Epic Story of An Enthralling Official Trip!!!

What happens in when people of varied age groups and different parts of India with different tastes get together?

They either sit in smaller groups and enjoy among themselves or they become individuals…this is a common feature, but our office trip which had about 20 odd people proved all the said features to be ridden from the surface of earth.

You ask me how that can be; there will always be differences…blah…blah…blah. Read on…!

We started on early Friday morning…..and then picking up people on the way we hit the highway at about 8.10 am. We stopped for breakfast and refreshing ourselves, as some of us had started very early that morning and were still sleepy, due to our own comforts of life. So the refreshments had really rejuvenated the souls and there was fun thereafter.

We got into the bus and resumed our journey, after a sumptuous breakfast, filling the growling tummies, people were resting heavy on the chairs of the bus…so it was time to wake them up.

The music could not be switched on, so we resolved to people singing and dancing with loads of masti and fun. That broke the initial hiccups of ice-breaking and kind of everybody loosened up.

The reluctant people also gave up seeing others and broke into the mood. Thus, rolling in laughter and fun and pulling each others leg longer than usual, we reached the place and then it was only food on our minds till we saw the scenic river….!

I and my friend initially took a walk down the river and attempted to touch the waters but then beaten by the drizzle to the sudden rain we had to trace our feet back to the hut that we were supposed to share for the night.

The rain stopped and the whole lot of people wanted to take turns to the river, this time too we joined and could not wet our feet in the water.

We both took an oath saying, “We will break the Jinx…either together or separately, and we will see that the foot is dipped in the water.”

Thus, we got into playing various games such as, carom, shuttle, and cricket along with the different cameras clicking the beauties.

There were loads of men, who surrounded the ladies who were very less in comparison to the men folk, and they had to crave for attention amongst the few.

Some men did not bother to disturb the beauties…though each one of us was in different shape, size and color. So the variety was the essence of attention. 😉

I wished I wasn’t married coz I was the only lady who was married and that made me ‘a species in its own territory’. Well, all good things don’t come in good packages. So had to be fine with what was offered to me, but even though I did not want to be addressed as ‘AUNTY’, I kept my share of vengeance by calling that same person, ‘UNCLE…’! 🙂

That became the way of addressing for both of us for the one and half day we spent together. I was also thinking it was getting a little boring when there was no much attention, one as I was married and the other as it is there is no much chance of doing things that were being done….?!

I don’t understand the fact how is that married men still do feel it comfortable to pursue younger women, but the Good Looking and Smart Women, like me are avoided for a simple reason as such as marriage. Well, will address this later; let me get on with the writing of my experience.

Just then when I thought I was getting bored, people were already lying on bed, sleeping and catching a nap, some talking about their own experiences, explaining the beauty of the place, and all varied kind of talks, it became evening and the tea got served.

We had tea and settled down for rounds of talks, some went in to refresh, change in to more comfortable clothes, become prettier, and things like that went on and we gathered around for fun games.

The games were real fun and it actually made things even easier for us to mingle and break the little bit of inhibitions that we had.

Suddenly, I heard my name from all corners and I felt much needed, and then there was a round of singing songs, and I too rendered a romantic song, battered as much as I can.

I finished and I could really see a very few listened to me. I did not know that many had listened as I heard more claps join, but was wondering did they ever listen to me to just joined to clap.

The ignited camp fire was blistering away with its golden red and yellow streaks…with streams of hot air blowing our way; we were sitting closer to it. With its smoke hitting us we sat there to listen to the songs, that were sung, the talks and discussions, that went on.

Somebody out of the blue, said, ‘I can’t say this, coz, there are girls’. We all girls got curious and wanted to know what it was. We tried our best to pull it out from the horse’s mouth but could not due to over burdening of crowd. So, that still remains to be settled, we need to know what is that – that is about the Symbiosis Girls…! 😉

Now the setting sun and the onset of night brought the colored bottles out and it got drowned through the men’s throat and it added vigor to the silent night.

