Power of Blogs-Club Mahindra Case study

Below is a video, wherein popular blogger Kiruba Shankar presented a case study to the students of IIMB.

In his talk he mentioned my blog post on Club Mahindra timeshare membership and how it affected Club Mahindra… When I’d got selected as one of the bloggers to participate in Club Mahindra’s all expense paid trip to their Coorg resort, I didn’t know all these developments on the background…

When I’d written that post I’d no clue it will become so famous and effective. Blogging has its ups and downs… While a few faced severe results for taking on the likes of Barkha Dutt or IIPM in their blogs, I was probably lucky not to get sued for that post or may be unlucky coz would have been more popular now…

Eitherways, these are some of the memories to cherish…

Do watch it and give your thoughts…


From Then … Till Now …

It has been a year now, since I have blogged frequently or updated my fellow blog readers. Yesterday when i came across Mota-blogs, I again felt the same excitement I used to have to write about anything when (Once upon a time) I was a frequent blogger.

I left Satyam in Dec 2008, and from then onwards I started blogging on my personal blog ( http://www.art2eye.co.cc ). Then my frequency of writing dipped from one post in a month to once in 6 months. So let me share with you the story so far, from then Dec 2008 to this Dec 2009 :

I joined another company in Jan 2009, and came to Bengaluru, to redefine my life with almost everything New (to me, atleast). You can read more about this change here .

Then blogging took a back seat in the process of accepting these ‘New things’ and creating my space in bengaluru. I tried to take some time out and write about the things I was experiencing, specially the changes that took place and the new friends I met, the places I visited and Technololgies I learnt, etc. I used to open my blog page, start writing but then there were no words to spell out, I used to write that post while thinking about it and then it was left in the draft. Even today in my personal blog, I have atleast 90 draft blog post pending to be published. They have got the titles or reason but words are missing to explain them. Even those ‘Random Thoughts’ blog post weren’t published, but then those were just random views floating in the clouds around my head. So I wrote a blog post about my infrequency of writing blogs. You can read more about this here .

Then couldn’t pick the pen again to write, may be because my hands were not typing the words my brain was speaking. Then I realised, opinions matter, we can write about things, but if we will not get readers view about that topic, that blog post will be just like a skeleton, because their comments add a lot. They are the only one who encourage us to write what we love to write and what they want to read. It is a simple market philosophy, “demand runs supply” and “consumers run all businesses” and not the other way around. So can say a blog is in many ways a continuing conversation

So once again, I have got my blog-buddies here on Mota-blogs and hopefully there will readers to digest my views too.

“Your blog is your unedited version of yourself” – Lorelle Van Fossen

Lets see if we can follow this quote and write unedited.