MoTA Good Times!

34. Mini MoTA meet @Hyderabad:

They say coincidences never occur, everything is planned. But I cant call this MoTA meet anything else but a coincidence! It all started with a call from unknown number congratulating me for getting placed. The person gave the name of the company wrong so initially I thought it must have been  wrong number. But he insisted that he was calling the right person and was prompting me to guess who he was. After a couple of hints, I could finally recognize that it was Sanket Rajawat, the recently sacrificed goat on the altar of marriage! Luckily enough, I was in Hyderabad on that day and had planned to meet Nivedita. When I told him, he told in a disappointed tone that he was planning to fly to Mumbai the same evening and asked to give him a call if we happen to be at Inorbit Mall. And guess what! We actually had plans to go to Inorbit Mall to visit Dialogue In The Dark (DID) exhibition!!! I told him, he asked me to give him a call when we reach there.

Once we reached, Nivedita suggested to call him then only since DID exhibition takes atleast an hour, so we can meet him and have lunch at the same time. Guess what…another coincidence! He was in Inorbit Mall when I called, in fact was just planning to leave! Luckily enough we met him, had such a gala time where Sanket made us laugh with his obvious sense of humour and his ever interesting story of How I Got Married (wont reveal here as our Chetan Bhagat is planning to role it out in a series of posts at MoTA!).

It was such a pleasant coincidence to meet the most charming guy of MoTA. Sharing the pics here:



Hoping to meet other MoTAites soon…Happy Blogging!!

33. Here’s wishing Savi & Rahul – A Happy Married Life….!!

32. Happy Birthday to You, Boopalan…!

31. Best Wishes to a lovely n sweet Birthday Girl SAVVY, SAVI, SAVITA or SAVITAJI 😉

Happy birthday Sweetheart…. Have a Colorful life ahead… 🙂

30. Happy Birthday, Pankaj!

29. Wishing Nafees & Ronak a Very Happy Birthday!!!!

28. Happy Birthday, Nivedita (Nivi)……!

27. Happy Birthday, Afshan

Happy Birthday Afshan!

26. Happy Birthday, HASHIR

From all of MoTA Family

Happy Birthday Hashir

Happy Birthday Hashir

25. Belated Happy Birthday, Shafatbhai!!

hey MoTA parivar..we missd to wish him on 28th July …

24. Happy Birthday, Laks!!

Have a Great Day and Year Ahead……! 🙂

23. Happy Birthday, Sanky!

22. Happy Birthday, to you KD!

From All of Us here in MoTA!

May your wishes be granted and live a happy and contended life….!


21. Many Many Happy Returns of the day to Smruti from all the MoTA members…..

Happy Birthday Smruti

Hope you have a great B’day and we all are waiting for a great treat!!!!




20. Happy Birthday Rauuul

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Rahul Buddy!!

Have a great day, month, year, and life ahead.

19. 1st Gujju MoTA Meet:

The honor of first ever official MoTA meet held out of Hyderabad goes to Gujarat, thanks to the Gujju members of MoTA known as Smrutz (Smruti), Rokzroom (Ronak) and Khulla Saandh (Vatsal). After hell lot of (mis)planning and convincing, we all decided that the fate is now inevitable and we must have to face our nightmares, i.e., each other’s faces! As per the marvelous plan by Smruti, we were supposed to reach the CCD (I guess CCD should be officially announced as the MoTAites permanent hanging-out point); but, defying all preconceived notions, Vatsal was the first to reach the venue even though he was the only of the lot to be taking the public transport. Standing outside the CCD in utter heat while watching people taking sips of the delicious cold coffee and chatting with their buddies in the AC while sweat droplets are enjoying F1 racing with each other on your neck, is such an fulfilling experience, you all must experience it at least once!

Then after so many false promises of reaching the spot in 10, then 5, then 2 minutes, Smruti appears at the horizon of the Infocity building like the Samudra Devta appears after the Samudra Manthan with the Amrutam Pot in his hands! Her father drops her at the venue and carries on to some important work he has while promising me to join us later (which he eventually did fulfill!). Now since I have a company, I can happily enter the CCD with the honorable new arrived MoTAite so that I do not look like a fool waiting alone in the CCD who hasn’t ordered anything but plain water! As soon as we enter inside, we have a shocking revelation! The AC at the CCD is not working ‘today’! Now imagine sitting in a closed chamber where outside temperature is trying very hard to break the 48 degrees record and inside the only way to stay cool is to order something really cool (worth at least 150 Rs.. not cool enough.. pardon my Gujarati instincts!). So we order the cheapest cool thing available, again plain cold water!