The real fun started after this…we girls had wanted to do a trek in the night as it was part of the package. But, as we heard it from the resort authorities, we needed to book the guided person before the evening sets in or as soon as we come in. We did neither of it and it was considered a risk to be doing on our own.

The authorities said, “If you guys are fine with the risk involved, you can go around with lamps, lanterns and torches…we will provide. You can take a walk along the river-side…”

The men are every ready with task that can question their ability and the fear factor…and when influenced by the inebriated spirits…you don’t have to ask.  🙂

What is more surprising is that the five ladies who were there were willing to give away everything on these people’s word…how is that?

When they clearly know that they can’t even take care of themselves in danger, how are they going to take care of so many delicate darlings at a single time…? Whatever, I was reluctant at first and then being skeptical, I joined the group, unless I am left out from all the fun and frolic…and did not want to be the one left all alone in the Hut of Ours, for the night and hear to all the taunts later when they come back.

Nevertheless, I decided to join them…! The fun part was yet to start…! It was about 11.30 pm when we finally came to go on our walk…with a lantern that good hardly lighten the way till few yards and a torch that can only light your feet and nothing else…! 😉

So, about 13 guys and six ladies, join for the Night Walk, though not in the same order, but I name them here, less they won’t know who they were…!! 😉

It was Vikram, Zabeer, Purna, Vishal, Indarjith, Dinesh, Vasu, Venkatesh, Prakash, Sumit, Visheesh, Ravi, Raghu and all the six beauties set on their walk…with the little light that could guide the way. We all gathered outside the barricade that brings us into the wild and leave behind the civilized parts of the world.

As it is the fear of standing unprotected with a whole of group of inebriated spirits beyond recognizing themselves…wasn’t enough Visheesh, the He-Man of the group says, proudly, “I saw a snake crawl by into the bushes there…where?” God, only knows everything in the front is only shadows of bushes.

We had to believe him…I hear a call out for my name and they say, we will follow, Kavitha for reasons known to him…I could not pin point who was it but, then going with the chorus, I led the whole bunch…!

I like an Aaj Tak correspondent, hoping that it might scare the people who want to walk…Start rolling the camera…Announce…Listen people, “Our Correspondent, Visheesh ji has spotted a snake crawl into the bushes on your right, during the broad day light, so there more chances of finding it in large numbers as it is night time, I request all of us to be in the group and walk along with the group so that we avoid crossing their paths or our paths..”

I don’t know who heard me or not…I was/will stick to the group and not be left alone…! 😉

I was wrong when I said, Ok, coz I thought they all are spirit-fully up for tasks would listen to me…No, I was proved wrong, each one had a direction and the rest did not mind where they were going…as it is the guys were not enough I had tough time maintaining the girls…they wanted to be let loose and roam as and how they want….!

I really want to know why they called out my name. Did they think I was the lazy dumb of the lot or they thought me to be sensible…?! Whatever?!

So, we started walking with one nerd far ahead of us…! Shouting my name, and asking me where the hills are? I said, we will walk towards the hills taking stand on another nerd, who said we go near the hills and walk back.

Now, this nerd was more smarter than the others…calling out loud slogans, “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, come on Kavitha, let’s go…”

I was wondering what do I do now…? People had already vouched for him and his slogan acting on their manhood made them follow him…some sane person said, ‘No let’s go the reverse direction, then the hills in picture…’and what not.

There were a few people who wanted to sit still in the darkness and have a long drawn inhalation…I Wondering what to do with these people. Walking was at least a better idea in the wilderness, sitting no…!

Then they found a lamp post and sat around it with the lantern in between and started the non-inhalers lung to damage more…!!

People could not take the foolishness more…If the walk wasn’t enough people were asking for topics of discussions under the lantern light and wilderness as if it was a Great Day Light and discussions would make them wiser than they are…!!

I also gave a topic as if I did not want to be left out…!

Some people got bored or irritated with the inhalers walked off and started getting back…later it was reconciled as it always happens, the manager apologized on behalf of the inhalers and promised it won’t happen again and pulled us all together till 1.30 am in the morning and then split to sleep…!

