Done with my radio recording and just came back to office with lots of great memories and one goodie –bag by 94.3 My FM-‘Jiyo Dil Se’ …
Now this recording will be given to all the 5 radio channels and they will broadcast it during their slots, everyday for almost one year.
Tomorrow I will be getting CD of the same with some music addition.
Now coming to my experience about the whole day..
Hmmm..What to say..I was pretty excited..Reached to the “Bhaskar House” (Divya Bhaskar publications’ office) with my two ma’ams ,where the person who is handling all sales and PR department came to receive us..
When you enter the building , first you see is the Indian map where the entire Divya Bhaskar network was marked. Then we headed towards the 3rd floor at My FM office, as expected the entry was having various posters and tag line ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ was written on all very nice colorful ambience.
We met the regional head and he explained us about various new things in Radio and how FM is having high impact in today’s world.
Then we were taken on quick tour of the whole radio station and they explained all technical stuff about radio broadcast. We saw the ‘on-air’ room , from where the RJ was doing the Live show. Then we went to the recording studio , where we met the head of that studio.
Woooooooohh!! Then the real show begun , I started recording the poem with that big mike and putting headphone ..

First 2-3 takes were not so good as I think I got li’l conscious and also to talk with all the emotions and that too in front of instruments and not people were li’l strange for me..but with lots of patience the sir over there helped me and then after 5-6 takes was done with my first poem which was on a serious note.
The second poem was on a lighter side , so I managed to do it well soon. It was a really funny situation to hear your own voice after recording is done.
After the recordings , they gave all of us one gift-hamper kinda bag with DVDs and key-chain and most importantly Ganeshji-idol of SidhhiVinayak .
When I am writing this constantly I am smiling…It’s the same feeling which I had when I first time met sachin tendulkar or I got admission into Nirma …
I may sound over-enthu or over –excited in this post ..the
reason may be is that I got this opportunity totally unexpectedly ..
Whatever it is..I am happy…and I am enjoying every moment !!!!
Waiting for tomorrow, when I will be getting my poems with music 😀


My poems are going to get my own voice-first radio recording!!

There are times where unexpectedly destiny bestows you with great surprises. last Thursday, on 9th September , we had an event in Ahmedabad , where we had to present planning for the year 2010-11 ‘s activities for our BURD program (Bal Urja Rakshak Dal) ,yes the same program for which I am contributing in website development. ( ) , still lot more to do in this , but so far 1820 schools have registered through on-line registration portal.

On that day I had my presentation for the same web site and about the guidelines for registration. As my presentation was last, as and when I got time , I wrote certain lines and then in the break time, I was ready with 2 poems –short poems related to energy conservation and global warming.

I used those poems at the start and at the end of my presentation. All my office heads liked them very much. And then after the program got over, I got to know from our mass communication officer that my poems will be broadcast through our radio campaign for spreading awareness about energy conservation. And luckily all 5 radio channels ‘ Gujarat representatives were right there at the program , so they also liked the work and our Mass com head told me that If I can record them in my voice.

I was pleasantly shocked… I said yes I will !!!..

So,today I am going to the radio station ..for the first time..

I am pretty excited and also anxious a li’l bit…It’s the same feeling which I had when I first went on stage for my debate competition ..or for anchoring…or when I  post my blog for the first time..

I will write about my experience once the recording is done..Hopefully all should go well…

Need your wishes..

No IT , It is Renewable Energy Now

The other day my madam told me ‘If you are done with your presentation, Let’s go to CCD’, I smiled, okay!! Thinking about the chocolate walnut brownie, I shut down my PC.

She was shocked to see my quick reaction and told ,’ Have you taken the new document which I gave you in the morning??’ , I surprisingly asked ‘ ma’m, we are going to CCD na!! , so..’ , She laughed and told me…’ohh I forgot you are from IT ..soo CCD means Café Cofee day ..but dear now you are in Solar Energy field..soo CCD here is Climate Change Department..we are going there for our new project work!!! ‘


So.. Here I am in a totally new and different field than IT – The field of renewable energy/solar energy..

Though the corporate office layouts and designs are now approaching Government departments and agency and also IT is getting involved in all the main procedures slowly, still there exist many differences …

This field has its own charm but it’s human nature to ‘compare’ things /situations/people and environment..!! So here I go…

Everyday we get tea from ‘Kitli’ instead of the tasteless chai of wending machines , the tea everyday comes with human errors like sometimes with less sugar or lesser milk and so having discussion over the taste has become our everyday routine..

The biggest difference is here we have to deal with people most of the time instead of those 19” non-sensitive screens, and that’s something amazing about this field.

At the same time maintaining all documents on paper and filing them everyday is something tedious when we are habituated of saving data on server and using them.

Here we can directly meet our higher authorities for any problem or concerns and they treat us very well where as we still dint get any chance to meet Mr.Raju and ask him why he did such a in-human ( or can say typically human) vala act ..!!!!!

