Random thoughts on Busy life…!

I go through ups and downs in my life. I get very bizi in day to day mundane life. Bothered very much about my work life than my personal life. Don’t get time to spend with my family.  Get irritated at home unnecessarily. Felt Kinda loosing myself in all this. I decided to take off and find some peace. I some how manage to get one day leave amid my deliverables, for which I had to workhard on a backup, give a KT to manage for that one day’s work. I set to my hometown on friday.

      On the way to my hometown: I really feel solaced when seeing all the ways painted in green (as its rainy season). Few things that rainy season reminds me is of:


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare. 🙂 hummm

Back to my break. I met all the relatives in my hometown. Got to spend some good time with my family. Share all the past good memories  and share all the hard facts which I was going through. Spent some time alone, with no thoughts wandering in me. Watched lot of TV, music. And when I was back to office on monday, I found myself so refreshing. People asked me something special. I felt wow its seen on my face too. Hahaha. Then I felt it worked. Great! Cool! . I was very cheerful with whatever Kitchen and home work, I had too.Thats how I felt we need some break, take sometime out for ourselves. And never loose ourseleves to the busy life so much that we forget ourselves. :). Before I ended my post I also wanted to mention about something that really was missing in my day to day life, yes its the prayer. I am attaching a link to a prayer song that I get to hear daily from a school nearby to my house: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xxUkLhZe4&feature=related“: .


Summer Nostalgia!!!


I see myself walking in a big jungle along with other people . The jungle looks very serene.  Everyone is walking towards a big white house in the jungle and then we get into it. The house has big white pillars and is very spacious. I keep wondering at those huge white pillars. We start  flying and spinning in the air all of a sudden.  Then i see few apparels flying in air,  I have option of selecting a 3/4th trousers. I go for picking it up and I hear some noise stopping me from taking it. I ignore and try choosing it. Again some noise keeps pricking my ears, and I go for stopping that noise and I reach out to my cell and stop my alarm. All of a sudden, all of that wind in which we were flying, that jungle, that apparels were gone…

I look at the time… its 8 in the morning.

Still on bed don’t feel like getting up…..Half slept eyes…

Cold breeze from the window panes feathers up on my cheeks…I feel glee…..

I could hear the birds chirping… on and on….

I get up and feel the summer warmth….the fragrance in the air….

The birds chirping, the cold breeze in summer warmth, suddenly tickles my heart, thumps my heart and pushes me to remind me of something past.

My mind rushes to the past makes me think what is it reminding me of?  It reminisces me of :

  • My terrible xam time preparations…. All that tension in my mind… all books around…..
  • My childhood days –  where we went to aamrai(mango garden) to steal raw mangoes and maali yelled at us and we ran as fast as we could and escaped from aamrai….yeah could get some raw mangoes. Or the Summer holidays where I used to go to my aunts home and have lot of fun….
  • My Adolescent age days …A day flashes… where I was heading to my new school in 10th std. Had left my good old friends there…!!!…  I Was riding a bicycle to my new school and hear someone calling my name…I saw him for my surprise and it was one of the most happiest day of my life
  • Or my first reaction on the song sent in a mail in engg: “Everything I Do, I do it for you”
  • Or first time our eyes met and stayed in contact for a while and then departed; (background song: aapki ankhon mein kuch behke hue se khwab hai aapse bhi khoobsurat aapke andaaz hai ….)(when an ELTP- trainee at satyam … hahahah)…. 🙂

Back to present hmmmm Gosh!! I feel glee and a bit wistful too… :). Its summer time here again; I have shared my summer nostalgia…wts urs???? 🙂 (pls share if u wish to:) )

Trip to Kolkata

I had captured a few pics last month that i wanted to share with my MOTA-ites…on my trip to kolkata!!  Wanted  to capture few more but my i lost my digicam’s charger and yet to buy it… 🙂 :

Sisters – Missionaries of charity

 Sisters of missionary

@ Bada Bazaar- Hardly had any space to walk

 Bada Bazaar 

Panshop @ New Market: Seems huge fan of Mohd Rafi and Dilip Kumar.

A panshop @ NewMarket

 Rickshaw puller:


Person cooking Roti out of  a closed office on sunday. Sply the Choolah (stove) that he is using to cook it.


Monkey dancing( on tune of Ek pal ka jeena .. 🙂 )


  • I could see the oldest Indian tradition alive in Kolkata.
  • I enjoyed Tea served in small clay pots, 1 rupee poori served wid aloo sabji (2-5 rupees i guess)
  • I really felt glad when people offered free gol-gappas, amlas (jst to munch) out of affection towards my kid
  • We got chance to sit on rickshaw (not the one pulled by a person but the actual paddling rickshaw), it was fun. And roamed the market near to Mitia bruz.

We attended one marraige there, where we could not even guess who the dullah (groom) was, as he himself got bizi in serving the guests for reception dinner  :).

SimplyAfs’s Intro Blog ?s – Better late than never :)

I apologize for being very late in posting this, and i mean it:

1. What is your passion?

Listening music, singing, dancing!

Loving beautiful nature..!!