Day one spent; equally good…we went to take the second day in full josh starting from 6.30 in the morning…!! I came to know that the hills that we wanted to walk to the previous night was just a Mound on Earth…and it was just a little ahead of where we sat down and dispersed…!

What a luck, we had…!

The day two was equally fun with real water this time at the river side at the Dubbare Elephant Camp and the frolic in the bus. The dark desire of dancing with the most beautiful girls in the bus, was kick started by Raghu, who was silent for most of the time.

I guess, he had a plan scheming in his mind for long and then finally, he set into action, like the Rajinikanth dialogue, – ‘Late Ah Vanthalum Latest Varuvom’ – meaning, “Even if it is the end of things, I can still do wonders…!”

He had the privilege of dancing with three beauties back-to-back…and leaving a smile on envy on other faces who could not do it…even after expressing the desire. Raghu had really schemed it well…he said, as innocently as he could, he was about to get off…and with the flow of a romantic song started dancing with the beauties and the beauties are to be appreciated as if they were waiting for the chance…got up from the seats and gave him a roll….! 🙂

Finally, it was Prakash who could not get his desire full filled….! Slowly the momentum set in and everybody had their share of dance, with the girl….!!  🙂

A very good trip ended with making a whole load of friends…and enemies as some could dance and some could not…some called the other brother and became a sister…!

The whole trip was exciting and as I could not ask for more, I was voted as the Runner-Up for the title of Ms.Project, which was least expected by me. I was happy to be beaten off only by a minimal margin of another three votes. Did not know, I could gather so many votes…I was surprised and still am.

As soon I got off…the pain and tiredness that was hid in the laughter came into existence and all I wanted to was to hit the hay as soon as I got back…!


What a Feeling, it is?

Have you been bitten by the love bug?  If yes, then you would know how it is to feel the power of affection, happiness, heavenliness, and all the ‘nesses’ of human emotions.

It is great to be in the company of people whom you like and who shower their kindness and pamper you with all their attention and care. I have seen people who float in this feeling and never mind about the daily chores that pester you.

I was just listening to some romantic songs of some movies…I was lost!!! The words and the music really elate you.

I was too much impressed by the songs and felt a world of imagination build around me. If this was not enough, there was this television serial, which all my hostel girls were watching.

I was ‘pavam’ [pitiful] sitting inside my fantasy world…enjoying the nameless person who was showering all the love and affection, felling elated and having the essence of living a life in happiness. Then, I heard my name being called, ‘Kavitha’, ‘Kavitha, Come here!’

Now, I was wondering, who is this? A dream come true…Na! You have high hopes. It was someone of my roomies calling me to come out and catch a glimpse of the romantic episode that was going by.

With a rejection in my mind, I got up from my dream and walked into the front room where the TV is placed and we all watched the same old episodes and cinemas, every Saturday and Sunday.

We watch things with so much of noise and hitter that if someone passes by would wonder, ‘What’s wrong with these girls? Are the whole bunch, insane?’

Well, the truth is ‘I’ try to pacify the whole lot by asking them to lower their voices but nobody seems to listen, Kya Karen [What to do!] One soul against another eight of them!!!

I guess I am deviating from the topic. Yeah, so I was asked to watch the serial for the romance in it. As I got, out people started screaming, pointing to the screen and said, look there.

And Lo! I look there it is the hero and heroine looking into each others eye, the wind blowing the females mane to sway, the hero lost in her and she in the eyes of the man, the strand of hair amidst her eyes giving her a partial view.

She puts her slender hands to part the hair that hinders her view at this the other pair of hands stop her and says, ‘Don’t you ever do that..It looks so beautiful and you look divinely.’

She just smiles and lets it hang in there. At this there is a lot of howling noises around and everybody is in with the lovers.

You all know how girls react to these scenes they go on and on none of the hero’s and heroine’s dialogue were heard and they were substituted with the dialogues we had wanted the hero to say to the heroine and the heroine to the hero.