Now the very drastic difference comes at the time of pet-pooja –> when I was in IT as I was away from home, so from morning breakfast to the dinner at night ‘ what to eat?’ was the biggest question and then everyday discussions on Menu , new hotels in the area ,taking coupon , waiting in a queue , discussing a lot many bugs and website development problems on lunch table and doing a lot of fun in the sophisticated STC canteen were the fun factors whereas here we all come with lunch boxes and home made /mom made food and no tensions on foodie factors ..

The terms .NET , JAVA , SQL , links , DBA , PM and bugs are almost rare to hear now , instead Solar , wind , PPA , SPV are some of the new addition in day to day vocab.

Staring at the Solar panel or a wind mill , looking at the good graph of unit generation in the control room , smile automatically comes to my face with a little sign of pride because of the fact that I am contributing in my own way in the green-energy field , this smile of work satisfaction was somewhere missing may be because I was at the right place at wrong time previously , and the only reason to smile was that I was with the right set of people who made my each day memorable at Hyderabad.

I feel lucky as whatever little knowledge I have gained in IT during the wonderful training days is being utilized over here as I am in a team of energy-portal websites development of our organization.

Yes I miss my friends of Hyderabad everyday and my many posts are dedicated to them but as life moves on, today I am at my home and working for my field of interest with His blessings.

Before ending the post would like to mention the funny incident happened today, one visitor came and inquired about one of the staff members in the Solar Cooker department in innocent way “ arey!! Wo cookerme the wo kaha hai abhi??”

That’s all about me being out of IT and still everyday working and remembering IT along with the new work and job profile .. 🙂

Are we really busy??

              We always say life is getting faster.. ‘yaar time hi nahi milta ‘ … ‘kuchh dinse kaam jyada ho gaya hai’ …  ‘ was stuck in some work’ .. ‘ m sorry ..couldn’t reply you / talk to you/ forgot to reply/ etc..etc..‘ or… “ arey! Yar dimag se hi chala gaya call karna tha” …

(You can add more excuses ..oops Did I say excuse??!! No no…I mean to can add more reasons -home made or borrowed…. )

             A ‘shetani’ smile comes to my face as and when I read someone’s status message in messenger “ @ work” .. “Busy working”… and I really feel like harassing them by saying Hi!!!!!.. ..wait wait…please I don’t really do that….but then too.. Shetan in me keeps saying that..  😉  and the wise part in me wins convincing the Shetan that may be that person is working online and exchanging work on messenger …

If we are really very are we getting time to show that..!!! That’s really unrealistic for me…

             Social networking is important.. but not to show off that you are in busy – busy world … delete all your mail accounts and social IDs ..and see how ‘not-busy’ your life is … and If you wanna be active in all things…check out you are not getting the tag of   ‘ping –busy’ from me  … 😛

             If we really look into our lives… we will find that..we are not at all busy the way people used to be in previous era as far as work load is concerned ..and If your answer comes that “nope..I am seriously busy in my work” then check your ability to work…you have missed out some factors in time – management …

           Yes , I do agree we have working hours… and some discipline factors and ethics at work place ..due to which sometimes it is not possible to answer calls / mails …but what after the working hours?? We are not in to 24* 7 jobs …and if we are..then add some skills and come out of that .. and live life ..there is a world beyond job ….and messages to spread beyond “ busy working”

              With the growing technologies life should be simpler…easier..and more peaceful..and must allow us to do all the things we want…and also allow us to be in touch with all our loved ones…

So where is the problem exactly…!!!???

               I guess it’s the matter of setting priorities…  We get time to see football  or a cricket match if we are die hard fans of these games… we get time to chat or call people whom we really find dear to us..  we get time to do window shopping and also for going out if a new restaurant is open in the city if we are a foodie … we get time to attend a music concert of our favorite musicians after busy working hours ..And the list is on and on…

                But as if spreading message of  ‘Being busy’ is the fashion in the town… people madly follow it if that’s not your status message but symbol of your status !!

              If I you find me wrong then just rewind you lives and think about those situations where you have said someone those dialogues or you faced those dialogues …

               Anywayz , I started writing post in a comic sense but have added a lot of over-wise matters too… ignore them If you can…

                 But … at least go and remove your status messages and find some more logical reasons (like I am in roaming..I am on the world tour .. working on a mission Mars or Pluto….. discovering a new place on moon .. and many more depending on your creativity)  ….or else new blog is surely due from me for you 🙂


Long back on 02/09/2008 I wrote these lines….

Today sharing them with MoTA family after reading Lakshmi mam’s post “The Mask”

Hope you will enjoy …


चहेरे पे चहेरा ,

नहीं रखते इरादों पे पहरा ,

मोहर के  साथ बदलते है मोहरे  ,

रखते है उसूल भी दोहरे ,

बने रहते है तभी सम्बधो में कोहरे ,


न खुद को जाना न खुदा को ,

ना ज़िंदगी को माना ना ज़िंदादिली को !!!

“Smrutz…,it’s ur turn !!’

Ahha!! After VPP and resigning from satyam..have been preparing a lot for interviews…and see I am giving another HR interview … 😉
I am imagining whole MoTA parivar is in panel and staring..when she will start the answers…okie okie…
Here they are….