Even before we have settled down, Smruti poured her experience at the new work-place in my curious little mind. I must say by her words that the place is a stair-way of success for her and especially it is the field where she always dreamed to work! When the work-place talks are about to be over, Ronak rings her reminding that he also is expected to be present but he seemed to lost his way. Smruti perfectly misguides him and sends him 2-3 Kms farther than where he was and when he eventually arrived at CCD, he told that he was standing right outside the gate of the building when he called. I felt a deep urge to applaud at the navigation skills of Smruti! After the arrival of Ronak, we had a small bettle of Gandhinagar Vs Ahmedabad where Smruti pulled our legs and we were left like small cubs at the mercy of Hyenas! Now to be frank, we pulled her legs and she was trying her best not to offend us while defending! (this is a really tough art, we must learn it from her). Ronak told us about soooo many new plans he is coming out with (I am not disclosing them here, I’d like you guys to hear it from the Horse’s mouth!) and also the current progress of the adventures where he is currently occupied. It was a real eye-opener and I felt like I am the only idiot sitting besides two geniuses who is working in the field he hates like anything!

After the brief session of talks with the geniuses, we decided to have dinner at Rajwadu (correct me Smruti/Ronak if I am wrong in recalling the name) where we would have Daal Baati! The place was small but decent with the delicious food we enjoyed there, thanks to the huge-hearted Smruti; looking forward to more such treats from you! Here we discussed about why people change so much after marriage and their implications (my favorite topic!), while relishing the Daal Baati drenched in Desi Ghee. From here, Smruti took us to a small guided tour to the Infocity campus, which was very interesting. We set outside a small restaurant and heard how Ronak enjoyed his guts out in his trip to London. He has promised us to upload the trip’s memorable moments’ pics. From then on, Smruti’s father joined us and took us to a Soda Shop (a relief in the heat, which we felt even at the late evening), where I had toooo tasty to be true Masala Soda. Uncle and Ronak had deep discussions about music (Smruti’s father happens to be a cognizant on Indian music and also plays a couple of organs). He told us about the flute recording he has from a Nepali (correct Smruti?) flute player, whose flute is such that its holes are not like the conventional flute, so his music also cannot be reproduced by any other person! I really look forward to hear it! After some intelligent exchanges with him, we departed from the place promising each other to meet the next time for a longer duration. Thanks to Ronak and his Splendor, I reached home safely!

So this was the Gujju MoTA meet! I am not able to load the pictures due to the slow internet connection, so I happily throw this responsibility on Smruti’s shoulders. Do share your jealous views!

Happy Blogging!!!

18. Wishing Maddy a very Happy Birthday from the all MoTA members…..

Happy B’Day to Maddy

Please come out of the HIBERNATION now……….. 🙂


17. Celebrations, Parties and Masti! – Happy Birthday ANTONY:-)

Our wishes are always there,

Our love is always there for you…

Live this day and coming days filled with masti…

Have a pleasant and beautiful day… Happy Birthday ANTO:-)

16. Happy Birthday, Vatsal Rathod…!

May your day be filled with loads of excitement and arguments as it is always…!

Happy Blogging….! 😉

15. MoTA Meet –

Occasion – Savi’s presence in HYD 😉

Special Guest – Maddy, Afsha

Special Appearance – Nivedita

Regular Motaites – Hash & Vatsal 🙂

Venue – Lumbini Park, Eat Street and Vishnu restaurant

Unavoidable Circumstances – Abhi missed it becuase he was in train and train was delayed.

Best Part – Meeting Mady after one year 🙂 and Introducing Nivedita to atleast few bloggers.

Credit goes to Savi 😉

Vote of Thanks – It was pleasure to be with Motaites. Thanks to Vatsal, Nivedita, Hash, Mady and Afsha.

14.Happy Birthday…Kavitha ji…:)

13. Happy Birthday to You, Boopalan…!

12. Happy Birthday to You, Savi ji….!!!

Here's a Cake!

11. Belated Happy birthday Dear & Sweet Ronak 🙂 [19th Dec]

Your days years and life fill with music 🙂 belated happy birthday!

10. Its time to meet

Let me announce that We Motaites are meeting soon…

It is going to be adventure and lot fun coming your way…

So pack your bags and get ready for MoTA meet..

Date – 6th and 7th Feb 2010

Venue – Pune, Dive agar

Contact person – Savi 🙂

9. GET WELL SOON Boopala and Anto 🙂

You are feeling down
and so are we with u NOT around.
Hope you get back in
the swing of things real soon.