2. Cinema and Politics?

Cinema: I am not a movie buff… But it is must watch when I hv good leisure time. I love comedy – Home alone, romantic comedies like first fifty dates… romantic movies like: Geetanjali (telugu movie) MPK, Message oriented movies like one to mention YUVA… I love pirates of carribean( all parts)


— im too low in knwing my current affairs but I try to my best to keep in track wid it

 3. One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term:

India improves – On poor and needy people get shelter, food and education

 4. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term

Short term:  I get a New job

5. One good thing you want to happen for this community of bloggers – Long term

We reach out to society with our say…  (hahah….too mch ..Isn’t it)

6. A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here.

I feel Nafees has a lot of attitude .. 🙂 (nthng personal jst  a comment)

7. Flirted?

I don’t remmbr if I hv flirted with any1,… bt I wl try to hmmmm: I rmmber in my engg college days I had a huge crush on my classmate in first year( he lukd very similar to Ganguly n (was the topper which I knew later) ). I used to make sure that I am sitting in the same row that he is sitting in. So that I can look at him now and then J  He used to dress up very simple, was a introvert… and one day he was wearing new sports shoe… I slowly commented (ofcourse audible) : “New shoes” … and he simply left unheard…

8. Loved?

Yes I did.

9. A country you want to visit?

 UK – London

10. Belief in God?

My whole world exist b’coz of  him

11. One thing you would surely do to uplift this poor country.

Impart the education I have freely. Which I did but partially… I taught SSC failed candidates to pursue their 10+2 (though gt paid for it… )

12. One secret about you.

One to mention ..: I feel I am very mean sometimes.

13. Unforgettable memories…

My childhood days with my sisters

I pass this ?naire to my other Mota-ite: “Sanket”…


Satyam Bloggers Meet!!

It was gr8 and a pleasant evening with our mota-ites at sanjeevaiah park!! I met Hashir,  Savita,  Abhishek, Deepak from our MOTA-family.!! I could spend very less time but had a happy time..!!  Waiting to hear.. hw the rest of the time went on….Uploading few pics… of our meet…!! 🙂 Cheers!!

Savita, Abhi, Deepak, Hashir


Me n group

Me m savita

Indelible Incident of Ramzaan!!

Month of Ramadhaan reminds me of an unforgettable incident:

                                                Some background stuff: I and my elder sis used to spend carefully. Like we used to go for buying second hand books, we never pestered our parents for any expensive items. And so me being a sensible girl, I decided to walk for my tuitions. I, sometimes in my Engineering vacations would go for pursuing tuitions on the subjects that I felt were tough; as my Engg College did not have all good lecturers. It took 30 – 40mins to reach my tutorial. It was month of Ramadhaan then. And I was on fast.
                                               The Incident: On one Sunny afternoon when I was getting back home from the tuition class. I did not have much energy to walk. I had heard of short route that lead to my home (which could save at least 10mins of my time). But I had never tried taking it as it was an abandoned area. That day I luckily saw a girl, who was walking towards the short route (that I had idea about). I just tried following her for a while; and found it was the right short route. I felt happy that I found it somehow and had got some company too. Soon I was walking almost along with her and then the stranger girl noticed me. I just gave her a smile. And I introduced myself to her. And in talks I told her that I am on fast and stuff. I kept walking along with the stranger girl. I was loosing out all my energy because of the hot sun.(I did not disclose to her that I was not really fine and was not having enough strength to walk.) We kept walking. The talk helped me a bit to relax and walk. She reached her destination (it was a girl’s hostel, where she lived in). And she invited me to join her. Caring for some manners I told that I would carry on. She told in response that it’s fine, please come. Without giving next thought I got in. Hostel was a home turned hostel; was spacious. I felt the marble-tiled floor cold and felt the place pleasant. I met the other girls there, their warden. I did no much talking as it was a new place, with new faces for me. I just was smiling over their talk to each other. I sat and relaxed myself there for sometime which added a lot to my energy. I then wished them all a goodbye and thanked them. And was happy back on my way to home.
                                               It was so generous of the stranger girl who invited me to her hostel, not knowing me though. Also getting onto the short route that day. I can never forget this incident in my life!  🙂

Crazziest Childhood Acts -I !!

Childhood Act1:
One fine day may be at age of 4-6Yrs somewhere at early 1985’s, I saw my dad had got his salary(ofcourse now i knw it was his sal bt tht time i dint) and had placed it in his briefcase. In those days it was like 5 rupees bundle that contributed to a 500 or so. I dont know what went into my head, I kept watch on it and when the briefcase was left open for sometime I grabbed a chance and could pick a 5Rs Note. 5Rs was good amount at that time. I slowly slipped out of the house and went to nearby chocolate stores (Its still located at same place my hometown, Mahabubnagar dist, AP). I felt like the whole candy shop is mine now. I got poppins, 5 star, tofees and peppermints. After returning home, I placed it under the almirah space. And when ever there was no one around I picked up each item and relished it to my tummy and heart lol!!
I had a wonderful day, eating candies. And finally at the day end, it was all done, my father was back home he called me and asked me if I had taken out a 5 rupee note from his briefcase, I kept silent, I did not speak a word. I was feeling all guilty and scared. All fun that I had was gone now. Then my Father told “I know it’s you, do not steal beta!. Anything you need, just ask and take it. Ok?”. I told “Yes Daddy (as if cat meowed)!”  And then my dad gave a smile and took me close. I was so happy (he just forgived me) :).