साधारण सा विरोध!

सब कहते हैं मुझसे,
की मैं
तुझसे… डरूं,
सजदा करुँ,
तेरे दरबार में,
तेरे सामने,
शीश झुकाए फिरूं!

मैं पूछता हूँ, क्यूँ?
क्या तुझे खुशी तभी मिलेगी,
जब चंदन की आग में घी जलेगी?
जब तेरे चरणों में मेरा सर होगा,
शरीर पे तेरे नाम का चोगा,
तेरे गुण – गान ही मैं गाऊंगा,
क्या तभी तेरा आशीर्वाद पाउँगा?
क्या तेरी इतनी ही शक्ति है?
जो तरसती मेरी भक्ति है?

क्यूँ मैं बैठा रहूँ,
लगाये तुझसे आस,
तेरे चरणों के पास!
की तू आएगा,
मेरे दुखों का निवारण लायेगा,
कुछ ऐसा चमत्कार कर जाएगा,
की मैं, बिना अपने कर्म किए,
सिर्फ़ नाम धर्म का लिए,
पा जाऊंगा सारी मुश्किलों का हल,
और हो जाएगा मेरा जीवन सरल!

क्या तुझको इतना नज़र नही आता है?
की कौन तेरा, कर्मों से, सच्चा ध्याता है?
तू तो सर्वोपरि है, सर्व-ज्ञाता है,
फ़िर क्यूँ, मेरी नज़र में, एक मूढ़ ही तुझे पाता है?
क्या तेरी मूरत को चंदन तिलक लगना ही
तेरी वंदना है?
क्या उस पत्थर को दूध से नहलाना ही
तेरी अर्चना है?

मैं तेरी इस प्रतिमा का,
तेरी झूठी इस गरिमा का,
रचा हुआ है जो ढोंग,
तेरी महिमा का
विरोध करता हूँ!
और इस विरोध के विरोध से
नही डरता हूँ!


ये कुछ ऐसे विचार हैं जिनकी उत्पत्ति कई कारणों से हुई … मुझे पूजा अर्चना जैसे रस्म ढकोसले लगते हैं …मैं नास्तिक नही हूँ…ना ही किसी भी प्रकार की बहस की शुरुआत है…ये बस मेरे स्वतंत्र विचार हैं…


Free Will! Bigger Plan! Heck!

I have been introspecting. Yes…laugh as much as you wish to, but, it’s a fact that I was revising my life’s chapters for the past few days. Yes…Me, a slapdash, irresponsible junkie was trying to scrutinize my life and was looking for plausible enlightenment which I may have missed during the course of the journey. Now, please don’t start thinking of me as a Lunatic after this, I am happy with the consideration that I am not. But, I encountered a serious question during this tedious process which is making me reconsider my consideration.

We all have heard and know so much about a delusive concept – ‘Free Will’. Whenever a talk of God and his greatness consumes the grey cells of intellectuals, they mention Free Will as great weapon for all of us. Free Will, presumably is something even God cannot oppose. It is one concept which has brought revolutions all over the world. Free Will gives us the right of choice…the ability to pick an option, as and when we have these. This, if thought over, tells us that we are the masters of our lives. All the turns we take, choices we make, doors we open or keep shut…are all… our own actions…Free Will. Now, let’s park this aside for a moment.

There also exists another, much more delusive and perplexing a concept – ‘ The Bigger Plan of God ’. I do not claim, hereby, to have understood this plan…but, ever since we all learnt to recognize faces we have been exposed to idols and depictions of God, and it has been reiterated that he is there to take care and has a Big Plan for us. Something goes wrong and unwilling, we say, pretty carelessly, ‘God has bigger and better plans for us’. Considering such a plan does exist, and not doubting his meticulous abilities of planning and execution, everything that is happening is happening according to his will, his given choices and his premeditation. We aren’t the actors, but mere puppets, at his mercy, in his ‘Bigger Plan’…It’s something, quite emphatically described in almost all conversations of God we come across, by God himself…be it any religious text(and not mentioning Titles).

So now, how can both the explanations be true? One of them has some fallacy hidden in it, which we or rather I am not able to see. It brings about a huge question mark…Do we really have a Free Will?… OR… Does God’s ‘Bigger Plan’ exist? Aren’t we just fooling ourselves in either of the case? Is God’s ‘Bigger Plan’ a mere scapegoat for us? OR Is Our ‘Free Will’ just a juxtaposition of chimera God is giving us? All the happenings are prewritten and we are just delivering dialogues which were fed to us in subconscious? But, then why did all this suffering and pain come into picture? Are we humans too skeptic to have believed that everything is Rosy and good, and hence not real? Does He really want everything to go according to His script? Won’t he enjoy a little bit of twist and turn? Has he given us the ‘Free Will’ to bring about those twirls? It still does make us Puppets? Doesn’t it?

Damn! This is again becoming so confusing and I am falling short of answers, for the innumerous questions arising. Help me. Please!