We hope to see you up

Take good care of yourself, friend.
We hope to see you up and
running and back at office… errrrr….garden again 😉

8. Happy Birthday Nafees –

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

Happy Birthday, and may all the wishes and dreams you dream today turn to reality.

May this day bring to you all things that make you smile. Happy Birthday!

Your best years are still ahead of you.

May each and every passing year bring you wisdom, peace and cheer.

You’ll always be forever young.

May you get all Ana. Boliviano. Cedi. Dollar. Euro. Forint. Gourde. Hryvnia. Icelandic. Króna. Jiao. Kwanza. Lari. Manat. Ngultrum. Ouguiya. Pound. Quetzal. Rupee. Sheqel. Taka. Uzbekistani Som. Vatu. Won. Xu. Yen. Zambian Kwacha… anything else 😉

7. Vaithee’s Farwell Mota Celebration [15th Nov 09] –

I got a call from Hashir yesterday when I was soaking my bed-sheet to be washed and he told me that Vaithee had ‘FINALLY’ come to his place and asked me also to drop by as Sanket was also on his way. Actually we had planned for the meet for Saturday and I had promised my roomies that my Sunday I’ll keep free for them and excuse me for the Saturday. Due to some problem, Vaithee didnt show up and the planned went down the drain. Then when Hashir asked me to come over, I had to apologize him for the commitment I had already made to my friends. Then he handed over the phone to Vaithee and he started his the emotional blackmailing, which, being a family-member 😉 I couldnt ignore and promised to be there for an hour since this was Vaithee’s last weekend in Hyderabad. (See Savita.. I am not completely eomtionless!!! :-))))) 😛 :-P)

When I reached there, Sanket, Hashir and Vaithee were sitting on on of the best tarraces of the world (Hashir’s apt) while Hashir and Vaithee busy in contributing to the global warming and Sanket coughing due to his soar throat. There Hashir and Vaithee revealed there malign intentions of keeping me there till late night (even if it meant to tip me up and throwing me in the corner!!!) and also kidnapping Savita if she argues like me!! Being innocent and very helpless fellow in front of these ‘giants’.. I had to give in and join them in the plan to capture Point Savita!

So we started our march (in Auto) to Savita’s place and Hashir and Sanket decided to take the initial blow. I and Vaithee were completely ready with our fingers set on the digits 108 of our mobile in case of any emergencies but thankfully before anything happens, we got the smoke signal of Hashir (no.. he wasnt smoking yaar.. he called us up!!). Savita directed us to another world’s best terrace where she braught numorous bedsheets and pillows to comfort us. I was really humbled with her hospitality. And the tea and snacks were the charry on cake I must say!!! Being an admirer of good tea, I recommend all of those who love tea to taste Savita’s whenever you get a chance!!! And dont forget to invite me also 😉

In the road till Savita’s place, Vaithee told us about almost the whole history of Indian Film Industry’s cinematography, which cinematographer was awarded for which movie, who was who’s assistant, and in which movie did they show their genius..!!! Dude.. you are another Wikipedia in yourself!!

On the terrace of Savita, we had many small-small discussions.. one being the difference between frustration and anger (which I was able to dodge successfully.. thanks to Vaithee’s lack of concentration!!! 😛 ) and another one about the cntroversy about Aurangzeb being a good or bad person and I must say Hashir gave me some excellent piece of knowledge about it.. hats off to you buddy!!! Sanket was always the person providing us with his funny comments and innocent remarks… he is like sugar in milk.. you never know when he’ll dissolve amoung you!!! Then we had a tough time convincing Savita to join us for the dinner with Mr & Mrs Abhishek Pathak. She was rock solid but our Vaithee and Hashir were not to accept defeat. In the end, as the Indian emplem says, Satyamev Jayate!!! She went in her room to get ready while me and Vaithee waiting for her in her drawing room. I must appreciate her room mate Aparna who kept us engaged with her talk while Savita was getting ready and never let us feel bored for even a second. Wish her all the best from our behalf Savita for her Wipro adventure and thank her for her kindness!!!

The dinner at 7th Heaven was wonderful (the veg section I am saying… what say Sanky 😉 ….) .. and the deserts in form of the song WORDS by Savita was cherry on the cake… Abhishek is yet to buy the TV and is looking for the best combination (cheapest and the best quality.. obviously!!!.. kyu Abhiekek bhai!!!)… we enjoyed a lot while discussing the bolloywood, then hollywood then old Indian TV serials and what not under the sun!!! It was a really great evening and we went home finally at 11.30PM in the night with Savita’s eyes heavy and Hashir & Vaithee looking for oxygen everywhere!!