It was great fun listening to them and the comments that had followed. Hmm…The serial got over but the mood got sustained and everyone had gone into their own dream world and there were some folks who were sharing their thoughts on this…Blah!!! Blah!!! Blah!!!

I returned to my room and was wondering what is there in this feeling that man and women lose themselves and all their belonging and just stay together. This togetherness is what man strives for in his whole life!!!!

The feeling is so great that you float in the sky, walk in air, and dance in strangeness. You feel you are being watched; you keep good care of you, you dress for everyday as it an occasion, there is extreme care is taken not to miss a thing! You sometimes even see people borrowing things to look good.

If people live in hostels and PG accommodations where there is a collection of things at your room or with the other roommates, you feel you are gifted and take the opportunity to look good even though if it isn’t yours.

There are days, when you want to wear something extraordinary, look extremely beautiful and wait for that one glance and the look from behind that make you crave for more. When the mirror says to your heart, “Hey, you look beautiful/ handsome today, that’s it you”… know you have a day to remember.

You look at all the things that reflect your image and you don’t hesitate a moment to look at yourself. The time you spend either managing your mane, your dress, your shoes, your sandals, your everything…There is so much to you that you forget to see the cat that brushes your feet everyday, the joyful morning when the sun starts to spread the color of light the morning dew, the light showers, the blooming flower…!

But, in spite of missing all these there is the power of love keep you going through life and enjoy the hurdle and take risks. You tend to stand for the bus that isn’t empty in the mornings, the scorching heat that is unbearable, the dust and pollution that falls on to your face, and so on.

The scornful faces that look at you when you seem to laugh away in glory as if the world is ending and you are not bothered about it. I know…the people in love do not seem to think and wonder about others for a second…the long conversations, the long waits, the long understandings, the long never ending minutes and day and many.

This world that you live in is so beautiful and never ending till it all ends one day, but don’t hitter there is more to come and the picture is yet to roll. What say!!

Just close your eyes, listen to some soulful music and sit in any environment, there you see the divine love surround you and make a make over for you, exclusively for you!!!!


How much ever I try to remember,

The more it is difficult for me to bring those memories.

How much ever I try to rack my memory,

The more difficult it is for me to recreate those moments.

But this much is so true that –

I know not what, when and how things could have been

It happened in a daze and went in a flash

There are years that have gone by knowing not “where you have been?”

“What you were doing?”

I know now that it is difficult to make those days come

As it is difficult to feel for the days that are going by –

From ‘Nowhere’ to ‘Here’ you are and you forever to stay

Where you are, right now, right here…!

An Ovation to Friendship!

How far can any of us who swear by the word “Friendship” and the word “Love for Friends” can do it beyond any boundary?

I just came across a friendship that is irresistible and unbroken even after the friend who is in with you does not recognize you as the friend you have been.

This is from one of my friends from the Community of Illayaraja (IR), who happened to notice this extra-ordinary friendship and is shaken from the beliefs of friendship and I wanted to share this amongst you people.

This episode has really shaken the meaning of friendship that I hold till today.

A man, who has been a hardworking and commoner, who had a livelihood of driving the auto on the streets of Numgambakkam, Chennai with a wife and kids,  a life of his. He has been an ardent fan of IR’s music and played most of this man’s music on his player when he used to be on his work every day.

He used to listen and sing along with the tape recorder/music player…whenever the song moved him and he knew the lyrics by heart of each of his favorite song.

He had been going on peacefully but fate had different storyline for him…he could not overcome the troubles on his hand, his family deserted him, he took to drugs to resolve in pain….and in due course he lost his mental balance and strayed in the same streets where he in his auto was minding his own business.

Now, our man is a helpless soul on the streets on Nungambakkam….but strange is the power of friendship and nature. His friend has not ditched him in this tenure and still finds him on the same streets everyday and feeds him.

At first the person denies of any response to this friend but later takes his food, has them and the friend dutifully lands the next day to feed him and quench his thirst.

This is a friendship of 25 years that have stood past the troubles and hardships and it is still continuing till date.

