Roller Coaster

You must have heard people say or read somewhere that ‘Life – is a roller coaster ride.’ I use to hear this a lot…and the only parallel I could draw was that – it means – we go through a lot of ups and downs. But, slowly and steadily, I have understood that the saying has much greater implications – Imagine yourself on a roller coaster ride – You have no fear in your mind when the ride is going up, you are building up courage, you do not look down(even if it’s for the sake of averting your fear), you constantly boost yourself up– There’s some anticipation and anxiety, but – no fear(at least in that span). And then, all of a sudden, the fall begins, your heart is in your mouth, you are scared like hell, you scream and shout, close your eyes – and you reach the bottom.


It’s then you realize it was fun when you were up on the topmost point of the track, the feeling – is and was – unmatched. You say to yourself “I want to be there again”,even though the people watching you from the bottom thought you are hanging upside down, even though you yourself feel the same now. But, you want to get back, be there, live that moment again and again…Then – another, realization strikes you – there are so many people standing in the queue to get up there – you will have to wait – invest lot of time, money and labor – then, may be, you will get another chance. That’s what I feel life is – I guess, when I was trying to describe the ride, I described life as it is. You prepare yourself when you are rising up for the fall, but, when the fall begins you panic, scream, make a helluva out of it, all your preparations go waste. Only, those who enjoy the fall, smile, laugh at it, are the ones who have the courage, motivation, enthusiasm and above all – are the most deserving to reach the top – again. And, when they are there, people standing at the bottom will make fun of them, even though,  deep down inside, these people know, they also wish to be there, but, they cannot.


I do not know why I wrote all this crap, I do not even know what reactions you will have after reading this, but, I guess, we all enjoy the ride.