क्या उदासी खुबसूरत नही होती है?



 अम्बुधि लहरों के शोर में
असीम शान्ति की अनुभूति लिए,
अपनी लालिमा के ज़ोर से
अम्बर के साथ – लाल सागर को किए,
विहगों के होड़ को
घर लौट जाने का संदेसा दिए,
दिनभर की भाग दौड़ को
संध्या में थक जाने के लिए
दूर क्षितिज के मोड़ पे
सूरज को डूब जाते देखा!

तब, तट पे बैठे
इस दृश्य को देखते
नम आँखें लिए
बाजुओं को आजानुओं से टेकते
इस व्याकुल मन में
एक विचार आया!
किंतु उस उलझन का,
परामर्श आज भी नही पाया!
की जब विदाई में एक दुल्हन रोती है,
जब बिन बरखा-दिन में धुप खोती है,
जब शाम अंधेरे में सोती है,
तब, क्या उदासी खुबसूरत नही होती है?


Appreciate Beauty…do you??

The idea of writing had just conjured up in my mind…not as a ‘profuse’ writer or even a habitual one…as I am perceived now…but only to vent out my annoyance and musings during the long, tiresome lectures of Professors at my college. My writing had long been restrained to the last pages of my notebook…and more often lost in the dust bins of obscurity. I guess, none of my friends at my school or college can ever deem all the stuff I have published till date. Also, when I had started ‘writing’ I had not envisaged that it would make a transition from the lovely dark chambers of melancholy and antagonism to the bright and beautiful space of pleasantry and hilarity(I am still not sure though that whether whatever I write is in actuality hilarious or my circumstances seem comical).

I just make a sincere attempt to put my thoughts and at times a few episodes from my life into words, as palpably as I can. Yes, at times the flurry of words and the length of these lexis does hassle those who have the patience to read… but I am not a proficient at this, I do not know how to write impeccably. I start at some situate and land up somewhere else. Like today.

Today, I wanted to express a few lingering thoughts about the all beautiful ladies I had the obliging opportunity to come across in my life…so far…who all had this strange…soothing and comforting aura. But look at the prelude I have given it. I am sure, none of you would have ever imagined that this is what is going to pop up after the dreary two paragraphs. Hopefully it isn’t going to be the same any further, as these ladies have the capability to make it very intriguing. The most intriguing observation according to me (these are strictly my observations…I am not pin-pointing anyone…All you beautiful ladies, please do not take any offence) …is… They all have this air around themselves…that all the guys/boys/men who are around them wish to take a hit on them. 😦 I ask why? It’s pretty difficult for me to understand this so called ‘attitude’ they have. How does this thought arise?

I am a guy…a normal, not-at-all good looking, not-charming, average guy…and I am not gay(as in…the ‘gay’ which is interpreted mostly from this term now-a-days…and a point which I should clarify before we go any further…also, ‘Gays!’ guys, I do not hold anything against you, it’s completely your choice and independence…I respect that!)…I am a guy whom these ladies would never like to befriend on the onset(although I have quite a few female friends, who are even best of my buddies)…as I seem to be a complete rowdy(especially with my Aviators on while riding my Bullet…this what I have been informed as an example of my rowdiness)and blabber mouthed, without mastering the art of oratory..so all this explanation should tell you that my view point is that of a very normal guy. So from where I look at…I see that these beautiful ladies tend to become snobbish…stay away from guys like me…not to speak to us…and then call this an attitude? Why?

I mean, why do they feel that we are trying to hit on them? When all we may want is a small little chat…or for that matter nothing more than a small ‘Hi!’ and ‘Bye!’…that is more than enough. I know..the obvious question that will follow is…Why do we want this? The answer is with all of you…why do you want anyone to smile at you and greet? Why does people smiling at you make you feel good? The idea behind this is very simple…that we appreciate beauty. Don’t you? Don’t you love to look at the sun setting on the horizon when you are taking a stroll on the beach? Don’t you love to look at the cloud covered green hills from the meandering roads on their foots? Don’t you love to gaze at the Wild Orchid in its full blossom? Then what is wrong in appreciating the beauty of a human being?

Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women

My intention was not to start a debate…although I haven’t given a good consideration to what I have written(gave this just 15 minutes of my ‘busy’ schedule)…I guess, it isn’t offending at the least. May be after getting all your opinions…I will be in a position to draft something which may eventually be worth a read. So, I would love to hear all the different opinions and the difference of opinions. Go ahead…bash me up…left right and centre…give it your full swing…turn me black and blue(though not possible actually for a very obvious reason that I am already black! 🙂 🙂 )…but please…do reply…with your piece/peace of mind! 🙂