1. What is your passion?
I am passionate about this beautiful life.. I like to be happy and I want people around me also be happy and enjoy…
And other passion includes my work in field of green-energy …

2. Cinema and Politics?
Cinema :– yess like it..a source of entertainment…I like to see those movies specially which has sensible humor and based on friendship (like..DCH,JTYJN,3 Idiots)
As far as movie-with a message is concerned ,yeah I do like many of them but it depends on mood If I like them or not..( I am sorry but yes..I am a moody person..if I am in a masti zone..I can’t enjoy hi-fi fundawala movie)

Politics:- I believe there are 3 ‘Nitis’- Krishn-Niti, Vidur-niti , Chankya-niti ..on basis of any one a kingdom is govern.
But sadly now I don’t find ‘Niti’ itself…no ethics..just mind game..
I am not able to understand ..

3. One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term

To have freedom is not much important but to use freedom wisely that is what the main thing is.
I wish all Indians start respecting the motherland and stop saying ‘yaha to aise hi hota hai’,’areyy ye India hai yar..aur kya hoga!!’

4. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Long term

Happy – mastibhari life for me and my family and friends

5. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term

I still get very emotional sometimes about what all happen in the company and how all my friends are now at different places .I want to take this fact more positively.

6. One good thing you want to happen for this community of bloggers – Long term

All MoTA parivar members achieve their long and short term goals and also keep posting about them along with the schedule of party 

7. A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here.

Frankly I respect all the Parivar members and enjoy reading your minds via posts. I have interacted with many people here and I have learned a lot many good things from them. Want to meet all of you soon 
8. Flirted?
Naah. Never. I feel it’s a time pass.
9. Loved?
Yep! Loved by family and God and I love them more.

I know you all will be like ‘next question’ as no interesting answers found….;)
10. A country you want to visit?
Want to do world tour and of course want to explore our beautiful India as well.
(high demands!!…God..Please Read my post and ans no.10 )
11. Belief in God?

Yes, I am not so religious but am spiritual. I don’t like to worship any living person/guru/sant ,I just believe in the supreme power which gives us life and strength to live.
12. One thing you would surely do for to uplift this unfortunate country?

I want to spread message of energy conservation and energy saving along with that want to research on renewable energy sources.
13. One secret about you.

As such no secrets ,people who are closed to me know each and every bit of my life but yes some things I want to share with MoTa parivar

I am over possessive about my family.
I have a sixth sense and at times It has helped me and at least has warned me about things to be happen. But majority of the times I have ignored it and then have faced the troubles.
I like to do imitation of news readers and tv anchors.
I talk to myself when I am alone on my zula (swing)

14. Adventure if any in life…

Resigning satyam and after that took decision to join the field of my interest –renewable energy ,denying all IT offers was a biggest step.

After 7th Jan we used to have one seminar everyday from HR or PM or someone –saying not to worry and all, projects are in pipeline (which remained there only 😉 ) – so during one of those sessions I took the mike and told many things which all used to discuss on coffee points but never conveyed to authorities and after I spoke all my gujju gang members also joined me.
After that our group was tagged as rebellion by many.

During my Nepal trip –there were bandh going on in Nepal and we were not allowed to enter the border. But we took cycle-rickshaw and visited Lumbini (Birth place of Budhh Bhagwan) which was 25 Kms away and throughout our journey we dint see any person because of fear and also saw 2 blasts on our way. But thankfully we reached safely and enjoyed and came back happily too.

I slapped one beggar in Sindhi colony who came to snatch my purse.
So…that’s all about me..many known things –some unknown things ..

शब्द संग्राम- Word Series : ‘Memory’

Memory…Where a journey called life gets ‘statue’ order. Experiences throughout our living gets destination at this station-with or without our permission ..
Memory rules our subconscious and sometimes conscious mind…
Smiles and many times smile with a tear ( :’ ) –Thanks to Smiley ..Expressions are easy to understand and convey ) these are the gifts she gives us often.. sometimes she triggers thought process and sometimes makes us dumb ..that’s her power..
We move on but she keeps us connected with past..the more we try to ignore ..the more ,memory will hold our mind tightly..that’s the beauty of memory..
We feel good about old times..we miss moments..but we feel them our true treasure..
Human mind is the toughest part to understand and how we remember things/people/situations are even more complex if we try to analyze…but still forgetting all these ,the fact remains the same.. that mind is the most wonderful gift and memory is the heart of our mind ..
No matter how time has treated us in past..memory of that time will always try to make us realize good part of that situation and will force us to miss that ..
Memory holds different adjectives like good/bad/poor/sharp … but without all these as well she is powerful at her position… & keeps her identity in our life..
From childhood to different stages of life. we are dependent on memory…no matter how positive a person is..memory always makes him to see in past. recall things/people…and that’s normal human tendency..

A small word but holds the whole our world inside..that’s memory..

What’s say??

P.S : I really want to come up with different words (शब्द संग्राम–as my blogname says) which we use almost every day..and their impact on our life..
Please write your ideas as well for the same word..and of course suggestions for any other word..and write views on that new word..and keep this series continue..Hope we all will enjoy … 🙂