a Guy ragging a junior , few guys on the stair case opening the book but chatting more than reading , I felt a smile appearing on my face automatically , few girls pasting some events on notice boards , a queue of students outside our principal’s office  for signatures + applications + reason for teir short attendance requesting for Admit cards / Exam fee , a library  with few limited books on a topic ,
finally we saw the department , In outshining board It had a board “ DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  , ESTD : 1965  !!

We all moved towards that direction …                                                                                                          ( to be continued )

Yet to come ….

–         Our stint with professors

–         Attending classes

–         Our ragging

Answers to questions thrown by profesors 🙂  thinking that we are the MOST irregular students 😀 Who have come to the college for first time 😀 😀



My first 55-fiction story.. ( A tribute to KKji :-)

Rather than competition , its my tribute to KKji !! the one who introduced me to the 55 fiction concept !! 🙂 …

Note  : this is not for flattery , nor for the concept that if my word count exceeds 55 , I should be  exempted. 🙂 ..

and above all these words are NOT counted in the 55 story word 😀 😀 😀 .. they start from below.

============ ************************** ===================

We  looked into each other’s eyes & smiled, we were shy !!1st time for both ….  

Coming close to each other , eyes closed ,we  lip locked !! 
It felt  Wet , juicy !!







But the moment , WINE went down my throat , I felt yakkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!!  …
I looked @ ”my reflection” in the glass & said ,
” U taste horrible, never gonna try you again  !! 




🙂 .. 🙂 


Sanky 😉

thoda lucky ho jaye !! ;-)

well I won’t sat any thing…. just have a look @ the picture  below .. !! I say I am a bit lucky !! ;-)…

Chiru & bholu !! 😛

I was just moving on the platform and found him , as here he is not a celebrity , so he was wandering peacefully , but I recognized him , all thanks to my hyd tenure , I just wished him and said hello !! he responded equally , and moved on .. now I thought that If I don’t take his auto /photograph it is equal to me not meeting him , 🙂 .. so I just asked him for a photo , he said ” yeah yeah ” and I took my phone out , he then searched for some one who could take away our picture , as he is a normal visitor here ,  he himself clicked the photo , now after that I just moved on .  Then he said ” At places like here only I can roam around freely , 🙂

After coming to office , i was more like a celebrity when people came to know that I have got chance to being captured in the frame with Chiru , as most of my collegues here are from AP background , so they were asking me all the details ‘ where did u get it , where was he ‘ etc etc.

I too enjoyed the fun , made stories like I shook hands with him , And he invited me to his local home as he was impressed by me identifying him where no one recognizes him, that day was completely gone in people coming to my desk and asking about him .

I think I went a bit lucky , with that ;-).. what say ??