Well, he might not remember that the person who feed him day in and day out is his very own friend but this person has not forgotten the music that he used to sing on his work and till date sings those songs and does not speak much, all he remembers is the songs of IR and that is a lullaby to him that he sings to himself everyday till he falls asleep….!

In spite of his insanity, this person has not forgotten the songs he liked….he still sings them with the same vigor and pleasure that he derived from it before he lost his balance…!

Such is the power of music! Here’s a photo of the two….!

Friends till death do us apart!

PS: This post is not to ask questions about the friends help to the man to regain his saneness…..or any such activities. It is just to feel about the friendship that has stood even with lots of hardships….!

I don’t intend to hurt your feelings of the word friendship you hold, but to share with you what I felt hearing it!

Photo Courtesy: Eddie Dinesh ( Friend who saw this in person, shaken completely!)

My police station experience…

Recently I got to spend some time in the Police station- NO, I wasn’t busted by police, just went there to meet a old friend.

Early in the morning, I went to the lodge where he was staying. I was welcomed by this cute little one.
dog-standing-on-2-legs the-police-belt-upside-down
As I went up and asked the room boy which is room no xyz (note: exact room no withheld due to security reasons – clever of me no?), the room boy asked ಯಾರ್ ಸಾರ್? ಪೋಲಿಸ್ನೋರ? (police person?) and guided me in. TV9 was showing some rowdy being killed in police encounter.

After initial pleasantries, he got ready and we went to his station. Our first encounter was with a civilian dressed official from traffic police dept, who’d complained that some unknown guys rounded him up and beat him heavily while he was having food. Since the victim couldn’t identify/suspect anyone, Sunil asked his assistant to meet the restaurant owner (where this guy was having food) and collect more information from him (about the offenders) to investigate further.

One person had come to collect is 1987 model Yahama RX135- Police had seized it as it had no proper number plate and rider didn’t have any documents. Now that he came with original RC book which was almost deteriorated, the vehicle was examined for correct engine no, chassis no and then handed over to the owner, with a warning to fix the number plate immediately.

We went inside, there was a man against whom there was a complaint that he always beats his wife. Another person was also held for repeated petty crimes. Both these people pleaded innocent during initial interrogation and were asked to wait. There was an cupboard in his chamber which was double locked. for a moment I thought- If the one in Police station needs double locking, how safe are things outside?

Since Peenya is an industrial area and has workers from outside the state it has very low recovery rate for thefts. Unlike other places where the thief resides locally and tries to sell the stolen goods locally, thefts in Peenya happen wherein outsiders steal something while returning to their home towns and that becomes very difficult to trace (this is a typical scenario, need not be always)
interrogating-petty-criminal the-gun
Computerization of police department has been minimal and there’s still huge volume of paperwork that needs to be done for every small and regular activity. Despite some recent recruitment, there’s still severe shortage of staff. Lot of efforts are also spent in dealing with politically motivated escalations.

I got to have a closer look at his official weapon, which was heavy (weighs about half a kilo when loaded). I’m told this weapon has a very short range of 30 meters, can fire 10 bullets per magazine and is practically ineffective against modern weapons. On his table, there was a booklet published by the commissioner of police, which included photos and description of all petty offenders in the city. Then came a call from an MLA, who said “ನಮ್ ಹುಡುಗ್ರನ್ನ ಯಾರೋ ಹೊಡ್ದವರಂತೆ, ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ವಿಚಾರಿಸಿ ” (someone has beaten up our boys-check on that).

An auto driver and his passengers arrived at the station. Passenger complained that “I travel from place x(I forgot the name) to Jalahalli cross everyday and fare comes to around 73-74 rupees, today meter has crossed 90 rupees and still I’ve not reached-there’s something wrong with the meter”. Auto driver insisted nothing wrong from his side and said his meter is correct. After taking auto details and promising a check, a compromise was arranged between both parties as an immediate resolution.

