I follow a blog: OneMinuteWriter. The concept is cool. C. Beth gives you a prompt everyday and asks you to write on it. I like the idea and tell everyone i know about it. Here is the link:
Today I wanted to write but was groping for inspiration. I checked the archives and found a cool prompt: Autobiography.

Wow! “I” – my inspiration. So, i digged a bit within me. Went back and forth some incidents which i thought would be cool to share.
And, i wish you guys share too. Read it with a open mind and a wide heart.

So here goes a huge reply for a tiny prompt: Autobiography

Most of us who would see this would say. I am not so successful yet to write an autobiography. At least I think so. Paradoxically, I think this is the best thing to do to oneself. Congratulate on the things you’ve done. Feel happy on the things you haven’t. Ponder on what you could do.
Feel proud of the person you are.
The Best autobiography I have read is of Mahatma Gandhi. I liked it because he put across the things which are considered a stigma and slowly he tells how we all he overcame it. My first few chapters would perhaps be on the same lines. I wish everyone reads it with a open mind and a wide heart and no prejudices.
Here a few things that I think would add in my autobiography:
1. As a kid, I had an ambition to become a Air Hostess, travel around the world. But this interest was busted as I remember my Dad’s words “you will do all that after you study so much?” Haha. I remember I immediately changed my ambition to be an actress. and with constant revelations of truth, I finally settled on becoming a Lawyer in my tenth. I have done nothing close to the things I thought of becoming but I did ponder on why I wanted to pursue.
Airhostess – to travel and know people better
Actress – to know more heroes
Lawyer – to advocate the truth
I think I can say that I have been able to do that with my freelancing career. the little I did helped me do that.
2. I always wanted to be with friends all my life. I have lived my life surrounded my people and nothing’s more gratifying than sharing with others.
my activities other than work, mostly are with friends: Events.
3. I had an addiction during my childhood. reading comics within text books and most of my life I read comics and spoke with peers about their life during my class hours. I hardly concentrated. It’s not something I am proud of but there’s more learning in Independence of the Mind than what a structured material would teach. This was during the study hours. Else, I would listen to my class teacher. She spoke musically well. Hence, I got good marks only in the tenth class board exams otherwise I did okay.
4. I am not a very obedient child. They did not say much to me but I know I am not very obedient. But lately, I started listening to them because sometimes I lose patience to take decisions. And they are right most of the times. Obedience is a good mantra sometimes.
5. I tried all the addictions to know what it feels like. It felt wonderful. smoke. drink. dope. I never got addicted to any of them. Just that it feels nice to take a drag, drink a beer and sniff that white powder. Unleashing my different colors.
6. I never follow a time table. I messed it up sometimes because of that. I am trying to be organized though. It’s fun to be organized too. It saves your time.
7. I love walking especially with friends/family and without a mobile. You talk so much. I have been through a wonderful experience called Dialogue in the Dark. And I have dined with a friend in the dark. We spoke so much. Otherwise, usually messages, calls keep disturbing either of us.
8. Been in love. Out of it. And felt wonderful. Both ways. Being in love helps you learn how important a person can be to you. Being out of love helps you learn how important you are to yourself.
9. My first job was a restaurant as a waiter. My friends and I did it as a task. It felt so different. You feel grateful that you have a lovely life. I loved the yummy tea served after my three-hour job.
I think I would stop here. :D.


Book Poview::Animal Farm by George Orwell

Personal Note: It was gifted in a pdf form by a friend, Hari. I took me few months to sit down with this much talked about book. Now I know why people love this 54-page book.
The book Animal Farm, written by Eric Blair aka George Orwell, is an allegory. It is a must read for everyone who loves the alphabet and oppose the notion of a free society. I tried to capture the essence of the book in this poem and review (Poview).