—–By Vatsal [ Khula Sandha]

6. Minutes of MoTA Meet (MoMM)

It was a real great time…with all those different people with different ideas and tastes and likes……..!!

The most important meeting place had been Hashir’s Pent House…Man, what a place…!

Thanks, to Savita for suggesting that place…it was really nice to relax and catch up on loads of things!!

The open terrace was a nice talking paradise…!! 🙂

The food at Hyderabad house, Anjappar, Paradise …all were fun with loads of food, varieties, and great taste!

I could see the happiness in the servers of Anjappar…probably one of the most privileged customer of theirs till date must be MoTA….we had ordered so much …!!! Not to forget the fabulous desserts and the Standing Oxygen 🙂

The movies in the One Terabyte hard disk is  a take away privileged only to me…so Savita, I beat you watching movies…!!!

The surprise element as I expected, Nafs….I saw him morning at the bus stop when Hashir had come to pick me up…I was just wondering what took him so long to come over to pick me up…was he also trying to pick up someone at the same time?! And Lo, there comes our most beloved blogger Nafs..!!!

The meet at Vengal Rao Park in the wee hours of the dusk, the velvety grass and the long talks about WYR and the leg pulling of Vatsal…his weird arguments and Vaithee persistent ways of pestersing Vatsal…the romantic phone calls of Sanket…the talks about Satyam…the emotinal letters of Boo & KD…

We missed you guys…KD, Antz, Boo & Savita…hope to see you people soon!!

The tea and creamy bun at a nameless tea shop on the streets of Panchaguta and the advise of Afs to eat out at a better place considering Hygiene….Man it was all too good!!!

Not the least the wonderful stay at Savita’s place…I had a wonderful breakfast and tea at her place…thanks to Anshul( Savita’s Rommie) who made tea for me… though I don’t like tea…it was nice having it made by someone for you!!! It certainly had taste!!!

5. Mota Family Meet 5 | 10-10-09 | Saturday |Hyderabad

Important people such as, Shafat, Kavitha, Antz, Vatsal, Hashir, Vaithee, Sanket, Afs, Abhi and Maddy are meeting amongst whom some are first timers for meet.

Hoping for a surprise VISITOR!! 🙂

This is going to be a memorable one…we have a lot of discussions in line-up.

Lot of outcomes to be decided. What next?!

4. To the person who means a lot to MoTA family… Cake for you… don’t eat everyhting… keep for us 😉

CakeMany many happy returns of the day… Happy Birthday… dear Vaithee

Hope your birthday gently breezes into your life all the choicest of things n all that your heart holds dear 🙂

Have fun filled Day… every day 🙂

3. Scheduled meet of MoTA family

Attendees: Shafat, Kavitha, Antz, Vatsal, Hashir, Vaithee, Sanket and


Venue : Yet to be Decided…!

Date: 10th October 2009

2. Mota Family meet held.

The Mota meet which was scheduled today on 20th Sept 2009 was held as per the plan. Read the initial report here. More posts are expected soon.

—- shafling

1. Mota Family meet 4 | 20-09-09 | Sunday | 5:00PM | Sanjivini Park, HYD

This meet is going to be very special becuase our KD who is leaving India for two years. The way we all the time had fun this is also going to be the memorable meet. I hope we all meet at decided location 🙂


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  98. :-(:-( bhai :-(:-(

    Not a problem we will celebrate it again… date n time i will decide 🙂 🙂 hehehhe

  99. Thanks much all….. i guess i missed it out in the Reminder list 🙂 🙂 Getting old you know….. Thanks anyway

    • Today is what, 4th August?!! This is reeeallly a belated wish for you Shafat!
      Somebody’s talking of ‘getting old’ Savita….Old??? In that case, we say keep off Shafat 😀
      …Do well!

  100. Hey Shaf Sire… Birthday wishes !!!

  101. Happy wala belated B’day Shafat Bhai.. 🙂

    Sorry for being so irregular and a bunking student of MoTA school.. 😉

  102. Birthday wishes sir!!!

  103. Hey Hearty wishes on your Bday Shafat !! 🙂

  104. Thank you guys….. Even i have been irregular for sometime….. Thanks again 🙂

  105. Happy bday Hashir (#) 🙂

  106. Happy Birthday, Hashir………!

  107. A very Happy Birthday Hashir!
    Good to have known you here at MoTA.
    Do well 🙂

  108. Many more happy returns of the day, Hashir sir.

    May you have happier moments and greater achievements!