As we spoke, I introduced him to the idea of facebook and twitter, since he is still relying on orkut for social networking. However he had no time for this as work was piling up.
Sunil the-police-lathi
There was roll call to be done (assigning daily task to all staff). The constable doing the duty of sentry had to be relieved, but his replacement was not around. teams had to be sent out for regular patrolling, for specific investigations and visitors & their complaints had to be attended to.

I asked him for his opinion on VS Acharya, the then Karnataka Home Minister, he said Acharya sir is very honest and respectable man.

As I was getting late, I took leave and left. Wishing him all the best and good luck Bengaluru Police. It was nice experience being there (outside of the bars, of course!)

Originally published at enidhi.net

Some people….!

I might sound like a twenty something teen…when you read this…!

But subjectively this is so true…we meet several people in our journey called ‘LIFE’ and all those moments of it can’t be recorded. We have short-term memory and long-term memory.

Short-term memory retains many things that just need one shot…at life and we continue with the bigger picture in our hearts. We can recollect the short-term memory to an extend. When we are thrown to the same situations, places, or incidents…we recollect them in a surge and relish and move forward.

Whereas, Long-term memory is that which is bound to our system of our lives that whenever we are lonely or when we are down or when we naturally fall into the semi-state of sleeplessness and long disturbing journeys, we run this reel of memory and dig out various episodes and happening and incidents that might not relate to the present situation but keep us reminding of those bitter or happy situations that we cherish and keep it treasured.

These recollections can be about places, things, happenings, mishaps, tragedies, beautiful moments, love, hatred, about many other things and among all this we remember the people behind it…!

I too am reminded of such a person today.

She was here almost with me as a cover and gave me the best of companionship possible.

Today, when I got back to office I could not find her. When I get back, I used to get her ping and she used to ask me about my journey, though not great every week I am used to travel.

We used to break and then talk about the weekend and deeds along with it. She became a reason to look forward to the office. But somehow…meeting and departures are walks of life – inevitable. She had gone on a project requirement to on-site and I am here in the same office.

I am reminded of her small gestures that made the day a great event to look forward.

I got to travel this long road alone…but will cherish the friendship that we shared. It is just a day she has gone by, I know I am over-reacting to the situation, but still memories are memories right…you can’t get them the way you want!

Yet another phase of life….!

Hurdled by emotions and facts,

I walk by to find another soul

Right around the corner, none to match the valour!

But still my friend, I do in dire need

To walk the thatched roads of life!


PS: In fond memory of my friend – Nanda Prabhu (Bon voyage, Girl)!


How many of you do this? When someone known to me calls me even without an unknown number or at inappropriate times of the day or years later…I can recognize the voice that has called me.

I relate it quickly and though I can’t place the name or the face I recognize the voice that is crystal clear and distinct.

Like they say, true to the Tamil adage, “Maniosai Varum Munne, Yaanai Varum Pinne” – It means, “You hear the elephants approaching with their distinct tinkle sounds.”

Each one of us has a distinct way and voice that makes us distinct from each other. Some have shrill voice, some have a heavily accented voice, some speak simple, some emphasis the way they speak…and each time one opens to speak it becomes a distinct one and it is related to this or that person.

The famous song of the Hindi films ring in my mind, where Hema Malini sings with a melancholy in her voice, aptly sung by Lata Mangeshkar – “Naam Gum Jaayegaa, Cheharaa Ye Badal Jaayegaa…”

How many of you feel happy when somebody says, “Hey it was you. I heard you talking and I could recognize you voice from a distance?”

Somebody did recognize my voice and I was lost in a world of mine that it took a long time for me to recognize it was somebody talking to me. I felt happy when that person came up to me and said, “Hey, I recognized you from a distance from your voice…!”

I felt great and nice that somebody recognizes me even after so many days…that too with my voice. I wondered is my voice so bad or it is so distinct and shrieking that people can recognize even after months or years…!

Whatever, being recognized to be something for what you are, is really wonderful, ain’t it!? Tell me how do you feel about it?

Hmmm….I sound like Savi! I know I can’t help it….! 🙂