Beasts of Rebellion Beasts of Rebellion
Beats of freedom of expression
Slaughter the innocence
Savour oppression

First it was the man who ruled
Butchering and slaughtering his command
Disguised as the animals’ companion,
The Pigs now demand

As the pages turn, layer by layer,
Now work hard the fools,
In the field of tyranny
As malevolence drools

Slowly the baton passes
To the cruel and the might
Declared as their savior, the animals sing
“Comrade Napoleon is right”

in their rulers’ face, man they see
Too feeble to protest
Piqued! In a turmoil,
They merely detest

Twelve voices were shouting in anger and they were all alike. No questions, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say, which was which


About the author:

Born in 1903, in Motihari, Bihar, Eric Arthur Blair, known as George Orwell, wrote the books 1984 (published in 1949), Animal Farm (published 1945), and Homage to Catalona (published in 1938) and many essays.
His novels are best known for it’s opposition to a free society and the term “Orwellian” has been coined as well based on his ideas.
Time magazine chose the book as one of the 100 best English-language novels (1923 to 2005). The novella shows how potential ignorance and indifference to problems within a revolution could allow horrors to happen if a smooth transition to a people’s government is not achieved.
Orwell denied that Animal Farm was a reference to Stalinism. Orwell had returned from Catalonia a staunch anti-Stalinist and anti-Communist, but he remained to the end a man of the left and, in his own words, a ‘democratic socialist’.

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Source: Wikipedia ;

Book Review:: I have a dream by Rashmi Bansal

Pages: 337
Price: INR 150 and INR 101 if you purchase it from Flipkart
Genre: Inspiration

20 social entrepreneurs. One common dream – to change the world in their capacity and with their capability and beyond.
The author’s note defines the book, best, as “These are people like you and me, not Mother Teresa. They are using the principles of business, to create a better world”
A world where profit does not equal greed. Where people come together for a greater common cause. A world where “I” does not mean crushing “them.”
The book is divided into:
Rainmakers, Change makers, and the Spiritual Capitalists.
It’s a collection of social enterprises where the motive is to do good and not charity. Initiative like Sulabh International by Bindeshwa Pathak (born in 1943), was conceptualized to realize Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of a “Clean India” and his struggle to remove the caste system in 1960s.
The story will clean your mind about various prejudices that holds the mind.
Then stories like DesiCrew, India’s first BPO project by 23-year-old Saloni will help you envision what one can do best with technology.
Then, Anand Kumar of Super 30 fame will help you embrace the limitations set for you and what can you do best for the society in those parameters. He has a record of almost cent percent admission into IIT, every year.
What do you do when a courier man comes to your doorstep. You sign and take your parcel. And that’s what instigated the idea for Dhruv Lakra, a young man to start “Mirakle Couriers” An incident in a bus journey made Dhruv realize that hearing impaired can be given job opportunities too. And the best fit was a courier company where the customer need not communicate verbally. A signature and you take the courier.
And.. there are some who believe in the one-man army.
Here is a anecdote i would like to paste
The corpse carrier remarked “In the winter, business is good. Sometimes, there is so much work, I cannot handle it”
And his five year old added “When I feel cold, I cuddle a dead body and go to sleep”
And that’s when Anshu Gupta realized
“I bunked my classes for the first 15 days and that was my first exposure to ‘village India’ I roamed here and there and I saw how people are not worried about houses or food. They are only worried about warm clothes and blankets.’
(Disclaimer: is it so? I wonder)
And.. he started Goonj, an organization where clothes are distributed among the needy and they are instrumental in deputing clothes during disaster relief.
I was thrilled to read about Parivartan, a movement or an NGO started by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. If you are following the LokPal Bill closely, you will know who this man is. Read the book to know more about him.
And then the last segment of the book is about service for inner purity. If you believe in it, then this segment is just for you.
With stories like the inception of Akshaya Patraya, where they serve meals to a house for many, Parivar Ashram, started by a young IIM graduate, this segment, though the shortest houses food for thought.
I have mentioned only few organizations here, but all of them have something to offer. I have read Connect the Dots and Stay Hungry stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal. This book follows the same pattern. Her thoughts followed by the story of the individual and then “Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs.” the book ends with a list of the e-mail address of the respective individuals featured. However, they missed contacts of two individuals: Dhruv Lakra and Madhav Chavan.
Here is an advice I related most with:
And if you want to make a difference, it does not have to be a full time for everybody. Do it along side a job, You have time for movies, parties, friends, family, chatting on the net, why not an hour to volunteer?
There are people who spend lives on social issues, you can flow with them.
I feel: Or you can make your own tide!
P.S.: I love volunteering. And have been doing some activities related to social work and this book helped me understand the nitty gritties and the challenged faced while starting one’s own organization.
Recommend this book for everyone who is inclined towards social entrepreneurship.