  109. Happy b’day Hashir . May ur cheeky cheeks are blessed always with this much flesh in your cheeky bones 😀

  110. Best wishes on your b’day Hashir. 🙂

  111. 😦 Belated 😦

    🙂 Happy Birthday 🙂

  112. Birthday wishes Dhost !!!

  113. Happy bday Afshan 🙂

  114. Happy Birthday, Afshan…………Enjoy!

    Hey, its party time…! 🙂

  115. Birthday wishes Afs !!!

  116. hey Happy Birthday 😀
    Partyy time indeed….

  117. Hey Bana, KK, Anto, Smrutz… Thanks a ton… (party hmmm…I think we need to have a virtual Party… 🙂 )

  118. Hey Afs,
    Wish you a very happy B’day…….yeah party is a must……anywhere…….you can send me some haleem on my postal address …. hehehehehe

  119. Thnx for the wishes Shafat… 🙂 Haleem .. u cn cm dwn to hyd and we all can hv a haleem get- together here.. 🙂

  120. hey Afshan… A Very Happy Birthday… Many more to come! Good to know you at MoTA 🙂
    Do Well!

  121. thx a lot Lakshmi… 🙂

  122. Shafat Bhai Happy B’day

  123. @Pankaj
    After me, it was Hashir’s and Afshaan’s birthday……but i accpet ur wishes …. for them also 🙂

  124. Oh My Bad!!!!

    My Heartful wishes to Hashir & Afshaan…..

  125. Belated Happy bday Bana … 😦

    ab koi aur wish nahi kar raha to khud ko khud hi wish kar lete hai … 😦 😛 waise it was on 30th Oct 😀

  126. Koi na… meri taraf se bhi wish kar lena… hehehe

    Aur humari wishes to aapki sath humesha rahegi… chahe kar ya na kare… 😉

    Belated Happy Birthday Bana 🙂


  128. Belated Birthday wishes Bana!

  129. belated Happy Happy Happy wala Birthday… Bana 😀

  130. Wishing you a very Happy (Belated) B’day!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! 🙂 Cheers Afs

    • Thank You Afs! … had great time sitting alone with a glass of whiskey 😀 cheers!!!! just kidding … Thanks for the wishes …

  131. Hey.. Happy B’day Afshan.. may you have an amazing year ahead!!! =)

  132. Happy Birthday, Nivi….Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! 🙂

  133. KK- Is it Nivedita’s Birthday??? who is Nivi???

  134. Happy Birthday, Nivedita … Many more to come! … enjoy … 🙂

  135. Wish You a very Happy B’day Nivedita!! Have a wonderful day and year ahead! 🙂 Cheer Afs

  136. thank you soooooooo much! 😀

  137. thanks for your wishes :d

  138. Happy Birthday Nafees and Ronak!!!

  139. Happpyyyy Birthday!!:)

  140. I keep on missing the dates….

    Happy B’day (Obvious Belated wishes – Coming from me) to anyone/everyone I forgot to wish.

    I do remember from the comments :

    Nivi, Nafess Sire and Ronak – Belated Wishes…

  141. […] MoTA Good Times! […]

  142. Pankaj,

    Happy Birthday, Have a blast and hope this year is a great one for you! 🙂

  143. Birthday Wishes Mate

  144. Actually definitely very good weblog article which has obtained me considering. I by no means looked at this out of your stage of look at.

  145. Hey Savita 🙂 Happy Birthday from Suku and me
    Have a great day ahead and a wonderful life too..
    Do well..Live well! God continue to bless you! 🙂

  146. Happy Birthday, Savi! 🙂

  147. Hey HAppy Birthday Savi di 😀

    have a rocking day 😀

  148. Happy Birthday, Boopalan…………….!!!! 🙂

  149. Belated Birthday Wishes 🙂

    Hope you had fun ! 😀

  150. Wishing Savi & Rahul – A Happy Ever After Life……..! 😉 😀

  151. 🙂 Wish you guys a great life ahead

  152. The card with rahul on his knees…is so much like savita- holding the noose!! 😉 🙂
    I hear her… she will kill me for one more reason now… 😛

  153. And guys…the first card is not true….Rahul please tell the world…that i am not that bad… 😉 hehehe…..

  154. Yes world! Savita is not thaaaat bad; she is worse…..hahahahahahaha 😀

    • Lakshmi, Note that She says – I am NOT that Bad…she does not even say, I am not bad…and wants Rahul to vouch for it….!!!

      God, Save Men…! 😛

  155. Laks and KK – actually ‘that’ is referred to married women… anyways i forgot to mention your names over there 😉 hehehe

  156. Many wishes one more time to the cupid hit couple….

  157. This time the Cupid is surely a cock-eyed one! What KK …. 😉

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